Nespresso Vertuo Next Review: Is It Worth Buying?

Nespresso vertuo next review
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This is a review of a slim and trendy coffee machine from the Nespresso Vertuo series – the Nespresso Vertuo Next!

I am a coffee enthusiast, and experimenting with Nespresso machines is my current obsession. After seeing many reviews online, I decided to lay my hands on the latest Vertuo Next machine to see if the hype is real! I spent 30 days with this Nespresso machine, closely judging its features, functionality, and coffee quality to curate an honest review for my readers.

So, is the Nespresso Vertuo Next the right option to spend money on? Keep Reading to know!

Features of Nespresso Vertuo Next

  • Product Line: VertuoLine
  • Brewing Mechanism: Centrifusion Technology
  • Water Tank: 37 oz
  • Brew Sizes: 5 – Espresso (1.35 oz), Double Espresso (2.7 oz), Gran Lungo (5.07 oz), Mug (7.8 oz), Alto (14 oz).
  • Heat-up Time: 20 Seconds
  • Auto Shut-off: 2 Minutes
  • Spent Capsules: 10
  • Removable Drip Tray: Yes
  • Self Cleaning and Descaling: Yes
  • Warranty: 1 Year

Nespresso Vertuo Next Overview

The Nespresso Vertuo Next is a slim, modern, and stylish-looking machine from the VertuoLine series. Honestly, I was in awe after looking at it the first time! The coffee maker’s silver and black color tones made it more aesthetic and classy.

The main selling point of Vertuo Next is its large 37 oz water reservoir, which is hard to see in mid-range models. Also, the machine is a little bit heavier, weighing 8.8 lbs, but still very slim to conveniently fit into your counter space.

In addition, Vertuo Next pod coffee machine offers five brew sizes to satisfy every coffee lover’s needs; Espresso (1.35 oz), Double Espresso (2.7 oz), Gran Lungo (5.07 oz), Mug (7.8 oz), Alto (14 oz). Apart from this, you will get some innovative features like an app and Bluetooth connectivity, auto shut-off, and quick heat-up and brew time.

Keep in mind that Vertuo Next doesn’t come with any milk accessories for your cappuccinos and lattes, but you can always purchase an Aeroccino milk frother separately. Most importantly, it produces excellent and smooth coffee with the perfect crema.

All in all, my experience with the Vertuo Next coffee machine was super pleasant. It is easy to use, has a variety of cup sizes, and offers excellent value for money!



👍 One-touch operation

👎 No milk frother included

👍 Good quality coffee and crema

👎 Not compatible with third-party coffee pods

👍 Variety of brew sizes

👍 Large water reservoir

👍 Aesthetic and stylish design

👍 Bluetooth and Wifi connectivity

👍 Solid and durable construction

What is the Difference Between Nespresso OriginalLine and VertuoLine?

I think we all know that Nespresso has two main lines and categories for their coffee machines; OriginalLine and VertuoLine. Both types of machines have different brewing mechanisms; hence they use different coffee capsules too. Here is a brief detail to understand the differences between the two lines:

Nespresso OriginalLine vs vertuoline

OriginalLine machines

Use the traditional 19-bar pump and pressure brewing mechanism to extract coffee from pods. These machines are known to brew the most authentic and hot espresso with the signature Nespresso crema on top.

VertuoLine machines

Use a new technology to brew coffee, known as Centrifusion. The machines rapidly spin the capsules to extract coffee shots from them. Also, VertuoLine machine offers more brew sizes than OriginalLine ones. However, the coffee brewed will be less hot and under-extracted compared to OriginalLine machines.

What Should You Consider Before Buying Nespresso Vertuo Next?

Now that you have gone through the brief Vertuo Next review, it’s time to dig deep into some technical details. There are a lot of features and factors you need to consider in detail before finally the coffee machine. These considerations allow you to ensure that the product is the right pick for you and you are not wasting money.

So, are you curious to learn more about the Vertuo Next capsule coffee machine? No worries; we have done the hard work for you. Let’s get started!

