Keurig K Slim Vs. Mini: [A Complete Comparison]

keurig k slim vs mini
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Keurig is an all-rounder of affordable and compact coffee machines that fit into the smallest countertops. Despite being tiny, Keurig coffee makers are highly functional and give coffee lovers the convenience they deserve.

Keurig K Slim and K Mini are two of the brand’s most compact and affordable coffee makers with incredible popularity. However, sometimes people get confused while choosing between them. After all, they both look the same!

If you are someone in the same boat, we are here to the rescue! We tried and tested both machines to curate an in-depth comparison for all coffee lovers! Read on to see which model is worth spending your money on!

Keurig K-slim Vs Mini: Difference At A Glance:

The Keurig K Slim has a large 46 oz water tank with some incredible and functional features for the comfort of users. Also, it offers three preset cup sizes (8, 10, and 12 oz) and a multi-stream technology to brew the most flavorful coffee. While K Mini can brew one cup size, anywhere from 6 to 12 oz. Moreover, there are no glittery features but cord storage and plenty of funky color options to choose from.


Keurig K-Slim

Keurig K-Mini

How does it look like?

Water Reservoir

Removable Tank of 46 oz

Non-removable Tank of 12 oz

Brew Sizes

8, 10, and 12 oz

6 to 12 oz

Auto Shut-off

5 Minutes

90 Seconds

Indicator Lights




4.7″ x 12.1″ x 15.2″

4.5” x 12.1” x 11.3”


6.2 Pounds

4.6 Pounds

Color Options

Black and White

Matte Black, Poppy Red, Studio Gray, Oasis, and Dusty Rose

Fits Travel Mug



Removable Drip Tray




Keurig K Slim Overview

Keurig Slim is a compact coffee maker with an aesthetically pleasing and functional design. The coffee machine is only 5 inches wide and can squeeze into the tightest of corners – no kidding!

However, don’t let its slim and tiny design fool you. The K Slim coffee maker has some mighty functionality, like a large water tank of 46 oz, quick heat up, and a super-fast brew time!

Moreover, it offers three different cup sizes to choose from and conveniently fits travel mugs too! Also, the coffee machine has an auto-off feature that automatically turns off the unit after 5 minutes of inactivity. Cool, no?

Most importantly, Keurig K Slim won’t be too heavy on your pockets too!



👍 Budget-friendly option

👎 No brewing or temperature controls

👍 Noiseless operation

👍 Large water tank

👍 Effortless to use

Keurig K Mini Overview

Just like K Slim, Keurig K Mini is a sleek and tiny machine measuring only 5 inches wide. However, this single-serve coffee maker has a small 12 oz water tank that can store water for only one cup of coffee at a time.

Moreover, the Keurig Mini has a surprisingly low price tag and super cute color options to choose from. Also, it only offers one brew size; 6 to 12 oz. Despite being tiny, K Mini offers all the basic functionality a good coffee maker should have.

You will get the energy-saving feature that automatically turns off the machine after 90 seconds of inactivity. In addition, it is equipped with discrete cord storage to keep the wires neat and organized!

The unique selling point of K Mini is its incredible portability; the machine is so tiny that you can take it anywhere you want without any inconvenience!



👍 Excellent for convenient storage

👎 Very small water tank

👍 Can fit travel mugs

👍 Extremely affordable

Keurig Slim Vs Mini: Side-by-Side Comparison

Now that you have a teeny tiny idea of what you can expect from both machines, it’s time to dive deep into the comparison and differences between Keurig K Slim and Mini. Understanding the differences will help you to decide which coffee machine is the best pick for you.

As always, we are doing the hard work for you. Keep reading to see the full Keurig Slim vs Mini comparison!

Design & Size

Both the K Mini and Slim are identical in terms of shape and size. They are tiny, cute, and 5 inches wide. However, the K Slim is a bit taller and bulkier than K Mini.

Now coming to the color options; for K Slim, you can only choose between black and white. On the other hand, K Mini offers plenty of exciting color options like Poppy Red, Matte Black, Dusty Rose, Studio Gray, and Oasis.

Keurig K-slim placed on kticchen shelf

In addition, K Mini also features cord storage to keep the wire hidden when you are not using the machine. We found this design feature very thoughtful in terms of cleanliness and tidiness.

Keurig K-mini design

Therefore, we give more points to K Mini since it offers more colors to match the decorum of every kitchen. Also, we fell in love with the cord storage part!

Usability & Features

Both the Keurig K Slim and K Mini were simple and painless to use. They have easy-to-use interfaces and offer a one-touch operation. Still, some usability features make one better than the other.

First of all, K Mini’s discrete storage is something we usually don’t see in coffee machines. However, the only attraction other than this is the auto-off feature. The machine turns off after 90 seconds of inactivity. Still, 90 seconds is too soon. In addition, you will get a removable drip tray too that can easily fit a travel mug.

Now coming towards K Slim, you will get plenty of usability features. The most prominent one is the Multi-Stream Technology, which uses five puncture needles to extract coffee from the capsules. This technology brews delicious coffee with the most pleasant aroma!

