7 Best Pour Over Coffee Beans: A Complete Buying Guide!

best pour over coffee beans
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Pour-over is one of the oldest traditional one out of all methods of brewing coffee. This method gives you complete control of your coffee, and the sight of hot water pouring over freshly ground coffee is magical!

As much as we like pour-over coffee, finding the right coffee beans for this method can take time and effort. Since this traditional method brings out the complex flavors of the beans, you can’t just choose any coffee you use for drip or espressos. Instead, you will need light and medium roasts to make a delicious coffee.

If you are stuck in a similar situation, this article will help you. In this post, we are sharing the 7 best coffee beans for pour-over coffee, along with a detailed buying guide to help you make a smooth purchase. Keep reading!

If you are in a hurry, the PHILZ coffee silken splendor coffee beans are our top winner. Now let’s take a detailed look at our top pick and its competitors!


How does it look like



PHILZ COFFEE Silken Splendor Coffee

Medium roastDifferent regionsChocolate and fruity notes

Counter Culture Coffee - Apollo

Medium-dark roastEthiopia regionFruity and floral notes

Don Pablo Gourmet Coffee - Signature Blend

Medium-dark roastColombia, Brazil, and Guatemala regionCocoa notes

Bulletproof - The Mentalist Whole Bean Coffee

Medium-dark roastColombia and Guatemala regionPlum, orange, and caramel notes

Volcanica Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

Light-medium roastEthiopian regionBerry notes

Stumptown Coffee Roasters Coffee Beans

Light-medium roastSouth and Central America regionCocoa notes

Lavazza Super Crema Espresso Whole Bean Coffee

Medium roastFruity notesCentral America, Brazil, and Indonesia

1. PHILZ COFFEE Silken Splendor Coffee

The Silken Splendor medium roast coffee beans by Philz coffee are truly one of the best options for pour-over, drip, and french press coffee. This balanced blend contains heavenly-tasting notes of butterscotch, dark chocolate, and citrus fruits. Moreover, the vibrant taste of roasted nuts was a treat to taste buds.

I loved the aromatic notes of dark cocoa. This blend contains all arabica coffee beans, so the taste of the pour-over coffee was undoubtedly delicious. The best part is that this 12 oz pack of Silken Splendor ground coffee will serve you for months and will give you a remarkable taste!



👍 Amazing aromatic and tasting notes

👎 A little expensive

👍 Coffee tastes delicious

2. Counter Culture Coffee – Apollo

This Apollo medium dark roast blend by Counter Culture Coffee is everything delicious and perfect! This whole-grain coffee contains 100% organic Ethiopian coffee beans to give you a bright and clean pour-over drink. Also, this 12 oz package will help you make plenty of coffee!

Honestly, I fell in love with the tasting notes of this Apollo coffee. There were hints of honey, citrus fruits, and floral notes. This flavorful coffee also had subtle notes of dark cocoa powder. Not to forget, the aroma was heavenly! After the Silken Splendor blend, this Apollo ground coffee is truly the best for pour-over coffee!



👍 Affordable as compared to other blends

👎 It is a decaf blend, so it may not be suitable for some people

👍 A variety of heavenly flavor notes

👍 Organic and environment-friendly

3. Don Pablo Gourmet Coffee – Signature Blend

Cafe Don Pablo is one of the best brands providing excellent ground coffee blends. This Signature Blend by the brand is an excellent option for drip and pour-over coffee. From quality to flavor to aroma, everything is perfect! Also, this medium dark roast Arabica coffee gives a rich and complex cocoa flavor.

The main selling point of this Signature Blend is that the brand stores the ground coffee in a nitrogen-flushed bag. This bag keeps the coffee fresh, rich, and smooth. In addition, the coffee blend offers a sweet and balanced aftertaste with very low acidity. The aroma was super pleasant too!



👍 Contains winey flavor notes

👎 Might be too mild for some people

👍 Made with organic and pure Arabica beans

4. Bulletproof – The Mentalist Whole Bean Coffee

If you are a strong coffee lover, then The Mentalist medium roast blend is the perfect option for you! These best pour-over coffee beans are hand-picked to provide the highest quality coffee ever. This whole-bean coffee blend also contains organic ingredients to boost your physical and mental health.

