How Many Times Can You Use A Keurig Cup? Let’s Solve This Mystery.

How Many Times Can You Use A Keurig Cup?
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K-Cups are made only to be used once before being discarded. But if you want to opt for making your K-cup be used twice, you can use My K-Cup Universal Reusable Filter.

K-cups, which basically contain sealed coffee grounds, has modernised the way today we make coffee which is easier in terms of saving time. However, with time people are really coming up with their concerns about using this plastic  K-cup as a yay or nay.

We are gonna solve the mystery to cater to all the right concerns you have about the Keurig Cup.

Key Takeaways
  • Using K-cup twice can lead to inferior coffee tastes, but it totally depends upon the type of intense pod you are using as you have the option to double brew your coffee too. 
  • If you feel like double brew is not your thing, you can switch to buying My K-cup reusable coffee filters.
  • While buying Reusable K-cups, get them according to the model you are using. 
  • While cleaning a Reusable K-cup, you need to have a medium size container and a Keurig mesh gold filter, and you’ll be ready to follow the steps.
  • Keurig Reusable cups last for 20 times their usage, but it totally depends upon how you maintain them.

Using A K-cup More Than Once Is A Big Deal?

The first thing that you might be familiar with is the recommendations stated by the Keurig manufacturers not to use the K-cup twice because it could result in an inferior or bitter flavour of brewed coffee. So a bad cup can make you feel like it’s a big deal.

The basic saying is that a K-cup is a single coffee server, so it can’t be used twice. The type of coffee in each K-Cup has an automatic detection and adjustment pod brewing system, so if an already punctured pod is placed in the machine, it won’t be able to detect and brew a coffee using it.

reusing k-cups

The way for this is to use a reusable K-cup filter to which you can add your favourite coffee grounds of any type and place it simply in the brew head. The primary concern lies here is that it can leave the coffee grounds in your cup, or it can also clog your machine.

Also, consider the fact that you need to get the k-cup according to the model you are using. Because K-cups Reusable Filters come in two different designs.

The old model follows the one-needle system and can’t be used in the latest Keurig models like K-supreme. However, the new K-cup with five needle system is more suitable for the latest models.

Fun Fact:
If you tried to switch that up and used the new K-cup in the old Keurig machine it can lead up to leakage in your brew head, so this could be a mess!

Hence, if you have a single-point system in your coffee machine like older models, you can stick to the older My K-cup reusable coffee filter, and if you have a new model Keurig machine, you should prefer the latest, My K-cup filter model.

How Does A K-cup Work? 

K-cup is a tiny plastic sealed coffee grounds drip coffee brewer. The four main components to make a K-cup includes an outer plastic covering, a small coffee filter, coffee grounds, and an air-tight seal.

working of reusable k-cup

The K-cup brews a coffee by simply putting it into the brew head of your machine and it will automatically get pierced by Keurig needles and detected by the machine to adjust parameters of coffee like temperature and water to achieve the type the beans got originated from.

Using K-cups Twice Can Affect My Coffee or Not? 

Using K-cups twice can only not affect your coffee but your morning and certainly the whole day too.

If we actually look deeper, we can make sense of the fact that using the K-pod once the coffee grounds are already used so, if you brew it again, the intensity of flavor would be reduced and will give you a more watery coffee than a real one you have in the first place.

keurig k cup in hand

People arguing that it tastes good are the ones who are more inclined towards weak coffee or don’t care if it’s watery or not!

Further, using a k-cup twice can give you browny water, so be aware of that.

It might also give you leftover coffee grounds at the bottom of your cup because the filter in the cup might not be working properly due to the usage.

Another problem could be a clogged machine as the coffee grounds can get stuck in your already uncleaned machine and that could be really concerning.

coffee quality

Can you double-brew coffee in Keurig? 

Yes, you can trick the machine into brewing the coffee twice the second the first brew cycle ends. But its flavour depends upon the intensity of the pod you are using. If you are brewing an 8-10 oz coffee pod twice, the taste will be better instead of using a 6oz pod again.

It also depends upon your preference and taste in the end. If you like intense coffees this option might not be the best for you. But if you are in the middle of light to intense coffee, you can have a nice and bigger cup of coffee by performing a double-brew.

