Is Keurig Coffee Instant Coffee? [K-Cups Making Process Revealed]

is keurig instant coffee
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The sleek and efficient Keurig coffee machines can produce single servings of your favorite kind of java in minutes – you place a K-Cup in the machine, press the button, and enjoy!

Even though plenty of people still prefer to grind their beans and brew their coffee with a conventional coffee maker, many coffee lovers still prefer K-Cup hot coffee in the morning.

Keurig k-cups are single-serve containers that hold a pre-measured amount of coffee grounds to brew fresh coffee in about a minute.

The popularity of K-Cup pods can be attributed to their wide selection of flavors and coffee brands, as well as convenient brewing times.

Because Keurig makes delicious coffee instantly, it may make you think, are K-cups instant coffee?

Despite what some may think, K-cups aren’t instant coffee. Instead, Keurig k-cups use ground coffee beans and filter paper to make coffee; they’re more like filter coffee than instant.

Key Takeaways
  • Keurig makes delicious coffee using k-cups and filters it into your cup.
  • Keurig k-cups and instant coffee differ in coffee beans, brewing method, taste, and quality.
  • Instant coffee is soluble in hot water and milk and requires no equipment for preparation.
  • It is not advisable to use instant coffee in k-cups.

What are K-Cups Made of?

A K-cup is made of FDA-approved plastic and sealed with tin foil. It has a filter and inserts inside that make them similar to coffee cups.

k cup coffee pod

The filter keeps the impurities and residual substances from dispensing into your cup. The tin foil keeps oxygen from getting into the coffee and prevents it from degrading after use.

K-cup coffee is made with arabica beans that have a smooth, rich taste without being bitter.

Each K-cup contains precisely the right amount of finely ground coffee, and the strength of the brew they produce can be adjusted by the machine they’re used with.

What is Instant Coffee?

Instant coffee was introduced in the 1880s and quickly gained popularity.

Instant coffee is crystallized or powdered coffee made from robusta beans. The coffee beans are first roasted, then ground, and brewed.

instant coffee

It allows you to make coffee without a coffee machine instantly. It requires hot water or milk for a cup of coffee. All you have to do is add instant coffee to a cup and stir it to dilute it.

It is the fastest way of making coffee but doesn’t have the most pronounced coffee flavors.

Can You Use Instant Coffee in a Coffee Pod?

A Keurig reusable k-cup allows you to fill medium to finely ground coffee to make a delicious cup of brewed coffee.

However, If you are planning to fill reusable pods with instant coffee and brew a cup using your Keurig, we don’t recommend doing so.

putting instant coffee in keurig pod

Instant coffee doesn’t require extraction because it is already brewed and ready to use. So, you add it directly to milk or water because it is easily dissolvable.

Using instant coffee in coffee pods is not a good idea because the coffee grounds in k-cups allow the water to pass through them slowly, extracting all the flavors and strengths into your cup.

On the other hand, instant coffee will dissolve in the pod as soon as it comes in contact with water. Brewing a k-cup containing instant coffee will not give you coffee any better than what it originally tasted like.

How To Brew Coffee Using K-Cups?

Keurig k-cups bring you great-tasting coffee within minutes. All it takes is a Keurig coffee maker and your favorite K-cups.

Follow these steps to make Keurig coffee:

  1. Fill the water tank with adequate water.
  2. Turn the Keurig machine on.
  3. Press the power button, so the machine starts to heat up. The heating light will turn off to confirm the machine’s heat up.
  4. Place a mug on the drip tray.
  5. Lift the lever of the coffee machine.
  6. Insert a K-cup with its foil lid facing up.
  7. Push the lever down and close it properly.
  8. Select the cup size on your coffee machine to start brewing.
  9. The coffee machine will brew within 60 seconds.
  10. Once the brewing process is done, a burst of air from the machine will confirm it.
  11. Lift the lever and remove the used capsule.
  12. Enjoy your k-cup coffee!

What is the Difference Between a K-Cup and Instant Coffee?

How do K-cups differ from instant coffee, and do they have something similar, let’s find out.

Coffee Beans

K-cup contains Arabica beans, the most popular coffee beans. On the other hand, instant coffee is made from Robusta beans which come second to the world’s most famous coffee beans.

Coffee Taste

K-cups make fresh and great-tasting coffee because it brews directly into your cup. However, instant coffee is already brewed, and you dilute it, but the taste could be better.

Brewing Method

K-cups contain roasted and ground coffee bean granules for you to brew with a coffee machine. Meanwhile, instant coffee is processed through freezer drying and spray drying methods to turn into a soluble form.

Grind Size

K-cups contain medium to coarse coffee grounds that require a coffee machine for brewing. On the other hand, instant coffee is powdered or crystalized and dissolves quickly in hot water or milk.

Cost of Coffee

K-cups cost 40 cents to $1.24 per pod and require a Keurig machine for brewing, while instant coffee is cheaper and requires no special equipment to prepare.

Is K-Cups Considered Filtered Coffee?

Now that we have established that k-cups coffee is not instant coffee. So does that mean K-cup coffee is filtered coffee? We will find out.

But first, do you know what filter coffee means?

filtered coffee

Filtered coffee is prepared when hot water is poured over coffee grounds. It is extracted through ground beans and filtered into your cup without any coffee residue or impurities.

So are k-cups filtered coffee? Yes!

K-cups are packed with coffee grounds and also consist of a filter inside. When you put a k-cup in a Keurig coffee machine, the machine uses pressurized brewing technology to extract coffee flavors and strength from the K-cup.

The coffee machine filters the brewed k-cup coffee into your cup. This whole process of extraction and filtration makes a cup of filtered coffee.

The Bottom Line

K-cups and instant coffee are two different things. While k-cups have more advantages than instant coffee, instant coffee is the fastest way to prepare a cup.

If you have to choose between the two, we recommend cups. K-cups coffee is strong, flavorful, and hits the spot. You can make great quality coffee with k-cups instantly.

On the other hand, instant coffee is a quick fix to caffeine cravings but needs to contain flavor or the strength a coffee should have.

So make yourself a cup of Keurig coffee instantly, using your favorite k-cups.


What is the difference between K-cup brewing and drip brewing?

K-cup brewing involves using preportioned coffee grounds in a coffee machine to extract coffee with a pressurized system. Drip coffee means pouring hot water over ground coffee, letting it steep, and filtering it into the cup.

What is the difference between coffee pods and Keurig k-cups?

K Cups are plastic containers that contain pre-measured 10 grams of ground coffee and filter paper. They are specifically manufactured for Keurig machines. However, coffee pods are paper pouches and contain ground coffee wrapped in a filter.

Can K-Cups be used without Keurig?

Yes! You can use several brewing methods to use a k-cup without a Keurig. If you want to use them without equipment, try the immersion method. All you need is a mason jar, a k-cup, and hot water.

Remove the foil lid of the k-cup and pour the coffee contents into a mason jar. Add hot water and let it steep for a few minutes. The more you steep it, the stronger the coffee will be. Next, take the empty k-cup and pour the coffee through its filter paper and into a cup.

Do you need a new K-cup every time?

Yes, you need a new k-cup to brew coffee every time because k-cups are single-serve coffee pods for one-time use. Once you brew a k-cup, the machine pierces it to extract coffee, and after that, it becomes useless.

Can you use tap water in Keurig?

Using filtered or bottled water in a Keurig for brewing coffee is always the best idea because it will make the coffee taste better and prevent calcium build-up from accumulating in the machine. However, if you only have access to tap water, you can go with it.

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