Nespresso Troubleshooting: A Solution Guide To All Of The Problems

Nespresso troubleshooting
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Nespresso coffee machines are magnificent appliances, providing high-quality coffee in a matter of seconds, but they can also develop problems.

The most common reason why Nespresso coffee machines stop working is that they need descaling or need to be reset back to factory settings.

Despite your best efforts, your Nespresso machine is likely to encounter some issues at some point. It can be frustrating without a clear understanding of the problem or how to fix it.

We’ll explain some common problems and solutions in this Nespresso troubleshooting article.

Common Issues with Nespresso and their Troubleshooting

Listed below are some of the most common issues faced by Nespresso users, and we have come up with easy possible solutions.

Nespresso Coffee is Not Hot Enough

In a Nespresso brewer, the brewing temperature ranges from 83-86° for Original and 78° ± 5° for Vertuo. It makes the perfect hot coffee without over brewing it.

Nespresso hot coffee

If your Nespresso coffee is not hot, there can be more than one reason behind it. Either you use a cold cup, or your espresso machine requires descaling.


You must preheat your recipe mug with hot water and brew coffee, so it doesn’t cool down quickly. Also, drink your coffee soon after brewing it; if you let it sit for several minutes, it will get cold.

If your coffee maker has not been descaled, it will affect the temperature of the brewed coffee. Descaling removes the calcium buildup and gunk from the machine, cleaning it thoroughly.

Nespresso is Making too little or too much coffee

Nespresso usually takes 20 to 25 minutes to brew a 40 ml espresso which is the standard extraction time. If your Nespresso brews more or less than this quantity, you must address some issues.

You also must notice that your coffee machine is not functioning normally if the extraction time is more than 40 seconds or less than 20 seconds.


To fix your coffee brewer making too little or too much coffee, reset it to factory settings.

You may have accidentally altered brew settings, so with reset, the machine will go back to its default settings.

The Coffee Machine doesn’t turn on

You are in the mood for a steaming cup of coffee, but your coffee maker refuses to switch on? Yes, that can happen, but the issue can be nothing worrisome.

Nespresso machine is not turning on

The problem might rely on the machine or the power source.


Check if the coffee machine is properly plugged into the power source. You can remove the plug and plug it back again. Press the button and see if it works; if it doesn’t, try it with a different socket.

You should check its power-saving mode if the brewer doesn’t switch on. The power saving mode turns off the machine to save energy while it is not being used.

Once your machine is turned off in power-saving mode, you must turn it back on until it heats up again.

Air Bubble in the Coffee Maker

Air bubbles in the tubing of your espresso machine can affect the brewing process. The machine will produce less pressure in the presence of air bubbles.

The Nespresso machine might have sucked in some air if you ever let the water reservoir run dry, which caused air bubbles in the machine. Or it could be because you opened the machine midway before it could complete the brewing process.


Your brewer requires purging to remove air bubbles. To purge your Nespresso, follow these steps:

Fill the water tank to its maximum capacity.

  1. Turn on the machine.
  2. Open the machine head.
  3. Press the lungo or espresso button. (the largest brew size on your machine)
  4. If no water or steam comes out of the pod holder, repeat step 3. Keep repeating till you see water coming out of it.
  5. Once the airlock problem is resolved, water comes out of the pod compartment.
  6. Close the lever and repeat the process a few times to completely get rid of air bubbles.

Coffee Maker is Not Piercing the Coffee Pod

In a Nespresso machine, the water pierces through the coffee pod to extract flavors from the coffee grounds. But is your Nespresso not perforating the coffee pod?

piercing the coffee pod

The piercing needles in the capsule holder are broken or tilted, so they dont pierce the pod correctly. Also, if you don’t place the pod correctly in the pod holder, the needles won’t pierce it.

One of the most common reasons behind the machine not perforating the capsule is your machine has residue and gunk dried up in its internal components.


Check if the entrance and exit needles in the pod holder are in proper working condition. If not, you can contact Nespresso customer service for repair or replacement.

If the needles seem fine, ensure you are using the correct pod type according to your Nespresso model and inserting it correctly in the pod compartment.

If all is working well with the coffee capsule and its holder, but the problem persists, your machine needs descaling. Descale the machine to clean off the calcium buildup and coffee residue so it works properly.

Water is Leaking from the Coffee Maker

Water leaking from the coffee makers damages the machine and leaves an extra mess to clean up.

The most popular reason behind Nespresso leaking can be the incorrect placement of the water tank. The water tank and the coffee machine must align so there is no leakage.


Remove the brewer’s water tank and put it back carefully so that the magnets on the water reservoir and the coffee machine align. It will ensure that the water flows throughout the machine smoothly without leaking.

Also, check your water tank for cracks and damages, so you can get it replaced immediately.

Nespresso Coffee Maker is not Heating

If the Nespresso machine is not heating up, it will not brew a cup properly. Sometimes it can be because you have not descaled the machine for a prolonged period. The dirt has affected the working of the heating chamber.

Another reason can be that the thermoblock is faulty. A thermoblock regulates the temperature of the machine’s water for brewing coffee. If it’s faulty, the heating system won’t work.


The solution to instantly make the Nespresso function properly is to descale it. Descaling it will remove the sediment from the heating chamber, making it function properly.

If the issue still needs to be resolved after descaling, the thermoblock is probably broken. You need to get it fixed or repaired. For that, contact Nespresso customer care.

The Coffee machine is not Exit Descaling Mode

Are you trying to take good care of your machine by descaling it by it refuses to exit descaling mode?

To exit descaling mode, you go through the same as you do to activate it. However, sometimes it gets stuck.