Using Reusable Keurig-Cups [Step-by-Step Process]: 

You just need to get your K-cup reusable filter and your machine and your ready to follow the steps:

  1. Remove the K-pod holder from the brew head.
  2. Remove the Gray adapter from the filter holder before use.
  3. For 2.0 brewers, leave the grey adapter on the base of the K-cup filter.
  4. Open the K-cup filter by turning its lid counterclockwise.
  5. Remove the filter basket.
  6. Fill the cup with your favourite coffee grounds till the max line of it.
  7. Attach the filter and close the lid turning it clockwise.
  8. Open your Keurig brew head and place the K-cup filter, while keeping in mind that the arrow on top of the cup faces the back of the brewer.
  9. Close the head and choose your desired brew size.
  10. Place the cup under the brew head and wait for the coffee to come out.

And that’s how you do it!

Cleaning A Reusable K-Cup [Easy Steps]:

First of all cleaning, a reusable K-cup can be a little messy because if you’re thinking of throwing the coffee grounds into the sink, it can get stuck in the drainage pipes. So, we have to figure a way out.

Before Starting out with the cleaning process, you need to get a small container and a coffee mesh filter to get the small coffee grounds while washing your K-cup filter.

If you are prepared follow the steps in order:

  1. Get your k-cup reusable filter and open it.
  2. Separate the lid and the cup.
  3. Move the cup upside down in the container and tap a little bit to get all the coffee out.
  4. Put the cup in the coffee mesh filter and run it down the water tap.
  5. Then put the lid into the coffee mesh filter and run it down underwater too.
  6. Now if you are satisfied that there are no coffee grounds left in it, damp it with a soft cloth.
  7. Trash the coffee grounds in the mesh filter.

And now you can use your K-cup reusable filter again.

What Kind Of Coffee Do You Use In A Reusable K-Cup?

There are no restrictions on which coffee you should go for as it’s totally upon your preference. The only thing that matters about the coffee grounds are the number of proportions you add into the K-cup reusable filter that is to the max line.

putting coffee in k-cup

So technically, you have the freedom to make your own choice and try any flavour or coffee you want.

How Long Do Reusable K-Cups Last?

You can use a Reusable K-cup 20 times. However, in the end, it really depends on how vigorously you use it.  Taking care of the K-cup filter while keeping it clean and increasing the lifespan of your K-cup reusable filter.

How To Reuse A K-cup Twice?

You can re-use a K-cup twice, but you have to do it fast right after the first brew cycle.

First as discussed above, you need to get a dark roasted coffee flavour with at least 10 oz of coffee in it so that the coffee brewed in the second cycle will have a taste but less intense than the first cycle.

Secondly, use a smaller size cup option so that it won’t be watery enough and still get the original coffee ground flavour the pod had. However, it’s totally your preference on the type of coffee you want, so it’s totally up to you too. 

Keep in mind that you can’t leave the pod for a second brew for a longer time as mould can grow on it, and it’ll taste bitter.

Bottom Line

K-Cups are the most practical way to brew coffee nowadays, as all of us can’t draw to switch back in time to follow a traditional method of brewing coffee.

But unfortunately, K-Cups are made for one use only and are incredibly wasteful. We advise getting a reusable K-Cup filter basket if you’re seeking a method to reduce waste without giving up the convenience of your K-Cup brewer.

With a reusable K-Cup filter, you can make coffee quickly and conveniently while reducing waste, giving you the best of both worlds. Make sure to clean it regularly so that it can stay with you for a longer period of time.

Additionally, permanent K-Cup filters enable you to use any type of coffee, so you aren’t restricted to simply purchasing products from companies that make their own K-Cups.


Which Keurig makes the biggest cup of coffee?

The largest cup of coffee Keurig makes is 10oz.

Can you double-brew coffee in a Keurig? 

Yes, you can double-brew the coffee in a Keurig. It’s your preference. If you like a watery coffee, you can do it with a lighter intense pod, and if you are a bold coffee person, you can opt for an intense coffee flavour so that it would have the original flavour in the second brew.

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