Can You Make Espresso In A Keurig? ( Answer + Recipe Included )

can you make espresso in a keurig
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Keurig coffee makers allow the user to brew fresh coffee while catering to their preferred tastes (light roast, dark roast, flavored, or decaf). It is a must-have kitchen staple to make coffee without leftover waste or dirty pots.

The Keurig coffee maker uses pods known as ‘K cups’. Brewing with K-cups means you don’t have to measure out coffee and water – just put the pod in the machine, and it does the rest.

Keurig is a more convenient option than heading to Starbucks for your daily caffeine fix, but would you like to leave your home and pay $2.50 for each cup of coffee? I bet not.

One of the reasons single-serve coffee makers have gained popularity is their ability to accommodate everyone’s coffee choices. Name any coffee drink you like, and Keurig will not disappoint you.

But many people wonder: Can you make espresso in a Keurig? No! However, it can make a strong drip coffee resembling espresso.

This article will help you learn; How to make an espresso-like drink in a Keurig, which model works the best, and what recipes hit the spot.

Can you Make Espresso in a Keurig?

A Keurig coffee machine cannot make an authentic espresso shot since it lacks the pressure of an espresso machine.

Keurig designed its coffee makers to prepare regular coffee. Its coffee makers use a pressurized brewing system; it forces water through the K-cup using minimal pressure. Due to their coarse grind and lack of compactness, K-Cups are not suitable for making espresso.

Keurig discontinued its only espresso-making brewer Rivo Solution replacing it with Keurig K-Cafe. K-Cafe uses coffee pods to prepare different beverages.

The most accurate way to imitate an espresso is to use Keurig models with a shot function. Despite being more expensive, these machines will make it easier to prepare delicious espresso at home.

How to Make Espresso in a Keurig?

Making regular coffee with a Keurig is simple and quick, but you must keep a few things in mind for making espresso. Keurig is not an espresso-making machine, so expect a low-quality espresso from it.

You can use espresso K-cups for preparing espresso. These K-cups have different flavors and roasts, which you can choose according to your taste. However, it will only make strong drip coffee, resembling an espresso.

If you don’t want to use espresso pods, you can go for any K-cups. We recommend using a dark roast K-cup for optimal flavor. It will result in a more intense and rich espresso.

I want you to have the best experience making espresso in a Keurig. So, let’s jump to my quick recipes. 

How to Make Espresso in a Keurig with Espresso Pods?

If you have espresso pods, follow this recipe to make espresso:

What you will need


Espresso pods pack


  1. Turn on the coffee machine.
  2. Press the power button and wait for it to heat up.
  3. Once the brewer heats up, open the lid and insert a pod.
  4. Close the lever correctly.
  5. Place a mug under the coffee spout.
  6. Choose the smallest brew option on your brewer.
  7. It will start dispensing coffee.
  8. Once you get a mug of coffee, pour it into espresso cups.
  9. Your espresso is ready!
If you don’t use the smallest cup size, your espresso will water down, tasting like regular drip coffee.

How to Make Espresso in a Keurig without Espresso Pods?

You can choose any dark roast K-cup to make espresso without espresso pods. A K-cup with dark roast coffee grinds will help you achieve a more robust and bold espresso.

What you will need

  • Keurig Machine (We’re using K-Cafe)
  • A Coffee Mug
  • Espresso Serving Cups


inserting dark roast k-cup in keurig


Follow the same brewing method as you would do for using any K-cup. However, here are a few points to consider before you start brewing:

  • An espresso shot is 1.5 ounces, so use the minimum amount of water.
  • You must choose the smallest brew size on your coffee maker. Some Keurig makers offer 4-ounces options, like K-Supreme, K-Elite, and K-Mini.
  • If your Keurig has a shot option, press that instead or the brew button.
  • Pour the brew into small espresso cups for a better experience.

How to Make Iced Espresso with Keurig?

