What Does The “Strong” Mean On A Keurig? ( Answered )

keurig strong button
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Are you a coffeeholic who love drinking strong coffee?

Do you prefer a strong cup of espresso every morning?

A strong cup of coffee, when made with higher coffee and a low water ratio, is a very concentrated form of coffee.

How about waking up in the morning with a superpower to control the concentration of your coffee?

Well, yes, you can do this. Thanks to Keurig’s newest models.

You can use this magical tiny button on the top of your Keurig Coffee Machine to make your coffee stronger and richer.

The Keurig strong button is a small but powerful coffee machine feature. It allows coffee drinkers to make stronger coffee without using a separate coffee maker. The Keurig strong button extends the brew time while releasing a small amount of hot water in intervals.

So, what is the purpose of the Keurig strong button?

Read along to know what your Keurig’s strong button does, how it works, and additional methods to make Keurig coffee stronger.

Why did Keurig include a strong button on its machines?

A strong cup of coffee means bolder and more heavily caffeinated coffee. Coffeeholics who need a stronger dose of their favorite drink need something convenient which helps them prepare their desired drink in no time.

The innovation in the latest Keurig machine has made it feasible to have the strongest cup of joe in no time.

Keurig strong button

Keurig brought in the strong button option to address the issues of many coffee users who complain that their coffee is too weak, acidic, or sour.

Thus, the strong button produces a more delicious cup of coffee. It promotes the extraction of more sweet and bitter ingredients from the grounds, leading to a richer, more blended brew.

Generally, fast-brewed coffee is acidic, but gradually brewed coffee is more balanced in terms of acids, sugars, and bitters. So, coffee’s flavor, texture, and fragrance are created by a careful balance of sugars, acids, and oils. Since some of these components extract more quickly than others, the brew time considerably impacts the quality of your cup of coffee.

What does Keurig’s Strong Button Offer?

You may desire a cup of coffee quickly on any busy morning. This is why Keurig got so well-known, so to speak. But in other experiences, the speed of the brew becomes pointless, such as on weekend mornings or after-meal cups.

The Keurig strong setting is intended to improve the flavor of a cup of coffee, but how it does so may need to be more evident at first look.

The strong button on the machine brews the coffee to its full capacity. Keurig coffee machines have varying reservoir capacities. The strong button produces a stronger taste with the same coffee amount.

The strong Keurig button lengthens the time it requires to brew coffee in your K-Cup and enhances the flavor of your coffee. For example, brewing a regular cup will take 45 seconds, but brewing a strong cup will take 1 minute and 15 seconds.

A Quick Look at How Keurig Brews Coffee:

The Keurig coffee machine comes with a K-cup. It would be best to always pay attention to the rule of placing the K-cup into the coffee machine after it is switched on and powered on. If you do, the coffee maker’s strong button will succeed.

After inserting the K-cup, you must shut it and select your serving size from the available options in your Keurig coffee machine.

After that, hit the strong button on the coffee machine. The strong button is featured on the front side of your Keurig machine; push it down and lift it to get a dash of hot water.

pressing keurig strong button

It will brew the coffee for an extended time depending on the size of the K-cup present and your selected serving size. After that, you may choose your cup size.

Aside from making your hot coffee stronger, there are a few advantages to consider:

  • Strong Button Setting uses the same amount of coffee as the standard setting.
  • It requires the exact amount of water.

The strong Button Setting overrides the quantity of water utilized. It controls the amount of water used. So if you turn it on and push a cup or two of water more than usual, it will still make the same amount of coffee.

The strong button setting isn’t just a button; it controls how much liquid comes out when you place your K-Cup back into its holder after brewing. This implies that if there weren’t any solid buttons and you needed more water out of your K-Cup, you could increase the pressure from within!

What is the Difference Between Regular and Strong Keurig Settings?

Make sure you understand how the Keurig Machine works before I tell you the difference between Keurig Regular and Strong Settings.

Keurig has a trademarked coffee brewing technology. This procedure is regarded as one of the most dependable in the business.

Keurig regular coffee is brewed with a unique brewing method. Because the coffee is made in single-serve cups, you can be sure that each cup is fresh and delicious. With this coffee, there is no waste, and you may select from a wide range of taste alternatives.

A drip brewing method is used to make regular coffee. This implies that the coffee is brewed in a pot before being put into cups. Keurig machines use a water and air pump to pressurize their brew process. This increased pressure is essential because it allows Keurig to blast water through each K-cup, reducing the brewing time from three to four minutes to just seconds.

If the coffee is not prepared correctly, it might become harsh and less fresh tasting. Therefore use caution while brewing regular coffee.

Keurig’s strong button setting provides you more control over your cup of coffee by allowing you to fine-tune the intensity of your brew. It lengthens the brewing time of the coffee given by Keurig.

This is done by reaching a stage where the water is run twice over the K-cup pack. This gives the coffee grinds more time to absorb flavor, resulting in a more robust cup of coffee.

However, please don’t be concerned about utilizing this option because it will not degrade or damage the flavor of your premium coffee.

How can you Brew a Stronger Cup with Keurig’s “Strong” Setting?

This may sound apparent, but using the strong setting on your Keurig to brew stronger coffee is the manufacturer’s suggested method. Nothing unique happens when you pick this option.

But how does it work?

The answer to this complex question is more straightforward than you would expect. The time it takes to brew the coffee allows a Keurig 2.0 to produce a more robust cup with the same pods and amount of water.

