Best Espresso Beans for Breville: Top 9 Picks

best espresso beans for breville
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In a rush? Just go with our top pick, Starbucks Dark Roast Whole Bean Coffee.

If you have a Breville coffee machine at home, you are definitely getting the most delicious and authentic espresso. Breville machines are one of a kind, and their functionality and espresso quality is unmatchable. However, it is only possible if you opt for the best espresso beans for Breville machines.

Choosing the right type of coffee beans is extremely important to brew a pleasant, full-bodied, and balanced cup of espresso. After a good quality machine, coffee beans are the most important ingredient.

There are plenty of coffee bean options available in the market, so picking the right one can take time and effort. Since I have a Breville Barista Express machine at home, I decided to help you out in this matter. I tested some best coffee beans for Breville Barista Express to curate in-depth reviews for my readers. These options will work with every type of Breville coffee machine.

Now without making you wait any further, let’s dive right in and see the top picks!

Product Name

How does it look like



Starbucks Dark Roast Whole Bean Coffee

  • 100% Arabica

  • Robus Flavor

  • Dark Roast

Lavazza Super Crema Whole Bean Coffee Blend

  • 80% Arabica and 20% Robusta

  • Medium Roast

  • Full-bodied Espresso

Koffee Kult Dark Roast Whole Coffee Beans

  • 100% Organic Arabics

  • Dark Roast

  • Bright and Bold Flavor

Intelligentsia Medium Roast Whole Bean Coffee - Black Cat Espresso

  • Medium Roast

  • 100% Arabic

  • Brazilian and Colombian Beans

Caffe Umbria Gusto Crema Blend Whole Bean Roasted Coffee

  • Central and South America Beans

  • Dark Roast

  • Spicy and Fruity

Mayorga Café Cubano Coffee Dark Roast

  • 100% Arabica Beans

  • Organic and Kosher Certified

  • Dark Roast

Kicking Horse Coffee Dark Roast Whole Bean Coffee

  • Kosher and Fair Trade Certified

  • 100% Arabica Beans

  • Dark Roast

illy Classico Whole Bean Coffee, Medium Roast

  • Illy Signature Blend

  • Medium Roast

  • Bold and Heavy Body

Groundwork Organic Single Origin Whole Bean Medium Roast Coffee

  • 100% Organic Arabica Beans

  • Medium Roast

  • Certified Organic

1. Starbucks Dark Roast Whole Bean Coffee

This dark roast and whole coffee blend by Starbucks contains 100% Arabica beans straight from Latin America and Asia-Pacific. These beans are known to brew excellent espressos in Breville machines, and I agree. This caffeinated blend was truly a delight to drink.

First, it was a match made in heaven for my Breville Barista Express. The roast profile was super dark, and there were cupping notes of caramelized sugar and molasses. It brewed a full-bodied and rich espresso with the signature Starbucks taste. The robust flavor was everything a coffee lover needs. These best espresso beans for Breville are definitely my top pick!



👍 Rich and robust flavor

👎 Bit expensive, but worth every penny

👍 Thick crema

👍 Only contains pure Arabica beans

2. Lavazza Super Crema Whole Bean Coffee Blend

Lavazza has been producing the finest espresso beans for more than one hundred years now. This super crema whole bean coffee blend is also one of the best creations. It contains a blend of 80% Arabica and 20% Robusta beans. This combination is perfect for thick and flavorful espressos, lattes, and cappuccinos.

lavazza coffee beans
lavazza coffee beans

The roast profile of these beans is medium, and the flavor profile contains notes of brown sugar and roasted hazelnuts. The beans brewed full-bodied, aromatic, and rich cups of espressos in my Breville machine. The hints of chocolate flavor made the espresso shots more delicious. Honestly, these are one of the best espresso beans for Breville machines.



