What Is Frappuccino Roast? [A Complete Guide On Starbucks Drink]

what is frappuccino roast
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Drinking a Frappuccino anytime or any day of the year is like indulging in dessert.

It is a Starbucks trademark and can only be legally sold by Starbucks or its authorized resellers.

It’s one of the most loved beverages at Starbucks, so the brand developed a special Frappuccino roast just for it.

Frap roast makes cold, gently whipped, and delicate drinks. This coffee drink has a crème or coffee base blended with ice and other ingredients like flavors, spices, sweeteners, syrups, and whipped cream.

Frappuccino drinks are made with ice, but the essence of this drink lies in its frappuccino syrup. It is typically rich, creamy, and smooth and tastes like dessert.

We’ll cover everything you need to know about this roast, what sets it apart from regular espresso, and how we prepare the frappuccino.

What is Frappuccino Roast?

Frappuccino Roast is a dark roast coffee ground mix that comes in powder form and is meant to dissolve in water to make Frappuccinos. It is formed with a mix of Italian and espresso roast containing a strong flavor.

frappuccino roast
Key Takeaways
  • Starbucks coffee frappuccino is a delicious, sweet, and soothing beverage for people who don’t like bitter coffee.
  • Frapp roast is a powdered combination of Italian and espresso roast soluble in cold water.
  • To buy Starbucks frappuccino roast, visit Starbucks stores or check online.
  • There are two drinks made with frap roast; espresso frappuccino and creme frappuccino.
  • You can prepare Starbucks coffee frappuccino syrup at home with a few ingredients.

Frappuccino Roast: The History

In 1993, Starbucks was already a thriving franchise, expanding both domestically and internationally, when it came up with the idea of the frappuccino drink.

As Starbucks Los Angeles store managers wanted to offer customers something similar to the blended coffee drinks they saw at small local coffee shops, they asked Starbucks headquarters for permission.

history of frappuccino roast
History of frappuccino roast

They altered the original coffee recipe by increasing the brewing time to 25 seconds. In addition, they used freshly brewed coffee instead of powdered and changed the liquid ratio to ice in the drink. To further enhance the texture of the drink, they added low-fat Milk.

Following the approval of the final product, frappuccino was introduced in California in 1994.

Starbucks Frappuccino’s first two flavors were coffee and mocha, which weren’t even topped with whipped Cream. They were made from double Italian roast coffee brewed at double strength.

What Is Starbucks Frappuccino Roast Composed Of?

Starbucks frappuccino roast coffee is prepared with a mixture of signature espresso and Italian roast. The product comes in a 2-ounce package. It is exclusively made for preparing delicious and cold frappuccinos.

It has an intense and bold taste. The bitterness of the frappuccino roast balances the overly sweetened beverages.

What Is Starbucks Frappuccino Roast Pump?

Starbucks offers frappuccino pumps that are added to customers’ drinks based on their preferences.

The roast pump is formulated by combining frappuccino roast with cold water. It is stored as bottled pumps; usually, 2 to 4 pumps are added to the drinks. The number of pumps depends on the taste preference and the size of the drink.

A frappuccino pump adds creaminess and subtle bitterness to minimize the extra sweetness.

Frappuccino Roast: Caffeine Content

Frappuccino roast makes a coffee drink containing some caffeine, but it is challenging to quote the exact amount.

A regular espresso shot consists of 75 mg of caffeine, so as two frappuccino pumps have less caffeine than that, we would assume it to be around 35 to 38 mg.

caffeine content of frappuccino roast

The caffeine content also depends on the type of drink you are consuming that contains the frappuccino roast.

The following table shows how much caffeine the frappuccino roast contains, depending on its comparison with an espresso shot.

1 Espresso Shot                                     =            Two pumps of Frappuccino Roast

1 Espresso shot                                      =                           75 mg caffeine

1 Pump of Frappuccino Roast                =                           37.5 mg caffeine. 

The Difference Between Frappuccino Roast And Espresso 

A Frappuccino and an espresso differ in several ways, from their texture to taste. Both drinks are very popular at Starbucks, but what differentiates one from another? Read on to know more.

Taste & Texture 

A Frappuccino Roast has an intense and bitter taste. It can make a delicious drink comprised of the perfect balanced taste. The bitterness is subsided by adding Milk, Cream, and sweetening syrups.

Espresso is a highly concentrated beverage with a smooth finish, a smoky aroma, and a bold taste. Although espresso has a well-balanced chocolatey and nutty flavor, it might be too bitter for some people.

Caffeine Content

Frappuccino roast consists of 65 mg of caffeine. An espresso frappuccino made with a frappuccino roast can have different caffeine content based on the ingredients.

A creme frappe contains around 0 to 15 mg of caffeine, while an espresso-based frappuccino contains 155 mg of caffeine. If you avoid caffeine, there is yet to be an option for a decaf frappuccino roast.

A single espresso shot contains 75 mg of caffeine. The caffeine content of an espresso-based drink depends on the espresso content in it. The caffeine content adds to the increase in espresso volume.

Preparation Method

A frap roast comes in powdered form and is formulated to be used with cold water. It is mixed in water and stored in bottles as frappuccino pumps.

On the other hand, espresso is prepared with hot water and coffee grounds.

Both drinks have different recipes, preparation methods, and ingredients.

How to Make a Frappuccino?

If you love Starbucks coffee frappuccino but feel like it’s a hassle to rush to the coffee shop every time you crave it, say no more. We have the best copycat recipe for you.

Frappuccino roast placed on kitchen shelf

If you want to make a decaf frappuccino, prepare the coffee base for your drink using decaf espresso.


