Our Mission

Feen Coffee comes from the idea that we must spread our love for coffee.

No matter what type of coffee you like, whether an espresso drink or an iced latte, we aim to elevate your barista skills.

Each week, we publish multiple pieces for you to learn about different products, coffee styles and blends from around the world and tips and tricks to make coffee the way you like it.

Contact us via our contact page anytime if you’d like a coffee conversation, and let’s find the perfect cup of coffee together.

Thank you for visiting Feen Coffee!

Meet our team

Hira Naveed

Before she started writing professionally, Hira graduated in Mass Communication. After years of composing poems, essays, and short stories, she decided to turn her passion into a career. She began as a freelance writer and soon got into editing. She is now a full-time writer and editor. Aside from writing, she enjoys reading thriller books, watching Netflix, experimenting with recipes, and overdosing on caffeine. She aspires to excel in writing and editing, taking on new challenges and learning every step of the way.

Uswa Iftikhar

Uswa is a bright-minded coffeeholic soul, whose passion is writing. One of the reasons her mind is always creative and pacing during work is because of her greatest possession, coffee. This coffee enthusiast doesn’t only praise this warm beverage, but it is in fact the only thing that keeps her going during a tough day. She could drink cups and cups of it, and never get tired of it. She loves every kind; hot, cold, iced, brewed, you name it!

Asher Daud
Content Writer

Asher Daud has been a coffee enthusiast since childhood. He loves trying new coffees to widen the horizons of his tastebuds and elaborating and communicating his experiences to readers worldwide through his writing skills. From off-the-rack coffees to hand-grinded Kopi Luwak, he is on a journey to try them all and share his insights with you. During his free time, he likes visiting new cafes and talking to baristas to soak in all the knowledge he can to give his readers all the information he can straight from the maestros.