To exit descaling mode, try these steps:

  1. Press and hold the power button for around six seconds.
  2. The machine will start the descaling process again.
  3. It will automatically stop after descaling, then restart the machine.
  4. Your brewer is ready to brew!

Nespresso Coffee has a Bitter Taste

Nespresso coffee is all about authenticity and great taste, but some factors can ruin it, making it bitter and burnt.

In the brewing chamber, Nespresso accumulates old coffee residue and oils. As a result of these buildups, poor-tasting coffee may appear, as well as germs multiplying inside the chamber.


Pay attention to your coffee maker’s cleanliness and maintenance to ensure you get great-tasting coffee every time you brew a coffee pod.

Effectively clean the sediment buildup by running cleaning cycles on your machine and descaling it regularly.

Nespresso Coffee has Coffee Grounds

There is no way it is normal to find coffee grounds sitting at the bottom of your coffee cup. It ruins the coffee experience and indicates that your coffee machine is faulty.


Check the coffee pod before using it. Because if it has damaged or leaked foil lid already, it will result in coffee grounds in your coffee.

On the other hand, empty the capsule container. It might have reached its total capacity.

If there’s no issue with the pod or the capsule area, run a cleaning cycle. There might be leftover coffee grounds in the machine.

How to fix the blinking orange Nespresso coffee machine light?

The LEDs on a Nespresso coffee maker work as a mode of communication to inform you about an action being performed, an error, or a task completed.

To find a solution to flashing lights, you must notice their pattern. You can look for the appropriate solution according to the pattern of the flashing light.

Nespresso blinking orange

Let’s look at the standard error codes that could indicate a problem and their most straightforward possible solutions to resolve the orange flashing light on your Nespresso machine.

1. The orange light is on for 1.5 seconds and turns off for 0.5 seconds

It means the water tank needs more water. Refill the water tank, so there is enough water for brewing.

2. The light blinks two times per second

 It indicates that your Nespresso machine needs descaling.

The gunk and calcium buildup will affect the brewer’s performance and coffee quality, so it’s better to trust this flashing light and immediately descale your coffee maker.

3. The orange light blinks twice, then takes a long pause

There is an error in your Nespresso.

To fix an underlying error in the machine, unplug it and let it sit for at least 30 minutes. If it still doesn’t fix the flashing light, contact the Nespresso helpline.

4. Steady light, but the machine is working

The machine head needs to be correctly closed.

Open the lever and see if something is blocking it from closing correctly. Remove the obstacle and adequately close the head in the correct position.

5. The flashing light is fading out

The machine is overheating. If you use your coffee machine extensively and brew several cups within short intervals, the machine heats up.

To cool down the brewer, unplug it and open the lever. Let it sit idle for about 30 minutes to an hour. It will cool down, and the light will stop flashing.

6. The orange light blinks and then turns white for 3 seconds

It indicates that your Nespresso is dirty; it requires cleaning.

Descale your machine using a descaling agent and run several cleansing cycles to clean the internal parts of your brewer thoroughly.

How to reset the Nespresso Machine to factory settings?

Resetting your Nespresso machine to factory settings can resolve several errors or revive default settings in case you don’t like the new ones.

To reset the Nespresso machine:

  1. Turn off the machine.
  2. Press the lungo button and hold it for five seconds.
  3. When the LEDs start blinking fast, the reset has been successful.
  4. Turn on the machine to brew!
Not all Nespresso machines can reset by following the same steps mentioned above; refer to the user manual of your Nespresso model.

How to descale Nespresso Machine?

To descale your Nespresso machine:

  1. Open and close the machine head to eject the used capsule from the machine.
  2. Pour one sachet of descaling solution into 0.5-liter water into the machine’s water reservoir.
  3. Put the machine into descaling mode. Follow the user manual of your Nespresso model to know how to do it.
  4. During the descaling process, the descaling solution will flow through the machine to clean out all the residue and debris.
  5. The machine will automatically stop once it runs out of water.
  6. Then add fresh water to the tank and run a complete brew cycle.
  7. Repeat the process till the descaling solution is rinsed off.
  8. Exit the descaling mode the same way you activated it.
  9. Let the machine sit for 30 minutes before using it to brew coffee.


Why is my Nespresso Vertuo next not hot?

The machine’s pressure may decrease after some time of use, and this could affect the temperature. Run a few brewing cycles without a pod so the machine will heat adequately when the pressure is rebuilt. Also, your machine might be dirty and requires cleaning, so descale it if it has been a long time since you last.

Why is the water not coming out of my coffee machine?

There’s no water dispensing from the machine because of the buildup and dirt drying up. If the brewer is not regularly cleaned, it affects the machine’s ability to pump water. 

What is the heat-up time for the Vertuo system?

It takes 15 to 20 seconds for the Vertuoline machines to heat up. Once they heat, the flashing lights become steady to confirm that the espresso machine is ready to brew.

How long does a Vertuo machine last?

A Vertuo machine could easily last you for 5 to 10 years on condition that you maintain it well according to the guidelines provided by the brand.

How often should I clean my Vertuo machine?

For your Vertuo machine to have a long life and work efficiently, you must descale it every 3 to 6 months or after using 600 coffee capsules.

Why is my Nespresso machine not making a full cup?

If not purposely, you have changed your machine’s settings automatically. You can fix the issue by resetting the machine to its default settings. Usually, this happens if you press the start button and then stop it before the pre-programmed coffee extraction is complete.

Are Nespresso machines repairable?

Yes! You can get your Nespresso machines repaired easily. We recommend getting it done through the official Nespresso repairing services. The brand repairs coffee machines for free if your warranty is still valid. If the problem is not fixable, they will replace the espresso machine with a new one.

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