  • A blender
  • A coffee maker (optional)
  • A Tall Recipe Glass


  • Espresso shots ( you can use coffee grounds or instant coffee to prepare)
  • Starbucks Frappuccino roast (2 oz pack)
  • xanthan gum
  • Water
  • Whole Milk ¾ cup
  • Ice Cubes
  • Sugar ¾ cup
  • Whipped Cream (optional)
  • Flavored syrup


  1. Prepare the coffee base of your drink by using ground coffee or black coffee. We are using a french press to make espresso shots using coffee grounds. If you don’t have one, mix instant coffee with 1 tbsp of water, and it will do.
  2. Add Starbucks frappuccino roast to triple the cold water to prepare frappuccino roast pumps. You can store it as bottled pumps to add to your drink as per your preference; usually, 2 to 4 are enough.
  3. Mix xanthan gum, water, and sugar to prepare the frappuccino base syrup.
  4. Add all ingredients into a blender; the prepared coffee, two frappuccino roast pumps, frappuccino base, ice cubes, and Milk.
  5. Blend the contents well for at least 10 seconds at maximum speed so they are well combined.
  6. Serve it in a tall glass and top it with whipped Cream, chocolate chips, or caramel syrup. You can use any condiments of your choice.
  7. Indulge in your homemade frappuccino!

Note: You can do without xanthan gum, but it keeps the drink from separating and gives it a satisfying consistency.

What are the Benefits of Frappuccino Roast?

With flavoring syrups, Milk, and Cream, frap roast makes drinks that are high in calories. It can also create discomfort for people with highly sensitive stomachs.

However, Frappuccino roast has some qualities we can’t ignore.

  • It can give you a caffeine kick without being too strong and bitter.
  • Frapp roast pairs well with flavorings and toppings to create delicious drinks. You can make caramel frappuccino or mocha frappuccino.
  • It pairs well with Milk.

Frappuccino Roast: Nutritional Facts

The following table shows the nutritional facts of a Frappuccino pump.

Nutrition Facts

Serving size

1 Pump



Total Fat

0 g

Saturated fat

0 g

Trans Fat

0 g


0 mg


0.4 g

Total Carbohydrates

5 g

Dietary fiber


Total sugars

0 g


0 g

Percentages are based on a diet of 2000 calories daily.

Frappuccino vs. Frappe: What is the difference?

Some people may assume that Frappuccino and Frappe are the same drinks due to their identical names, but that is not the case.

Let’s look at the key differences between the two:

The Origin

Both drinks differ based on their origins.

Frappuccino originated in Massachusetts and is a Starbucks trademark. Frappuccino was officially coined in 1995 in Boston, formed by combining the words frappe and cappuccino.

The frappe (or frappé) is an iced coffee drink that originated in Greece, thus making it one of the most popular drinks in Europe.

The Coffee

The difference is the coffee used in both drinks sets them apart. The overall taste of the drinks depends on the type of coffee used in their preparation.

In an espresso frappuccino, espresso or filter coffee is used as a base. Combined with the other ingredients, they have a strong and bitter taste that makes the drink well-balanced and flavorful.

On the other hand, frappe consists of instant coffee. Instant coffee is weaker and lacks intensity compared to espresso or filter coffee.

The Equipment

Both drinks have different recipes, so they require different equipment for preparation.

For making a Frappuccino, the basic equipment required is a blender. However, if you have a coffee maker at home, you can use it for espresso to add to your coffee frappuccino.

On the other hand, you will need a handheld mixer to follow a Frappe recipe. It is a convenient, cheap, and portable tool to enjoy a frappe anywhere.

The Syrup

Both syrups are topped with flavored syrups to enhance the taste of the drinks. You can add caramel, chocolate, or hazelnut syrup to your frappe to adjust it to your taste.

However, a frappuccino also contains a different kind of syrup that works as its base.

The frappuccino base syrup is prepared with water, sugar, and xanthan gum to bind the drink together. You will need base syrup to make your drink look and taste like a Starbucks frappuccino.

The Ice

As with all its other ingredients, a frappuccino is blended with ice. It gives the drink a slushy and creamy consistency.

On the other hand, a frappe consists of ice cubes. Due to no blending, the frappe has a more liquid consistency than a frappuccino.

The Bottom Line

After trademarking the Frappuccino, Starbucks continued to develop the perfect roast.

Frappuccinos are one of the most popular beverages among people who love sweet treats but only want the full strength of an espresso brew with some of its flavorings.

The frappuccino roast coffee powder dissolves in cold water instantly.

It complements its amazing texture with a mild, bitter taste, which blends well with the other ingredients in a Frappuccino.


Which Starbucks Frappuccino has the least caffeine?

The Starbucks creme frappuccino has the least caffeine. This drink has no coffee base and hence no caffeine content.

Is frappuccino roast vegan?

No! Frappuccino is not vegan because it comprises Milk and Cream. For vegan frappuccino, substitute milk with almond milk or soy milk.

What is the difference between frappé and frappuccino?

Frappe and frappuccino differ in origin, coffee base, preparation method, and taste. Frappe consists of instant coffee, and it is poured directly over ice cubes. On the other hand, frappuccino is prepared with espresso and blended with ice for a smooth texture.

Which is better, cappuccino or frappuccino?

A cappuccino is an Italian hot coffee. It is prepared with espresso and contains steamed Milk and milk foam. On the other hand, frappuccino is a blended coffee drink trademarked by Starbucks. It is served cold, has higher sugar and fat content, and not all frappuccinos contain coffee.

What is the most sugary drink at Starbucks?

Java chip frappuccino is the most sugary blended beverage at Starbucks. It is prepared with mocha sauce, instant coffee, frappuccino base syrup, Milk, and ice and contains around 60 grams of sugar.

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