Using NutriBullet To Grind Coffee Beans! (Tips You Need to Know)

Nutribullet grinder
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Nothing comes close to preparing coffee from freshly ground coffee beans. The aroma, flavor, and texture of newly ground coffee beans are exceptional.

Grinding coffee beans can be a hassle if you use the traditional methods. I’m guilty of using a mortal pestle, a rolling pin, or a blender while NutriBullet sits idle in my kitchen. 

So, can you grind coffee beans in a Nutribullet? Absolutely Yes!

With the NutriBullet, coffee beans are easily cut through with its milling blade. Contrary to a burr grinder, a Nutribullet does not produce coffee particles of uniform size.

How can you use a Nutribullet correctly to grind coffee beans? What are the pros and cons of using a Nutribullet? Find this all out and much more in this guide.

What is a Nutribullet?

NutriBullet is a world-famous brand known for its unique electric appliances. NutriBullet blenders are excellent for smoothies, sauces, and dips.

Since the NutriBullet range expanded in recent years, it now includes blenders that grind coffee beans and other ingredients.

A NutriBullet blender is a small appliance 14 inches tall and weighs around seven pounds. The NutriBullet original model has a 600-watt motor, a tall cup, and a milling blade that can break down coffee beans.

The Nutribullet Pro 900 model has a 900-watt motor, making it even more powerful and a better choice for grinding coffee.

Why is the Nutribullet the Best Option to Grind Coffee?

When there are many options, why should you use the NutriBullet for grinding roasted coffee beans?

Here are some of the features that make NutriBullet the best option for grinding coffee:

NutriBullet Has a Milling Blade

The Nutribullet Milling Blade or flat blade is highly effective for grinding coffee beans. The two-pronged milling blade will give you consistent ground beans.

When you grind the beans one time, you will get coarse coffee, and if you grind them again, you will get fine coffee.

It Has a Powerful Motor

NutriBullet blenders have powerful motors that cut and grind dry ingredients like coffee grounds.

This coffee grinder runs on 600 watts of power and rotates at 20,000 rpm, making it easy to grind coffee beans.

It’s Portable and Easy to Use

Nutribullet’s compact dimensions make it easier to store as it takes up less counter space. Because of its compact design, you can also use it while traveling.

NutriBullet blenders are also very convenient and easy to use. Following the instructions in the appliance’s manual, you can use it easily. The blender takes 2 minutes to give you the perfect ground coffee beans.

Nutribullet accesories

What Are The Pros & Cons Of Grinding Coffee In A Nutribullet?

You must know the pros and cons of using a NutriBullet to grind coffee beans. 


The pros of using a NutriBullet are:

  • Using a NutriBullet is easy.
  • NutriBullet grinds the coffee beans fast.
  • Nutribullet doesn’t create a mess.
  • You don’t need special skills to grind coffee beans.


The cons of using a NutriBullet include the following:

  • You can only grind coffee beans in smaller quantities in a NutriBullet.
  • You might overheat the coffee beans.
  • The coffee grounds might clump around the blade.

How To Grind Coffee In Your NutriBullet: An Overview

The process of grinding coffee beans is quick and straightforward. You don’t need any special skills to use a NutriBullet, but reading its manual for safety instructions and usage is better.

Follow these steps for grinding coffee grounds in your Nutribullet:

What You Will Need


  1. Measure the roasted coffee grounds you want to grind.
  2. Attach the milling blade to the blender. Ensure that the blade is tight so there are no mishaps.
  3. Fill the cup with coffee grounds to its three-quarter capacity.
  4. Attach the cup to the blender and lock it in place.
  5. Press the cup down on the blender and start the grinding process. 
  6. After 10 seconds, unplug the blender and wait for the blade to stop. Then remove the cup.
  7. Shake the blender to check if there are some uneven particles left.
  8. Put the cup back in the blender and repeat the process till you achieve the desired consistency of coffee grounds.

What Types of Grinds Are Possible With a NutriBullet?

