Voltesso Nespresso Review 2023

voltesso Nespresso Review
  • Flavour & Aroma
  • Freshness
  • Balance & Acidity
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The Bottom Line

The Nespresso Voltesso Pods are a light blend of Brazilian and Colombian Arabica beans with delicious flavor and aroma. The well-balanced coffee and the nutty and biscuity notes of Voltesso Pods are truly unmatchable!

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Today, I will review one of Nespresso’s lightly blended and sweet coffee capsules – the Voltesso Nespresso!

Since I love experimenting with espresso machines and coffee pods, I decided to lay my hands on the Nespresso Voltesso capsules to curate an honest and detailed review for my readers. I brewed a dozen cups of coffee with these pods and am all ready to share my experience with you all!

So, are the Voltesso Nespresso capsule the right pick for you? Keep Reading to know!

Features of Voltesso Nespresso

  • Product Line: VertuoLine
  • Intensity: 4
  • Roast: Light
  • Brew Size: Espresso – 1.35 oz
  • Aromatic Notes: Winey and Biscuity
  • Coffee Type: Arabica

Nespresso Voltesso Overview

The Voltesso coffee capsules are a light roast blend from Nespresso’s VertuoLine pods. The capsules have an intensity of 4, which means they are definitely very light, gentle, and balanced.

Voltesso is a blend of Brazilian and Colombian Arabica beans roasted to perfection, which is true! I honestly loved the taste of coffee, and there was very little acidity and bitterness. Moreover, the coffee had a very pleasant aroma with sweet and biscuity notes.

voltesso pod package

As for the taste, it was remarkable. I brewed almost a dozen cups of coffee, and the biscuity and nutty flavor was a treat to my taste buds every time! I even tried the Voltesso capsules for milky beverages like lattes and cappuccinos, and the taste was even more heavenly.

If you are someone who likes hints of cream and sweetness in their coffee, the Nespresso Voltesso capsules are your dream come true!

All in all, I found Voltesso very well-balanced, incredible in taste, and, most importantly, it offers great value for money. However, keep one thing in mind; the Voltesso capsules are only suitable for light roast lovers!



👍 The pods are eco-friendly and recyclable

👎It might be too light for dark roast lovers

👍 Brews delicious coffee

👍 Super light and balanced

Things to Consider Before Buying Voltesso Nespresso

There are a lot of factors and features to consider when it comes to buying coffee pods, and the same is the case with Voltesso Nespresso capsules. From aroma to texture to taste, there are tons of things you need to focus on and see if the pods are the right pick for you or not.

Nespresso voltesso packaging

As always, I have done the hard work for you! I am compiling a list of all the essential considerations you need to ponder upon before opting for the Voltesso Nespresso coffee capsules. Read on!


As briefly mentioned above, the Voltesso capsules are a perfect blend of lightly roasted Brazilian and Colombian Arabica beans.

The Brazilian beans are responsible for the biscuity notes, and the Columbian beans balance the amount of acidity in the coffee. Moreover, arabica beans overall give a smooth and sweet taste, no matter what coffee it is.

vertuo voltesso

However, if you prefer Robusta beans over Arabica, you might want to ditch the Voltesso Capsules. Robusta beans are strong, harsh, and very bitter – completely opposite from Arabica.


Intensity levels for all Nespresso pods lie on a number scale that starts from 1 and ends at 13. The intensity level determines how bitter your coffee will be. The more intensity, the more.

bitterness. Having that said, the Voltesso Nespresso capsules have an intensity level of 4.

Moreover, since Arabica beans tend to be lighter than Robusta beans, the Voltesso was indeed very light, sweet, and balanced. However, if you prefer intense and dark coffee, I would recommend you opt for other options with a higher intensity level.


Since the Voltesso pods had very less intensity, I was expecting them to be less bitter too. Well, my expectations truly came true! The first sip of the coffee felt like nuts, cookies, and cream. There was some bitterness with the flavor notes, but nothing too overpowering. To my surprise, there was no bitterness in the after-taste too.


Acidity is one of the most important parts of an espresso. However, there are two types of acidity; bearable and mild, and harsh and lemon-like. Again, because of being a light roast, the Voltesso capsules had close to zero acidity.

Along with the biscuity notes, I tasted the mild and bearable acidity that added more brightness and dimension to the coffee. In short, there was no harshness, only a perfect balance!

Caffeine Content

Before we jump into the caffeine content of the Voltesso capsules, we should understand the amount of caffeine and intensity are two completely opposite things. If coffee has high caffeine content, that doesn’t mean it has high intensity and vice versa.

Having that said, one Voltesso Nespresso capsule contains almost 60 mg of caffeine. Honestly, I found the caffeine content very ideal. It is not too high, but enough for opening those sleepy eyes in the morning before work. After all, a balanced amount of caffeine daily is also good for your health.