All you do is insert your Keurig K-Cup pod into your preheated machine and press the brew button without selecting the “Strong” option. Your fresh coffee will be ready in less than 45 seconds, depending on the machine.

However, do everything the same except pick the “strong” option on your brewer. It might take up to 30 seconds longer for the machine to generate your coffee, regardless of whatever brewer you use. This is how you can make your Keurig small cup stronger.

Do you know you can make stronger, bolder, more delicious brews by combining discarded K-Cups with reusable coffee filters? This works because it keeps the water in the filter for a more extended time, which improves the extraction process.

You must obtain a used K-Cup, clean it, and then insert it into your My K-Cup. Fill the filter with coffee grounds, and you’re done! You will enjoy a much better, much stronger cup of coffee.

You may adjust the Keurig strength control of the coffee by using darker grounds or blending it differently.

What Happens If The Keurig Strong Button Doesn’t Work?

As we discussed earlier that Keurig has created a reputation for itself by making coffee brewing quicker and simpler than standard countertop coffee makers. However, many consumers argue that they lose control of the Strong Button when they use a Keurig.

It operates appropriately if the cup sizes light up after you hit the strong button. If the cup-size lights do not turn on, there is a simple remedy that will work for you. Most people make the error of inserting the K-cup into the coffee machine BEFORE turning it on. Instead, start the device, open the pod chamber, insert it, and close it. You should see the cup sizes illuminate if you click the strong button immediately.

However, if you notice when you hit the Strong button that the cup-sizes lights don’t turn on, this might be a software bug. Lift the lid up and put it back down then it’s ready to go. You may see your cup-size lights flash while turning the strong button on.

Can Keurig pods with higher “intensity” help you make a Stronger cup of coffee?

Suppose your Keurig brewer lacks a strong button. In that case, the most accessible approach to producing a strong coffee is to use the appropriate pod. The darker the roast, the more strong the flavor is. However, bold roast variety packs containing strong pods from various brands are also available.

Aside from using a strong K-Cup, picking a cup size can help you boost the strength of your coffee. Many Keurig models can create 4, 6, or 8-ounce coffees, but others can even generate substantially bigger 10 or 12-oz coffees. If your machine lacks a strong button, you should use two pods on a small cup size setting instead of a big cup size.

What is the purpose of the Keurig iced button?

Hot coffee is only some people’s cup of tea while many like drinking iced or cold coffee during summer. They have made it a habit to drink cold and iced coffees daily.

Fortunately, there is a button on the Keurig coffee machine that allows you to make “iced” coffee. It will ensure that you get cold coffee if you push it. You may either prepare cold coffee later using ice cubes or use the Keurig machine’s iced function to guarantee that your coffee is cold. When you hit the cold coffee button, it ensures that your coffee is robust.

Follow these simple steps to have your cold coffee ready.

  • Prepare your Keurig to brew as usual. Fill the water reservoir with a yummy K-Cup. If your Keurig has a strong setting, you should use it.
  • You should pick a glass that can withstand temperature fluctuations. Because you’ll be blending hot and cold temps within the tumbler, avoid using anything delicate. Fill the cup all the way to the top since some of the ice will melt right away. Use your coffee cubes if you have frozen them already. To fit your cup, you may need to remove the drip tray.
  • Push the brew button to create iced coffee with your Keurig!
  • Add cream and sugar to stir your coffee to mix it with the ice.

Final Thoughts

Having a super quick cup of strong-flavored coffee is critical for many people. The main thing to understand about the strong button on the various high-end Keurig models is that it is used to produce coffee bolder or richer. The k-cup is brewed at a slower rate and at intervals, increasing coffee saturation and extraction.

Keurig Strong Setting allows the brewing procedure to begin the third stage of extraction, which features more bitter tastes associated with a strong cup of coffee.

This will not make your coffee any more caffeinated than the default formula. However, having the choice to offer you a more delightful flavor is convenient!


Does brewing a cup with less water change the flavor or strength?

The amount of water used to brew the coffee indeed affect its strength. The coffee will be more robust if you use less water to create a large cup. So, if you want a strong cup of coffee, start with a smaller cup and add less water.

Will The Keurig Strong Button Increase The Caffeine Content?

The Strong Button only lengthens the extraction process. The coffee will not necessarily be highly caffeinated; the caffeine level largely depends on the coffee bean used and the volume of coffee consumed. Consider using darker and more bitter beans to boost the caffeine level of your coffee.

Which Keurig models come with a strong button?

Almost all the higher-end models of Keurig feature a Strong Button setting. For example, Keurig K-Mine Plus, K-Elite and Keurig 2.O.

How do I change the strength of my Keurig?

Users may modify the strength setting on their Keurig machines by pushing the enhanced strong brew button, allowing them to boost the strength of their coffee. However, keeping your Keurig clean, buying a reusable filter, and taking your mug early out of the machine can strengthen the flavor.

Can I make my Keurig hotter?

Yes, you can preheat your cup by pouring hot water from your Keurig into it for a few seconds before making your coffee. Try a higher brew setting if your Keurig has one.

Can You Use the Keurig Strong Button For Tea?

Yes, you can make tea by using a tea capsule and hitting the Strong Button on your Keurig. The simplest solution is to prepare a hot cup of water and place a teabag. You know, the old-fashioned manner.

Does the Strong Button Make High-Caffeine Coffee?

The caffeine content of a K-Cup remains constant irrespective of the brewing technique. There are several highly caffeinated K-CUPS available currently. The Strong Button has a stronger flavor, which makes something less harsh.

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