Honestly, I loved the flavor profile of this Bulletproof whole-bean coffee. There were notes of cocoa, plum, orange, cinnamon, and caramel. The aromatic profile was also to die for! My pour-over coffee was clean, delicious, and rich in flavor. Most importantly, these coffee grounds are keto-friendly too.



👍 Contains zero calories

👎 Might be too strong for some people

👍 Ideal amount of caffeine

👍 Balanced flavor notes

5. Volcanica Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

The Volcanica brand is famous for sourcing their coffee beans from volcanic regions, just like these Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee grounds! The Arabica coffee beans in this blend are harvested from the wild trees of Ethiopia to provide you with the most delicious pour-over coffee ever!

This medium roast blend contains complex flavors of dark chocolate and strawberry. Moreover, it has a heavenly aroma of lavender. Also, my pour-over coffee had some balanced sweet notes to balance the acidity. Since it comes in a 16 oz pack, the coffee grounds will serve you for months.



👍 Balanced flavor and texture

👎 Features some smoky notes

👍 Mixture of fruity and chocolate notes

👍 Very affordable

6. Stumptown Coffee Roasters Coffee Beans

Stumptown coffee roasters is another well-known brand providing fresh and best coffee beans for pour-over coffee. This light-medium roast is truly one of their best creations providing delicious flavor notes. The blend contains South and Central American arabica coffee beans to give the best taste possible.

I loved the chocolaty flavor notes of this coffee blend; it tasted like cocoa, raisins, and pralines. Moreover, the coffee beans come in innovative packaging to maintain freshness. Moreover, the coffee grounds are harvested organically and are completely sustainable and environment-friendly.



👍 Fresh and organic

👎 The flavor can be too mild for some people

👍 Budget-friendly

👍 Great tasting notes

7. Lavazza Super Crema Espresso Whole Bean Coffee

Ending the list of best pour-over coffee beans with this super crema blend by one of the most famous coffee brands; Lavazza! This brand has been producing high-quality ground coffee and pods for years now. This super crema espresso whole bean coffee blend contains 60% Arabica and 40% Robusta coffee beans to give you the most flavorful coffee.

Moreover, this coffee is a medium roast blend with flavor notes of honey and almonds. Honestly, it was a perfect combination of fruitiness and bitterness. The blend also contains very less acidity to prevent stomach problems. The super crema blend is specifically for espressos, but you can also make pour-over coffee if you have mastered the technique.



👍 Fresh and organic

👎 The flavor can be too mild for some people

👍 Budget-friendly

👍 Great tasting notes

What is Pour Over Brewing?

Now that you have gone through the top seven picks, it’s time to fully understand the pour-over brewing method (in case you are not familiar). Pour over is an old and simple way of brewing coffee. As the name implies, the process includes directly pouring water onto ground coffee. However, there is a twist. You will have to put ground coffee in a filter.

pour over brewing

The pour-over method perfectly brings out the flavors of coffee beans and gives a subtle yet delicious taste. This method may sound simple, but it involves a complete kit. You will need a funnel, a vessel, a kettle, a filter, and hot water.

You can also opt for popular options like a V60 or a Chemex. Both of these tools are specifically designed to brew pour-over coffee.

Things to Consider Before Buying Best Coffee Beans for Pour-Over Coffee

There are plenty of options when it comes to pour-over coffee beans, just like on this list. However, you need to take a lot of factors into consideration before making the purchase. These considerations allow you to pick the best product according to your taste, preferences, and requirements.

To give you a helping hand, I am sharing a list of essential considerations you need to keep in mind while looking for the best coffee beans for pour-over. Read on!


Pour-over coffee will give you a more clear flavor profile as compared to other brewing methods. That being said, you should not limit yourself to dark and smoky coffee only. In fact, you can choose and experiment with different coffee flavors to find your groove.

pour over coffee flavor

Every coffee lover has their own favorite flavors, and I am sure you do too. So, try to begin with flavors that you like. Do you prefer chocolaty-tasting notes or fruity ones? Do you want nutty notes in your coffee or not?