How fine or coarse coffee grounds can you prepare in the Nutribullet?

Here are the grinds a Nutribullet offers, what grind is suitable for you, and how you can achieve them:

coffee grinded in nutribullet

Fine Grind (Espresso machine, Aeropress, Moka Pot)

Finely ground coffee beans are perfect for espresso. Add coffee grounds to your NutriBullet and grind for one to two minutes.

Do this process in 10-second intervals and shake the cup gently. As a result, all coffee grounds will grind evenly.

Coarse Grind (French press, Chemer, Percolator)

You will need coarsely ground coffee beans if you prepare coffee in a French press or percolator.

Add coffee beans to the NutriBullet and give one-second bursts two to three times. As a result, you will get a sea salt-like consistency.

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Medium Grind (Pour-over, Drip machine, AeroPress)

If you use a coffee machine to prepare coffee, a medium grind is what you need.

It is advisable to fill the Nutribullet three-quarters with coffee grounds. Then pulse it approximately five times in one-second bursts until you get the right medium grind.

What Nutribullet Models are Best for Grinding Coffee?

There are a variety of NutriBullet options available in the market. You can choose a model based on your preferences.

To help you choose the best one, let’s look at how the NutriBullet models differ from each other:

NutriBullet Original 

The NutriBullet Original is one of the finest options for a blender. This one has a 600-watt motor to break down beans into fine powder. This model also comes with a 24-ounce cup so you can make coffee. 

However, it does have a disadvantage as well. It only comes with an extractor blade, while the milling blade grinds coffee beans. So, if you buy the NutriBullet original specifically for coffee grounds, you must buy a milling blade separately. 

NutriBullet RX 

In addition to being one of the most influential models in the Nutribullet lineup, the RX is ideal for grinding coffee beans. It has a powerful motor (1700 watts) works effortlessly to cut through dry ingredients like roasted coffee grounds.

You can also make a large batch of coffee at once with the 1-liter pitcher and 2.4-liter jug that come with the model.

NutriBullet RX also has a self-cleaning feature, so no mess is left to clean once you grind coffee beans. However, this model comes with a hefty price tag.

NutriBullet Blender Combo 

NutriBullet Blender Combo 1000 and 1200 are the latest models. These models come with full-sized pitchers with 32 to 64 ounces capacity. On the other hand, these models have motors powerful enough to grind coffee beans precisely.

A variety of settings are available with the 1200 model, including extract, low, medium, high, and pulse settings. However, these models don’t have a milling blade, so you must get it separately if you want to grind coffee beans.

coffee beans grinding in nutibullet

Essential Tips For Using Nutribullet For Coffee Grinding

  • Always grind coffee beans with the milling blade (one with two prongs) in your NutriBullet.
  • As you pulse, ensure that you shake the cup gently during intervals. This way, the remaining large coffee beans will also become fine.
  • A Nutribullet is more suitable for a semi-consistent fine grind than a consistent coarse grind.
  • Store coffee grounds in an airtight jar to preserve freshness and flavor. Also, store coffee for a short time, or it becomes stale.
  • Refrain from grinding beans for too long. During grinding, the blade creates heat, ruining the coffee’s quality and taste.

How To Clean The Nutribullet After Grinding Coffee?

Your NutriBullet requires proper cleaning, primarily when you use it to grind coffee. The coffee oils and residue can leave an unwanted taste and smell in the cup.

The coffee remnants not only damage the appliance but also ruin the taste of the food you are preparing in it.

Here is what you need to do to clean a NutriBullet:

  1. Turn off the blender and unplug it.
  2. Remove the cup from the base.
  3. Remove the blade carefully.
  4. Wash the cup with soap and warm water. If the cup has stains, submerge it in warm soapy water for a few minutes.
  5. Use soap and a sponge to clean the blade. Wearing kitchen gloves is best to avoid getting cut while cleaning the blade.
  6. Wash the cup and blade under running water to remove any leftover soap or residue.
  7. Use a cloth to dry all components.
  8. The motor is in the base of the blade, so it must not come in contact with water. You can use a damp cloth to wipe it.

