Nespresso Expert Review 2023

Nespresso Expert Review
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Today, I will be reviewing a functional and innovative Nespresso coffee maker – the Nespresso Expert!

As you all know, experimenting with Nespresso machines is my favorite thing, so this time I decided to lay my hands on the Nespresso Expert! I brewed almost 20 cups of coffee with this unique espresso maker to curate a detailed review for my readers! I spent days and nights testing the machine’s features, coffee quality, and functionality.

So, is Nespresso Expert worth buying? Let’s find out!

Features of Nespresso Expert

  • Product Line: OriginalLine
  • Brewing Mechanism: 19-bar Pump
  • Weight: 10 lbs
  • Brew Sizes: 0.85 oz Ristretto, 1.35 oz Espresso, 3.70 oz Lungo, 5.05 oz Americano and 6.75 oz Hot Water
  • External Material: ABS Plastic
  • Water Tank Capacity: 37 oz
  • Spent Capsule Capacity: 10 Capsules
  • Milk Frother Included: Separately
  • Third-Party Capsules Compatibility: Yes
  • Wireless Connectivity: Yes
  • Auto Shut-off: 9 Minutes
  • Heat-up Time: 25 Seconds

Nespresso Expert Espresso Maker Overview

As we all know, Nespresso launches its machines in two signature lines; OriginalLine and VertuoLine. Well, the Nespresso Expert is an OriginalLine model, which means it uses the traditional 19-bar pump and pressure system to extract coffee from capsules. In short, you will get the most authentic espresso with Nespresso Expert!

The machine offers 5 pre-programmed cup sizes; 0.85 oz ristretto, 1.35 oz espresso, 3.70 oz lungo, 5.05 oz americano, and 6.75 oz hot water. Also, it is equipped with a whopping 37 oz water tank and some pretty unique and innovative features.

Nespresso Expert allows you to schedule and customize your brew time, conveniently monitor the water level with the visible reservoir, and enjoy brewing through your phone by connecting it to the Nespresso app.

Unfortunately, Nespresso Expert does not come with a milk frother. But guess what? The machine has another variant, too, known as Nespresso Expert & Milk, with a built-in milk frother! So if you are not tight on budget, consider purchasing Nespresso Expert & Milk to enjoy milky beverages like lattes and cappuccinos!

All in all, I had a great experience with Nespresso Expert – it has a modern design, some unique features, and great functionality. However, keep in mind that the machine comes with an expensive price tag, considering the glittery and high-end features.



👍 Simple and convenient one-touch interface

👎 A bit expensive

👍 Offers adjustable brew time and temperature

👎 The app only works in a specific range

👍 Beautiful and eye-catching design

👍 Offers Nespresso App connectivity

👍 Features a unique and functional drip tray

Things to Consider Before Buying Nespresso Expert

Though you have gone through a brief tour of what you can expect from the Nespresso Expert machine, I can’t resist sharing more details. There are a lot of essential factors and features you need to consider before finally making the purchase. These considerations help ensure you make the right pick for yourself.

So, are you curious to know those essential considerations? As always, I have done the hard work for you. Keep Reading!

1. Design

The Nespresso Expert has a minimalist yet attractive design, different from most espresso makers. Instead of being tall and slim, this coffee maker is wide and short. There is a cylindrical water tank at the right, two control dials, and an innovative drip tray at the front.

I loved that the machine lays flat with the fall, so you can conveniently place it on any table and countertop. Expert’s exterior is built with plastic, but the all-black color still feels very regal and high-end. Also, certain components like the drip tray and coffee dispenser are made of high-quality metal.

Honestly, I fell in love with this machine’s functional, aesthetic, and ergonomic design.

2. Water Reservoir

As mentioned above, we have a 37 oz water reservoir on the right side of the machine. I found the water tank capacity sufficient enough to enjoy 5 – 6 shots of espresso without refilling. Also, I found the water level easy to monitor since the tank is very visible.

Nespreso Expert water reservoir

3. Usability and Programmability

The Nespresso Expert offers a lot of customizable and adjustable settings – you can adjust the temperature and volume of your coffee using the two control dials for each task, respectively. Yes, you can select if you want your coffee mild, hot, or very hot.

Moreover, the machine has an energy-efficient design. It turns off automatically after 9 minutes of no use to save energy and lower your electricity bills. This feature also helps to prevent certain mishaps.

Nespresso Expert brew sizes

Apart from the two control dials, the espresso maker only has one button that turns on and begins the brewing session. Also, the machine took almost 25 seconds to heat up and the same time to brew coffee. All in all, I found the Nespresso Expert excellent in terms of programmability and convenient usability.