1. Design & Color

The Nespresso Vertuo Next has a slim, sleek design with a high-quality plastic exterior. Trust me; the machine still looks very high-end, even with the plastic. Also, it is available in plenty of colors; White, Light Grey, Dark Grey, Cherry Red, Black Chrome, and Matte Black. I opted for the Dark Grey one as it matches my kitchen more.

Nespresso vertuo next size

Like every traditional espresso machine, Vertuo Next also features a metallic removable drip tray at the front, control buttons at the top, and a water reservoir at the back of the machine. Since the water reservoir is large, the machine is a little bit heavy too. But still, the footprint is small enough for tiny kitchens.

The thing I liked the most is that the drip tray offers four different positions for cup support. Moreover, despite being a mid-range model, Vertuo Next is very aesthetically pleasing and modern. The best part is that the machine was designed keeping users’ comfort and convenience in mind.

I give nine on 10 to Vertuo Next for the functional design!

2. Water Reservoir

As briefly mentioned above, Nespresso Vertuo Next is equipped with a large 37 oz water tank to save users from the hassle of constant refills. This capacity is ideal for a large household or people who consume large amounts of coffee daily.

One more thing I like is that the water tank is removable. It conveniently comes out in a flash for cleaning, rinsing, and refilling.

3. Usability

Again, I find Nespresso Vertuo Next an all-rounder in terms of convenient usability and performance. It contains all the features to give you the most comfortable brewing experience possible.

The main highlight is that the machine only features one control button. You can select your brew size and start the process with literally a one-touch control. The same button can also initiate the built-in cleaning and descaling programs. Yes, you heard that right!

Furthermore, the Nespresso machine is also equipped with an auto shut-off feature that allows the unit to turn after two minutes of inactivity automatically. This feature can help save energy and prevent mishaps. You will also get an LCD to monitor your brewing sessions clearly.

All in all, the Nespresso Vertuo Next was very easy to use. All I did was insert a coffee pod, press the button for selecting cup sizes and start the brewing session, and my delicious coffee was ready!

Now I understand that there are no ‘extra’ features, but keep in mind that it is a mid-range model. Considering this point, the machine still has a quick heat-up time, Bluetooth and App connectivity, and covers all the basic necessities.

4. Nespresso App and Bluetooth Connectivity

Did you know that Nespresso Vertuo Next is an innovative and tech-savvy machine? Well, now you know! The machine allows you to brew your coffee by clicking on your phone through the Nespresso application! Just connect the machine to your phone with Bluetooth, download the Nespresso application, and start brewing!

Also, you can even order new Nespresso capsules through the app. The machine also connects with Wifi for users to frequently update the software.

However, keep in mind that you will have to be near the machine to take full advantage of the Bluetooth feature. For example, I could brew coffee through the app by sitting in the room right next to the kitchen! The Bluetooth immediately disconnected if I went a little too far.

5. Brewing & Brew Sizes

As mentioned earlier, the Nespresso Vertuo Next offers five different cup sizes for every coffee lover’s desires; Espresso (1.35 oz), Double Espresso (2.7 oz), Gran Lungo (5.07 oz), Mug (7.8 oz), Alto (14 oz). However, it can also adjust an 18 oz carafe. Amazing, isn’t it? This is a variety you don’t get to see in most OriginalLine Nespresso machines.

Now coming to the brewing performance, Nespresso Vertuo Next does it brilliantly. Moreover, you can even customize your brew sizes. All you have to do is press the main control button until your preferred brew size appears on the screen, press start, and the coffee machine will brew your cup in one minute.

Above, Since Vertuo Next is a VertuoLine machine, it features bar-code scanning too. So you can expect the machine will excellently brew the type of cup you need.

6. Coffee Quality

Now coming to the question every coffee lover is dying to know: Does Nespresso Vertuo Next brews delicious coffee and espresso shots? Well, the answer is yes! The coffee was delicious, flavorful, rich in texture, and had a thick crema on top.

I even used the machine with Aeroccino milk frother to brew a latte, and trust me, the outcome was super delicious!

However, the quality of espresso was still not better than OriginalLine machines. The crema was airy, the consistency was not great, and obviously, the espresso was not hot. If you want a more authentic espresso, I would recommend opting for OriginalLine Nespresso machines. For regular coffee, Vertuo Next is OK!