In addition, there is an auto shut-off feature that activates after 5 minutes of no inactivity. Also, you can enjoy three preset brew sizes too!

I think Keurig K Slim is the clear winner here!

Water Reservoir

Despite being somewhat identical, there is a major difference between the water tank capacities of the two coffee makers.

First of all, K Slim features a removable water reservoir of 46 oz. This capacity is sufficient enough even for large households. Also, refilling the water tank is like a piece of cake.

water reservoir of Keurig K-slim

While on the other hand, K Mini’s water reservoir is not removable, and the capacity is only 12 oz. Honestly, we found this a bit inconvenient. After all, who likes to refill the water tank after brewing every cup? However, this water tank might work for a person living alone.

Drip Trays

Both machines feature removable drip trays to provide the utmost comfort and convenience to the users. Here is the good part; both drip trays can conveniently fit travel mugs. So, you can always have your coffee on the go to school and work!

Cup Sizes

As you probably know that coffee makers offer plenty of preset brew sizes to choose from. These cup-size options allow you to decide how strong you want your coffee to be. Well, both K Slim and Mini offer some brew sizes too, in their own way.

In K Slim, you get the option to choose from three brew sizes; 8, 10, and 12 oz.

Keurig K-slim cup sizes

While on the other hand, K Mini gives you the freedom to have only one cup size; anywhere from 6 to 12 oz.

Keurig k-mini cup sizes

I think again K Slim is the clear winner here!

Brewing Coffee

Fortunately, brewing coffee is super convenient and effortless with both machines. All you have to do is fill up the water reservoir, select your brew sizes (for K Slim), and push the K button to start your brewing session.

Both machines heat up quickly and offer a one-touch operation, so the brewing process will be a breeze! Still, if you want us to take sides, we go with K Slim again for offering a little more convenience.

K-Cup Compatibility

Since K Slim and K Mini are both original Keurig machines, they are compatible with all K Cup pods. However, the good news is that you can also use third-party coffee pods from compatible brands like Dunkin’, Peet’s Coffee, and others.

You can also use refillable pods with your own coffee grounds if you want to enjoy plenty of extra flavors and protect the environment.

Variety of Drinks

Here comes our favorite part: Do you know what is the most exciting part about coffee makers? They let you enjoy a variety of coffee beverages like cappuccinos, lattes, iced coffee, and much more. So, do K Slim and K Mini gives you this freedom too? That’s a big YES!

However, keep in mind that both machines don’t feature milk accessories. So, you have to purchase a separate Keurig milk frother to enjoy milky beverages. Once you do, making lattes and cappuccinos with K Slim and K Mini will become a piece of cake.

Coffee Quality

We spent almost two weeks judging the coffee quality of K Slim and K Mini, and we came to one conclusion; both are great in their own ways!

Since K Slim features the Multi-Stream technology, it produced a flavorful, strong, and bold cup of coffee with a perfect crema on top. Also, the aroma of the coffee was delightful!

Keurig k-slim making coffee

K Mini also brewed good-tasting coffee, but it wasn’t very well-rounded, considering there is no special technology present.

Keurig K-mini coffee quality

If you want us to take sides again, we go with K Slim this time too!

Cleaning and Maintenance

Just like other coffee machines, K Slim and K Mini will also require some cleaning and maintenance from your side. But the good part is that you will have to put in minimal effort since they are both super tiny!

First of all, you need to descale the machine every two months with the Keurig descaling solution. Pour the solution in the tank, run a regular brew cycle, and you will be good to go! Moreover, frequently rinse their parts like the water reservoir, capsule containers, and drip trays.

Environmental Impact

Since K Slim and K Mini use K Cups, they have a lower environmental impact. K Cups are recyclable and do not contain any materials that are harmful to the environment.


You will find K Slim for around $80, and K Mini for $50. In our opinion, the prices of both are reasonable and completely justified.

Keurig Slim Vs Mini: Which One Should You Buy?

So, which one is better? Keurig K Slim or K Mini? Well, here is the most straightforward answer to this question:

Buy Keurig Slim if you want:

  • a large water tank
  • extra features
  • 3 preset brew sizes

Buy Keurig Mini if:

  • you want more color options
  • you want cord storage
  • you want something budget-friendly
  • you are ready to compromise on extra features
  • you are ok with a small 12 oz water tank

However, our personal favorite is still Keurig K Slim!

Alternatives to K Slim and K Mini

For K Slim, the better alternative is the Keurig K Express. It has a 42 oz water tank, offers three brew sizes (8, 10, and 12 oz), offers strength control, and is a little bit more affordable than K Slim!

For K Mini, Keurig K Compact is the best alternative! It has a 36 oz water tank and offers three different brew sizes; 8, 10, and 12 oz.


Can I make iced coffee in K Slim or Mini?

Yes, you can enjoy iced coffee with both K Slim and K Mini. Just brew your regular coffee with the machines and pour it over ice!

Can I use ground coffee in K Slim or Mini?

Yes, you can fill ground coffee in refillable pods that are compatible with both K Slim and K Mini!

Do Keurig coffee makers dispense hot water?

Yes, they can. All you need to do is begin the brew cycle without a pod and you will have your plain hot water!

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