The strength of a coffee depends on the caffeine content and roast level. The more dark and caffeinated the coffee is, the stronger the strength will be. With that being said, the Nespresso Voltesso is a blend of lightly roasted Arabica beans with less caffeine content. So, the strength of the coffee was very balanced, and the espresso shot was super smooth and delicious.


The thing I love about Nespresso pods is their aroma, and this is the exact reason why I keep experimenting. I am super happy to share that the Nespresso Voltesso capsules brewed coffee with a sweet and pleasant aroma. Honestly, the aroma was a boost of freshness for my mind and soul. It was a mixture of nutty, winey, and biscuity notes – all in one! Not to forget, the aroma stayed in my mind for several days, and I was yearning for it!


Until now, I think you probably know that I loved the taste and flavor of the Voltesso Nespresso capsule. Still, I would love to elaborate more. The first sip of the coffee was truly a delight. The combination of nutty and biscuity flavor notes was to die for.

Coffee making by Nespresso Machine

Moreover, the coffee was well-rounded, smooth, and very balanced. It was also topped with the classic, thick, and velvety Nespresso crema. However, keep in mind that the flavor of Voltesso Nespresso is only perfect for people who like their coffee as sweet and less intense. If you prefer more acidity and bitterness, I would recommend opting for other dark roast and high-intensity options.

Machine Compatibility

We all know that there are two main lines of Nespresso Machines; OriginalLine and VertuoLine. Both types have different brewing mechanisms and use different kinds of pods.

The OriginalLine machines use the classic pump and pressure method to brew coffee, and the VertuoLine machines rapidly spin the capsules to extract coffee. The brewing technology Vertuo machines use is known as Centrifusion.

The Voltesso Nespresso capsules are from the VertuoLine pods. So, they are only compatible with Nespresso VertuoLine machines like Nespresso Vertuo, Nespresso Certuo Next, Nespresso Evoluo, and Nespresso Vertuo Plus & Deluxe. If you have an OriginalLine machine, you will have to purchase OriginalLine-compatible pods.


If you want to protect your environment, I have some good news: the Voltesso Nespresso capsules are recyclable. All Nespresso pods are made of high-quality and recyclable aluminum material. The brand also has a pods recycling program – you can store all your used Nespresso capsules in a recycling bag and drop or ship them to Nespresso outlets.

The brand will later recycle those pods instead of letting them go to waste. All Nespresso capsules come with a free recycling bag with a capacity of 200 pods, and you can always purchase more from the brand’s website. However, make sure to keep the used pods in the refrigerator or freezer to prevent odor.


You can buy 50 Nespresso Pods for around $50 on Amazon. Well, you can surely find third-party compatible pods for less than this price, but the quality of Nespresso is unmatchable. If you ask me, the Voltesso Nespresso offers great value for money, considering the flavor and quality.

Should You Buy Voltesso Nespresso?

So, are the Voltesso Nespresso pods worth buying? Well, the answer to this question depends on your taste preferences and expectations.

If you want a very well-balanced, sweet, well-rounded, and light coffee, then the Nespresso Voltesso capsules will be the right pick for you! The pods have a pleasant aroma, the flavor notes are delicious, and the overall texture and quality are perfect.

However, you might want to look for other options if you prefer intense coffee with high caffeine content and more bitterness and acidity. Voltesso Nespresso is not a dark roast, so it is only suitable for light and mild roast lovers.

Other than this, I find nothing wrong with Voltesso Nespresso pods – they are perfect!

Alternatives of Voltesso Nespresso

If you think the Nespresso Voltesso capsules are not suitable for you, don’t worry. Here are a few alternative VertuoLine pods that you might like:

Nespresso Diavolitto – VertuoLine

The Nespresso Diavolitto capsules have an intensity level of 11 and contain 150 mg of caffeine. These pods are a dark roast with intense, spicy, and powerful flavor notes. Also, they are a blend of Brazilian Arabica and Central and South America Robusta coffee beans. In short, Diavolitto is a dream come true for intense and dark roast lovers.

Nespresso Altissio

The Nespresso Altissio pods have an intensity level of 9 and contain 50 to 60 mg of caffeine. The pods are a blend of dark-roasted South American and Costa Rican coffee beans. One Altissio pod can brew 1.35 oz of espresso, and the coffee has flavor notes of cocoa and cream. Not to forget, the coffee Altissio brews is full-bodied.

Nespresso Peru Organic

The Nespresso Peru Organic pods have fruity and sweet flavor notes with an intensity level of 6. They contain pure Arabica beans for Peru, and one pod can brew 1.35 oz of espresso. With a smooth and balanced texture and 60 mg of caffeine content, these pods are the ideal pick for medium roast lovers!

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