Asking yourself these questions will help you pick out flavors according to your taste preferences. Once you pick out a pack of ground coffee, it’s not going to end anytime soon. So, be mindful while choosing flavors. We have added a variety of flavor profiles to this list; just pick the one you like and begin your pour-over brewing.

If you want to experiment with a new flavor, try and pick a smaller pack, just in case you don’t like it in the future.


Coffee beans are roasted to different roast levels; light, medium, mild, and dark. Light roasts have less caffeine, less bitterness, and flavors of citrus fruits and flowers. While on the other hand, medium roasts are a bit intense, contain nutty flavors, and are very aromatic. They are also very less acidic. Talking about dark roasts, they have chocolaty notes, bitterness, and high acidity levels.

roast levels of coffee beans

Now, what roast level to choose totally depends on your preferences and how strong you like your coffee. We personally recommend light and medium roasts for pour-over coffee. The pour-over method brings out the complex flavors of the coffee beans. But if you are okay with an intense and bitter coffee, you can opt for dark roasts too.

Grind Size

Again; coffee grounds come in different grind sizes; Extra-coarse, medium-coarse, medium, medium-fine, fine, and extra-fine. Each grind size is suitable for specific brewing methods.

However, if you want a perfect and well-extracted cup of pour-over coffee, we would only recommend opting for a medium-coarse grind. This grind will be smooth and less chunky. After medium-coarse, you can also use medium-fine grind, especially if you are using a cone-shaped pour-over.


Coffee beans are originated from many regions; Central and South America, Africa, Brazil, Columbia, Kenya, and Ethiopia. It is said that Kenyan and Ethiopian coffee beans are the best options for making pour-over coffee. However, we don’t want you to limit yourself.

You can go for African blends if you want winey, citrus, and floral notes in your pour-over coffee. If you prefer nutty and chocolaty notes, you can go for Central and South American beans. Similarly, if you want smoky and spicy notes, you can opt for Pacific and Indonesian coffee beans.

How Do You Make A Pour Over Coffee?

The method of brewing pour-over coffee may sound tricky at first, but it will be super easy once you get the hang of the technique. First of all, you will need to find the following things to make a pour-over coffee:

  1. A pour-over coffee maker (Chemex, V60, or any other)
  2. A coffee grinder
  3. Coffee filters, suitable with your coffee maker
  4. Kettle
  5. Water
  6. Thermometer
  7. Coffee scale

After you have all the tools, just follow these few simple steps:

  1. Heat the water, as you do for coffee
  2. Weigh your coffee beans according to the amount of coffee you need. For 6 oz coffee, you will need a minimum of 9 grams.
  3. Grind the coffee to medium-fine or medium-coarse. Specifically medium-fine if you are using a cone-shaped coffee maker.
  4. Put the grind in the filter, and pour water over them.
  5. When you are done pouring the water, your delicious pour-over coffee will be ready!

Keep in mind that you may not master the art of pour-over brewing on your first try. However, you will improve with time. So, just be patient, and consistent, and one day you will brew the best pour-over coffee of your life!


What are the different types of coffee beans?

There are four types of coffee beans; Robusta, Arabica, Excelsa, and Liberica. All these types have different flavor profiles.

Which coffee beans are best for V60?

For V60, washed, medium roast, and light roast coffee beans are the perfect options.

Is Arabica coffee good for pour-over coffee?

Yes, Arabica coffee is an excellent option for pour-over coffee. They give the best and rich flavor notes.

What grind size is best for a pour-over coffee?

Medium-coarse grind is the best size for pour-over coffee.

Is pour-over coffee healthier?

Pour-over coffee is filtered, so it is definitely cleaner and healthier.

Is pour-over coffee actually better than drip?

Both pour-over and drip coffee require technique and patience. Once you have mastered the skills, both methods can give you a flavorful coffee.

Do you put sugar in pour-over coffee?

You can, but you shouldn’t. Adding sugar, milk, or cream to pour-over coffee won’t be a good decision.

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