Difference Between Coffee Grinder And Blender

The main difference between a grinder and a blender is the purposes they serve. A blender is for mixing different food substances, while a grinder is for grinding something into powder.

The other differences between a grinder and a blender include:

  • Grinder usually comes with a small pitcher. In contrast, blenders come with a taller pitcher.
  • A grinder primarily aims to crush dry and rocky ingredients like seeds, nuts, grains, etc. Blenders help mix soft foods to make smoothies, shakes, sauces, etc.
  • Blenders do not come with a wide variety of settings. On the other hand, coffee grinders have multiple grinding options.
  • Grinders have conical burrs that don’t make much noise and don’t heat up.Blenders have flat bursts that generate heat and are noisy.

How to Grind Coffee Without A Grinder?

What would you do if you didn’t have a coffee grinder but wanted your cup of coffee?

Someday, your perfect working grinder may stop working, so you need to know how to grind coffee in other ways.

To make sure not having a grinder doesn’t deprive you of your daily coffee, here are a few other ways you can grind coffee:

  • Use your NutriBullet blender to grind coffee beans. If you want to grind coffee efficiently, use the milling blade.
  • If you own a food processor, it can become your savior when your coffee grinder stops working.
  • Use a heavy mallet, mortar, pestle, or rolling pin to crush roasted coffee beans. It will take a lot of work, but it will be worth the coffee cup.
coffee made from from nutribullet grinded beans

To Sum It Up

Nutribullet grinders serve a variety of purposes, including grinding coffee beans. 

Using the milling blade, NutriBullet grinds coffee grounds quickly.

Fill the cup with your beans and pulse until you reach the desired consistency. You can adjust the pulsing time to produce different grind levels; fine, medium, or coarse. 

The NutriBullet is an excellent alternative to a coffee grinder if you don’t own one.


Does NutriBullet change the taste of my coffee beans?

No! The NutriBullet doesn’t alter the coffee taste or quality. Your coffee will have the same taste as it does when you grind it in a coffee grinder.

Which NutriBullet cup should I use for grinding coffee beans?

You can use a cup of any size to get coffee beans. However, the smaller the cup, the faster the coffee grinds.

Will coffee beans clog the Nutribullet? 

Coffee beans usually do not clog the Nutribullet. However, to avoid any trouble, shake the cup between intervals so no coffee ground clogs the blade.

Which Nutribullet blade should grind coffee beans? 

The NutriBullet has two types the milling blade and the extractor blade. The extractor blade to too big to crush the coffee grounds. The milling blade works perfectly fine to turn coffee grounds into powdered form.

Can you use a bullet blender to grind coffee beans?

Yes! Using its grind attachment, you can use a bullet blender to grind coffee grounds. Add the coffee beans into the bullet blender and grind for a few seconds depending on the grind you want.

How long does it take to grind coffee in a Nutribullet? 

The duration of grinding beans depends on the ground type you want to achieve with your NutriBullet. The finer the grind you want, the longer it will take. You can coarsely grind coffee beans in under a minute, while it may take up to 3 minutes to achieve a fine grind.

Can you grind roasted coffee beans in a regular food blender?

You can grind coffee beans in a regular food blender for French press and cold brew. It is because a regular food blender can only produce coarse coffee grinds. Also, make sure you grind coffee in small quantities.

Are all the parts of the NutriBullet dishwasher safe?

All parts except the base of the NutriBullet are dishwasher safe. You can put the cups, blades, and lip rings in the dishwasher. 

How long do ground coffee beans stay fresh?

It is best to use the coffee grounds within two weeks. Store your ground coffee in airtight containers to avoid losing its flavor and aroma. 

What can you not put in a Nutribullet?

You should not put anything hot in the blender as it will ruin the plastic cup. On the other hand, you should also not put whole coffee beans as they are too hard for the blade to crack. You should also not add ice cubes or other hard ingredients to the blender; they can break the blade and ruin the motor.

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