4. App Connectivity

Well, here comes the main part – the Nespresso Expert is a smart machine that offers Bluetooth and App Connectivity to cope with the Gen Z world! Yes, you can download the Nespresso app on your mobile phone, connect the machine to your phone using Bluetooth, and brew your coffee with just a few taps on your phone!

Apart from just brewing, you can also change the coffee settings and even schedule a brewing session for the future. Moreover, the app notifies you when your machine needs cleaning and descaling and when the water tank needs to be refilled. The best part, you can also order Nespresso capsules through the app. Amazing, isn’t it?

This connectivity feature is extremely beneficial and unique, especially in today’s geeky world. However, remember that the Bluetooth feature won’t work until you are close to the machine. For example, in the room next to the kitchen or the living room.

5. Cup Sizes

The machine offers a total of 5 cup sizes to choose from:

  • 0.85 oz Espresso
  • 1.35 oz Ristretto
  • 3.70 oz Lungo
  • 5.05 oz Americano
  • 6.75 oz Hot water

You must insert the relevant capsules, choose your brew size using the control dials, and press the button to start your brewing session. You can make every type of drink, from tea to plain coffee!

6. Coffee Quality

I am thrilled to reveal that the Nespresso Expert brewed perfect, delicious, and authentic cups of coffee for me. I tried almost every type of brew size and coffee type, and the outcome was smooth, textured, and full of velvety crema every time. Also, the aroma was pleasant and a treat to my soul!

Nespresso Expert Coffee Quality

I also paired the espresso maker with my Aeroccino milk frother to brew a cup of latte, and I just say I was amazed!

7. Capsule Compatibility

As Nespresso Expert is an OriginalLine machine, it is compatible with all Nespresso OriginalLine capsules – just not the VertuoLine ones. You can also use third-party Nespresso-compatible pods from brands like Starbucks, Lavazza, Peet’s Coffee, etc. This freedom of using compatible capsules can help you save money and enjoy a variety of flavors as well.

8. Accessories

The Nespresso Expert variant does not come with a milk frother, but you can always pair it with an Aeroccino if you have one. If you are willing to spend a few extra bucks, you can go for the Nespresso Expert with Milk variant with a built-in milk frother. Don’t worry; we will read about the milk variant in detail below!

9. Warranty

Like all other Nespresso coffee machines, the Nespresso Expert also comes with a 1-year warranty covering necessary replacements and repairs. You can even get a substitute machine when your Nespresso Expert is in the warehouse for repairs.

What is the Difference Between Nespresso Expert and Nespresso Expert & Milk?

As you probably have an idea, this machine comes in two variants; Nespresso Expert and Nespresso Expert & Milk.

Well, there are no differences in the specs, features, and functionality of the two variants. The only differences are the price and the availability of a milk frother.

Here is a detailed comparison table to better understand the two variants:

Nespresso Expert

Nespresso Expert & Milk


38.1 cm

38.1 cm


28.7 cm

28.7 cm


Nespresso Expert Breville

Nespresso Expert DeLonghi

Water Tank Capacity

37 oz

37 oz

Heat-up Time

25 seconds

25 seconds


4.4 kg

5 kg

Temperature Control



Bluetooth & App Connectivity



Cup Sizes



Milk Frother



Product Line



Should You Buy Nespresso Expert Espresso Maker?

Nespresso Expert is the best option for you if you require a large water tank, a variety of different cup sizes, and high-end features like the app and Bluetooth connectivity. The machine also provides convenient and quick cleaning and brewing to ensure comfort of their customers.

However, if you don’t require a large water reservoir and can compromise on the high-end features, you can look for other affordable options.

Nespresso Expert Alternatives

Though I love Nespresso Expert with all my heart, here are a few of its competitors and alternatives that I find good and functional:

Nespresso Creatista Plus – OriginalLine

A high-end Nespresso machine with a 60 oz water tank capacity and 3 seconds of quick heat-up time. It features a LCD display and 3 brew sizes to choose from; 0.5 oz ristretto, 1.35 oz espresso, and 5 oz lungo.

Nespresso Essenza Plus – OriginalLine

A Nespresso OriginalLine machine with a 34 oz water reservoir and wireless connectivity options. The machine heats up in 25 seconds and offers 4 brew sizes to choose from; 1.35 oz espresso, 3.70 oz lungo, 5.05 oz americano, and 6.75 oz americano XL.

Nespresso Vertuo Next – VertuoLine

A Nespresso VertuoLine machine with a 37 oz water tank, wireless connectivity, and a variety of cup sizes to choose from; 0.3 oz to 17 oz. This machine can brew different coffee drinks, that too with a delicious taste.

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