7. Pods Compatibility

The Nespresso Vertuo Next is compatible with all Nespresso Vertuo Pods. However, keep in mind that you can not use OriginalLine capsules with Vertuo Next. Moreover, you won’t get the freedom to choose third-party compatible capsules either since they won’t work with Vertuo machines. This can be a problem for some because Nespresso pods are a bit more expensive than third-party ones, and there won’t be much flavor variety. So, keep this in mind before purchasing Nespresso Vertuo Next.

8. Cleaning and Maintenance

The cleaning and maintenance of Nespresso Vertuo Next were like a walk in the park; super quick and convenient! The good news is that Vertuo Next can clean itself with the built-in descaling cycle. Moreover, the machine will indicate orange and white lights when it’s time for descaling.

cleang and descaling Nespresso vertuo Next

All you have to do is fill the water tank with a descaling solution, press the control button three times in 2 seconds, and the descaling cycle will start. However, I would recommend purchasing Nespresso’s descaling solution only. Also, make sure to descale after every 2 months.

Apart from descaling, the machine will require a little bit of attention from your side too. Try to frequently rinse the capsule container, removable drip tray, and water tank.

9. Price

You will find Nespresso Vertuo Next within the range of $159 to $170. If you ask me, the price is very reasonable, and the machine offers great value for money. However, the Vertuo pods will be a bit expensive since the cost of one capsule is around $1.20. Still, the deal is much better than purchasing drinks from a coffee shop every day.

In my opinion, the Nespresso Vertuo Next is a steal deal!

Is Nespresso Vertuo Next for you?

I hope this Nespresso Vertuo Next Review gave you an idea of whether the machine is the right pick for you! Honestly, buying this machine depends on your preferences and requirements.

It has a sleek and modern design, an easy-to-use interface, functional features, a variety of cup sizes, and satisfactory coffee quality. The main benefit is the large 37 oz water tank that saves you from frequent refills. If you are looking for all these features at an affordable price, Nespresso Vertuo Next is the perfect pick for you! I didn’t find anything seriously wrong with the machine.

However, if you want an authentic espresso and don’t require a large water tank and plenty of brew sizes, you can opt for OriginalLine models.

Alternatives of Nespresso Vertuo Next

In case you don’t find Nespresso Vertuo Next the right pick for you, here are a few of its alternatives:

Nespresso Vertuo

Nespresso Vertuo is the first model of the VertuoLine series with a large 54 oz water tank and four brew sizes. The machine is cute, compact, and equipped with all the basic features one might need.

Nespresso Pixie

Nespresso Pixie is a sleek and slim Nespresso OriginalLine machine with a 24 oz water tank and 2 brew sizes; 1.35 oz espresso and 3.70 oz lungo. It is equipped with an auto shut-off feature and a quick heat-up and brew time.

Nespresso Vertuo Plus Deluxe

This VertuoLine machine has an extra-large 60 oz water tank and an aesthetically pleasing design. Even with the water reservoir, the machine is compact and offers three brew sizes to choose from.


What is the difference between Nespresso Vertuo Next and Vertuo Plus?

The main difference between the two machines is the water reservoir capacity; Vertuo Next has 37 oz, and Vertuo Plus has 40 oz. Moreover, the machine mechanism of Vertuo Plus is fully automatic. Moreover, Vertuo Next has Bluetooth and Wifi connectivity, while Vertuo Plus doesn’t.

Are Nespresso Vertuo and Vertuo Next the same machines?

No, Nespresso Vertuo and Vertuo Next are two different machines from the Nespresso VertuoLine series. They have different specs, features, and functionalities.

Can you use Starbucks pods in Nespresso Vertuo Next?

No, Nespresso Vertuo Next is not compatible with third-party pods from any brand. You can only use Nespresso pods with this machine.

Can Nespresso Vertuo Next make hot chocolate?

No Nespresso machine has the built-in option for making hot chocolate.

Can Nespresso Vertuo Next make lattes?

Yes, Nespresso Vertuo Next can make delicious lattes when paired with an Aeroccino milk frother.

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