👍 Balanced percentage of Arabica and Robusta beans

👎 Might be too strong for some people

👍 Gives the classic Italian espresso flavor

👍 Full-bodied and rich coffee quality

3. Koffee Kult Dark Roast Whole Coffee Beans

If you are someone who wants their espresso to be nutty, spicy, and rich, then these Koffee Kult Dark Roast Whole Coffee Beans are the perfect choice for you. This blend contains 100% organic Arabica beans. The beans are sourced from Columbia, Sumatra, Brazil, and Guatemala. The coffee blend has a bright, bold, and cinnamon flavor that is a delight to your tastebuds.

I fell in love with the full-bodied and smooth cup of espresso these beans brewed. The espresso had a lingering taste, but the bitterness was still balanced. Not just espresso, these coffee beans are also perfect for milky drinks like lattes and cappuccinos. The best part is that these beans come in resealable air-tight bags for convenience.



👍 Contains organic Arabica beans

👎 Slightly expensive

👍 Smooth and rich flavor

👍 Good aroma crema

👍 A perfect pick for Breville machines

4. Intelligentsia Medium Roast Whole Bean Coffee – Black Cat Espresso

Next on the list is another whole-bean coffee espresso blend containing 100% Arabica beans; the Intelligentsia Whole Bean Black Cat Espresso. This blend is a combination of Brazilian and Colombian beans, which means it contains nutty, chocolaty, citrus, and syrupy flavors. The blend contains subtle hints of molasses too.

Intelligentsia Medium Roast Whole Bean Coffee pouring

These coffee beans brewed a deep and bold espresso with very less acidity. The blend worked perfectly with my Breville machine, and it brewed great lattes and cappuccinos too. Not to forget, the full-bodied espresso was topped with a thick layer of aroma. Also, the aromatic profile was to die for. If you are looking for bold and best espresso beans for Breville machines, this Black Cat Espresso blend is a great option.



👍 Affordable

👎 Too strong for light roast lovers

👍 Balanced bitterness and acidity

👍 The beans are washed with honey

5. Caffe Umbria Gusto Crema Blend Whole Bean Roasted Coffee

The Caffe Umbria Gusto Crema dark roast blend contains central and south American Arabica beans, roasted to perfection. These coffee beans are a perfect combination of spice and fruitiness to brew perfect cups of espressos. I found the coffee beans a considerate and affordable alternative to the products mentioned above.

The blend contains subtle hints of spicy, fruity, and floral notes. There were some chocolaty finishes in the flavor too. It brewed a full-bodied and rich cup of espresso with thick crema on top. Since it’s a dark roast, it can also work well with milk. I found this Gusto Crema blend, one of the best espresso beans for Breville machines.



👍 Offers great value for money

👎 The beans are slightly bitter

👍 Brews good quality espresso

👍 Complex flavor notes

6. Mayorga Café Cubano Coffee Dark Roast

This Mayorga coffee’s Cafe Cubano roast will literally take you to the streets of Cuba. The blend contains 100% Arabica beans sourced straight from Peru, Honduras, and Nicaragua. Most importantly, this blend is organic and Kosher certified by USDA. It also brewed flavorful and aromatic espresso in my Breville Barista Expert Machine.

The espresso flavor was smooth, full-bodied, sweet, and bold. The variations in the flavor profile were truly a delight. Despite being a dark roast, these whole bean coffee beans were very less acidic. Keep in mind that this blend will leave a strong and lingering aftertaste. However, I didn’t find the aftertaste too overpowering; it was still pleasant. All in all, they are a considerate option for the best espresso machines for Breville machines.



👍 Less bitterness and acidity

👎 Has a lingering aftertaste 

👍 Contains sweet notes

👍 Brewed full-bodied and bold espresso

7. Kicking Horse Coffee Dark Roast Whole Bean Coffee

Kicking Horse is originally a Canadian company, but their coffee blends are famous all over the world. This Grizzly Claw blend by the company is a perfect dark blend for brewing espressos in Breville machines. Moreover, this is a certified, Kosher, and Fair Trade coffee, so the quality is definitely going to be amazing. Also, the Arabica beans are sourced straight from Central and South America.