Drinking hot coffee every day can become monotonous and boring. A refreshing iced drink can make your regular coffee more exciting.

making iced coffee with keurig

Here is how you can make an iced espresso with Keurig:

What you will Need

  • A Keurig coffee maker
  • A Heat-resistant Cup
  • Ice Tray (optional)


  • A Keurig K-cup
  • Ice Cubes
  • Water
  • Sweetening Syrup (optional)
  • Cream (optional)


  1. Fill the water reservoir with enough water.
  2. Turn on the machine.
  3. Once the machine heats up, insert a K-cup.
  4. Use the “strong” option if your Keurig model has it.
  5. Fill the heat-resistant cup with lots of ice. Place it under the coffee spout.
  6. Press the brew button. Coffee will start dispensing directly over ice.
  7. Add cream and sweetening syrup if you like your drinks more on the sweeter side.
  8. Mix well and enjoy!
Brew a cup of coffee and pour it into an iced tray. Put it in the freezer and wait a few hours. You can use these coffee cubes to prepare an iced drink. Replacing regular ice with coffee cubes will make the drink stronger.

How to Make a Shot with a Keurig?

Making a shot with a Keurig is easier if it has a “shot” option. Start the process by inserting a K-cup into your Keurig, adding water to its tank, and closing the lid properly. 

Next up, press the “shot” button instead of selecting a brew option like when you brew regular coffee.

But what if your Coffee Maker doesn’t have the shot option? No worries!

Brew your coffee using the smaller brew size. After that, You can divide and pour your coffee into small serving cups to make it look more like espresso shots.

What is the difference between a Keurig and an Espresso Machine?

Keurig coffee makers and Espresso machines have different working mechanisms; Keurig makes drip coffee, while espresso machines specifically make authentic espresso.

An espresso is a concentrated coffee with an intense flavor and has a foamy crema on the top. You need an espresso machine to prepare it because it requires a different brewing process than regular coffee.

The Espresso machines use 9 bars of high-pressure, hot water and finely ground beans to produce a rich, flavorful, bold espresso. Pressure is a significant difference that sets an espresso shot and other coffees apart.

There are different types of espresso machines available in the market; semi-automatic, automatic, and manual. Some espresso machines use coffee pods; some use coffee grounds, and some work with both.

Keurig does not produce authentic espresso because they are compact drip machines. Their brewing technique involves pouring hot water over ground coffee for longer, producing flavorful and rich coffee.

Keurig brewers use K-cups for making various beverages; lattes, cappuccinos, hot cocoa, and teas. The price of Keurig machines depends on the specifications and features of their model.

The following table consists of a side-by-side comparison between Keurig Brewers and Espresso machines.


Keurig Coffee Makers

Espresso Machines




Coffee Grounds or Coffee Pods?

  • Coffee pods (K-cups)

  • Coffee Pods

  • Coffee Grounds

Grind Size

Medium Grind

Fine Grind

Brewing Technique

Pressurized brewing system

9 bars of pressure

Extraction Time

1 to 2 minutes

30 seconds

Milk Frother

Yes (Some Models)

Yes (Some Models)

Power Supply

200 to 400 watts

1000 and 1500 watts



Keurig coffee makers work differently from espresso machines, which is why they cannot brew authentic espresso.

Keurig is not for hard-core espresso enthusiasts because it can’t make a cup of coffee that can compete with espresso machines.

Nevertheless, you can still make delicious coffee at home or prepare your favourite café drinks. Try using dark-roasted K-cups and the smallest cup setting to produce the most robust coffee.


How much water do you put in an espresso K-cup?

An espresso shot consists of a 1:2 ratio of coffee to water. However, to make a drink using an espresso k-cup, you must use the smallest option on your Keurig machine. Depending on your model, it can be either 4 or 6 ounces.

Does Keurig make espresso pods?

Yes! Keurig has a variety of espresso pods. They are available in different roasts and flavors. You can use these pods to make a Keurig-style espresso drink.

Can I turn regular coffee into espresso?

To turn the regular coffee into espresso, use dark roast coffee pods to brew coffee. Then distribute the coffee into smaller espresso cups. It will resemble an espresso shot. 

Which Keurig Machines have the shot option?

The following Keurig machines have the shot option:

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