Honestly, these Grizzly Claw coffee beans brewed a delicious and consistent cup of espresso. The flavor profile contained sugar cane and cocoa notes which were heaven for the taste buds. I even tried the blend alone as espresso and with milk too. The results were great each time. The blend also offers excellent value for money, and the pack will serve you for months.



👍 Organic and certified coffee beans

👎 It might be too strong for some coffee drinkers

👍 Contains 100% Arabica coffee beans

👍 Brews consistent and versatile espresso

8. illy Classico Whole Bean Coffee, Medium Roast

The Illy Classico is one of the signature blends of the Illy brand. The brand has countless coffee shops, so this whole-bean coffee blend by them is undoubtedly awesome. This Illy Classico medium roast whole bean coffee blend is mild enough to brew great espresso in your Breville machines. Moreover, you will only need 50 beans to brew one cup.

This Classico blend has flavor notes of jasmine, caramel, and orange blossom. These coffee beans are suitable for every brewing style. Also, the beans brewed a balanced and flavorful cup of espresso. Moreover, the coffee is pre-ground, so you won’t need a grinder. Just put the beans in your Breville machine, and you will be good to go.



👍 Bold and heavy body

👎 Slightly expensive

👍 The beans come in an airtight can

👍 A signature blend by illy

9. Groundwork Organic Single Origin Whole Bean Medium Roast Coffee

This Groundwork Whole Bean coffee is an Ethiopian blend containing 100% organic Arabica beans. I love Ethiopian espresso blends, so trying these coffee beans for my Breville machine was a must! This single-origin blend is certified organic, so the quality is guaranteed. Moreover, I found the blend very well-balanced and not too jammy.

The Groundwork coffee beans have a citrusy and fruity flavor profile that is not too bitter and bold. Since it is a medium roast blend, the espresso quality was super amazing. I didn’t find the coffee great paired with milk. But since we are looking specifically for espresso, this minor drawback can be overlooked. All in all, this pick is a great option if you are looking for the best espresso beans for Breville machines.



👍 Brewed well-balanced coffee

👎 It does not works well with milk

👍 Certified organic

👍 Great flavor profile 

Things to Consider Before Buying Best Espresso Beans for Breville

Picking the best espresso beans for Breville machines might seem easy, but it’s a complicated process that requires attention. You need to consider a lot of factors before finally making a purchase. The factors can include origin, roast level, flavor profile, taste, and freshness of the espresso beans.

Considering these factors beforehand will help you pick the most suitable product according to your needs and taste preferences. After all, espresso is all about what you prefer, so you should pay attention to that.

If you’re curious to know more about the essential considerations, we’ve done the hard work for you. Keep reading to know a complete list of things to consider before buying the best espresso beans for Breville machines!


The coffee beans’ origin decides how your espresso will taste. Different origins have different tastes. For example, American beans brew creamy and smooth espressos with citrus notes. Pacific ones are known to brew the most full-bodied espressos. Similarly, beans from Nicaragua, Guatemala, and Costa Rica have a chocolaty and balanced flavor.

origin of coffee beans

Now which coffee bean origins to choose totally depends on your taste preferences. Apart from single-origin coffee beans, you can also opt for blends from different origins if you want to experiment with a huge flavor profile. No matter what origin type you choose, ensure that you are making the purchase according to what your taste buds prefer.

Roast Type

Roast type and roasting profile have a great impact on whether you will like your espresso or not. Coffee beans come in various roast profiles; light, medium, and dark roasts. Breville machines can brew coffee beans with every roast level. However, you still need to keep two things in mind; what roast type will brew the best espresso and your taste preference.

different roasts of coffee beans

Light roasts will brew a mellow cup of espresso. Medium roasts will give you a balanced taste and flavor, and they will be sweeter and less acidic. While on the other hand, dark roasts will be obviously dark, with dark chocolate notes and acidity.

You can choose a roasting profile as per your taste preferences. However, for Breville espresso beans, I would personally recommend opting for medium and dark roasts. All the products on this list are also from these two categories, so you can pick any one you like.

Taste and Flavor Preferences

Choosing the right flavor according to your taste preferences are the two personal factors that you should always take into consideration. After all, you wouldn’t want to waste your money on coffee beans that you don’t even like, right?

Coffee beans come in a huge variety of flavors to satisfy the needs of every coffee lover. From cocoa or fruity to floral notes, you will have a lot of options. Therefore, do thorough research on the flavor profiles and tasting notes of the espresso coffee beans you are planning to purchase. We mentioned the flavor and tasting notes of the coffee blends mentioned in this list for your convenience.

If you want to be more sure of the taste and flavors, you can look for small packaging of coffee blends to taste them and find your groove. However, just reading the tasting notes will also give you an idea.


Just like other food items, you should always look at the manufacturing and expiry date of every coffee blend you are planning to purchase. Look for the roasting dates specifically. If you see a coffee beans package with a roasting date of 5 weeks before, don’t buy it.

Always opt for coffee beans that are roasted for 3 to 4 weeks before purchasing them. Doing this will ensure that the coffee beans are still fresh and will brew the most flavorful and delicious espresso.

What is the Difference Between Arabica and Robusta?

I think you probably have an idea that there are two types of coffee beans; Arabica and Robusta. Both types have different flavor profiles and origins.

Arabica beans have a smooth and sweet taste with sugary and chocolaty flavor notes. They often have subtle hints of berries or fruits too.

On the other hand, Robusta beans are more bitter and acidic. They have strong and harsh flavor notes with grainy overtones.

For brewing espresso in Breville machines, we would recommend only opting for Arabica beans or a blend of both Arabica and Robusta. However, the percentage of Arabica beans should be higher than Robusta. Robusta beans alone will become too harsh, strong, and bitter.

How Do You Make Perfect Espresso with Breville?

Now that you have gone through our top 9 picks for the best espresso beans for Breville machines and essential buying considerations, it’s time to look at a small how-to guide.

Read on to see how to make perfect and delicious espresso with your Breville machines.

Step 1

First of all, you need to prepare your Breville for the brewing session. Run hot water into the portafilter to purge the machine. Doing this will preheat the machine, and your espresso will be hotter and more delicious.

Step 2

Now, you need to prepare your espresso beans for the brewing sessions. If your beans are not already pre-grounded, you need to grind them. Take 20 grams of fresh beans and pour them into the hopper. Grind them into a portafilter and tamp them with a few gentle taps. Keep in mind to apply consistent pressure while tamping for best results.

Step 3

Put the portafilter on the group head of the machine. Keep twisting until it firmly stands on the group head. Place your cup under the group head and start the shot. If you are doing everything correctly, your espresso will come out of the spouts in a thick form within 10 seconds.

Your perfectly brewed espresso is now ready for you to drink!


If you ask me, my top pick for the best espresso beans for Breville machines is the Starbucks Dark Roast Whole Bean Coffee Blend. It contains 100% Arabica beans and brews rich espresso with a thick layer of crema. However, other options are great and considerable options too.

The decision of what blend to choose totally depends on your taste preferences. All the products on this list have different flavor profiles, and their coffee quality is guaranteed. You can opt for any one option according to your taste.


Can I use regular coffee beans in my Breville espresso machine?

Breville espresso machines are compatible with all types of coffee beans. However, you will need medium and dark roasts, specifically made for espresso, with perfect flavor and quality. 

Is there a difference between regular coffee beans and espresso beans?

Yes, espresso coffee beans are usually medium and dark roasts with complex flavor profiles.

Why is my Breville espresso so bitter?

There are two reasons for this:

  1. You are using very dark espresso beans with high levels of bitterness.
  2. You are brewing ground coffee for too long. Making espresso doesn’t require a long brewing time.

Therefore, brew for the right time and choose roast levels according to your taste preferences.

How do I get more crema from Breville?

Breville machines will always give a good amount of crema. However, your coffee beans can make a difference. For thick and more, make sure your ground coffee is fresh and of great quality.

What grind is best for espresso?

For espresso, fine grinding is the best grind size for the perfect taste.

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