What Is Gran Lungo? (Everything You Need To Know)

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You must know about Nespresso pods or capsules if you have a Nespresso. You can select a capsule based on your Nespresso machine’s caffeine content or intensity level, whether original line or Vertuoline.

In recent years, Nespresso Lungo and Gran Lungo coffee drinks have grown in popularity, but many people still don’t understand what they mean. Check out this article to learn what lungo means and some other related details about the latter.

What Does Gran Lungo Mean?

Lungo” means long in Italian, and “Gran lungo” means extra long. These are the two different coffee variations Nespresso offers. However, both lungo and gran lungo are somewhat similar to each other but are not precisely the same.

There are two types of Nespresso machines: the Original line, which serves “Lungo,” a size of about 3.7 ounces, and the Vertuo line, which serves gran lungo (5 ounces).

The 5-oz gran lungo coffee cup contains about 200 mg of caffeine because the coffee beans are steeped in water for extended periods. Therefore, the final coffee cup results in a more intense and vibrant drink than a lungo.

Gran lungo suits fans of both Espresso and traditional coffee, so it’s ideal for them. Like conventional coffee, you will find similar quality in this 150ml (5 ounces) Nespresso coffee, but it will be bigger in size.

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gran lungo in making

Gran Lungo vs. Lungo

Gran Lungo is a specialty drink made with Nespresso Vertuoline machines, while lungo can be made with Nespresso original line machines.

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Flavor profile

A gran lungo Nespresso pod is brewed with more water content and contains more caffeine than a traditional espresso (single or double shot). This results in a less pungent taste when compared to espresso, but the flavor is more bitter.

On the other hand, lungo is the same as a gran lungo but has a much lesser volume and intensity.

Serving size

If you want a cup of coffee between the size of an espresso and a 12 oz cup of coffee, you should choose a lungo or gran lungo Nespresso pod. The lungo capsule makes a drink that measures 3.7 ounces / 109 milliliters. That’s twice as big as an espresso pod.

With the Gran Lungo pod, you can make a 5 oz / 150 ml drink for the Vertuoline. The gran lungo is a larger beverage than a single regular espresso pod of 1.3 ounces or a double espresso pod of 2.7 ounces.

Caffeine content

Since the gran lungo pods are bigger in size than a traditional lungo capsule, the caffeine content in a gran lungo is higher than a Nespresso original lungo.

The caffeine content of a Gran Lungo pod ranges from 120 to 200 mg. In contrast, the original Nespresso lungo contains only 77-86 mg of caffeine in a single pod.

The table below will give you a quick understanding of the key differences between a lungo and a gran lungo.

Original Line Lungo Pods

Lungo PodSizeCaffeine ContentIntensity Out of 10Flavor Profile
TokyoLungo77 – 86 mg5 (Medium)Floral & complex
Vienna LinizioLungo77 – 86 mg5 (Medium)Smooth & round
Cape Town EnvivoLungo77 – 86 mg9.5 (Dark)Aromatic, Roasted, and Intense
StockholmLungo77 – 86 mg7.5 (Medium)Full-bodied & Rich
ShanghaiLungo77 – 86 mg4 (Light)Fine acidity and fruity taste
Buenos AiresLungo77 – 86 mg3.5 (Light)Cereal & Sweet

Vertuo Gran Lungo Pods

Vertuo PodSizeCaffeine ContentIntensityFlavor Profile
Fortado DecaffeinatoGran LungoLess than 12 mg8.5 (Dark)Full-bodied & intense
ArondioGran Lungo (extra long)120 – 200 mg5.5 (Medium)Lightly acidic and cereal-like
FortadoGran Lungo (extra long)120 – 200 mg8 (Medium)A blend of cocoa and oak
Costa RicaGran Lungo (extra long)120 – 200 mg7.5 (Medium)Sweet and malty
EthiopiaGran Lungo (extra long)120 – 200 mg5 (Light)Floral & Fruity
InizioGran Lungo (extra long)120 – 200 mg5 (Medium)Cereal & Floral
different types off espresso and nespresso

Is Gran Lungo Coffee or Espresso?

In its most basic sense, a gran lungo means an “extra long” shot. It is not exactly the same as espresso but similar to it, except that the gran lungo contains more water than a traditional espresso shot.

The high water content produces a more watery drink than a coffee or ristretto espresso, which is typically made with less hot water.

Hence, the coffee flavor of a gran lungo is more bitter than espresso and also not as strong and intense.

As far as size is concerned, it is comparable to a standard coffee cup.

So, Those who love both traditional coffee and espresso will love Gran Lungo.

cup of nespresso

What is the difference between espresso and Nespresso gran lungo?

A traditional espresso is brewed on Nespresso’s original line brewer, while a Nespresso gran lungo is made on Nespresso Vertuo, thus having a few minor differences. For example:

Flavor profile

As mentioned earlier, a lungo is larger in size than a regular espresso pod and brewed in more water. It has a less intense flavor than a regular espresso shot. However, gran lungo coffee tastes more bitter than an espresso drink due to a longer extraction time. 

Caffeine content

As well as being caffeine-rich, Gran Lungo pods are smoky and bitter, resulting in an enhanced brew. The caffeine content of a Gran Lungo pod is between 120 and 200 mg. Whereas a typical espresso has only 60 mg of caffeine.

Brewing time

The higher caffeine content in a gran lungo results from a prolonged extraction time (about 60 seconds), while the brewing process time of an espresso is only 15-30 seconds.


The texture of both drinks is one of the significant differences between gran lungo coffees and espressos. Coffee produced with Nespresso Vertuo (gran lungo) is more runny and concentrated (high caffeine), while espresso is more syrupy with a thick crema layer on top and a rich aroma.

cup of lungo

Vertuo Gran Lungo vs. Double Espresso Pods

It is the volume of the pod that makes the Nespresso gran lungo pod and a Vertuo double espresso pod different from each other. The Vertuo gran lungo pod brews about 5 ounces of coffee, while the double espresso pod makes 2.7 ounces.

The water content for brewing is also different for both drinks. As a result, the gran lungo’s concentration is much lesser than a double espresso shot since it uses less water.

You can make regular espresso shots with Gran Lungo or double espresso pods. However, you should only use double espresso capsules when making specialized espresso drinks.

You shouldn’t use Gran Lungo pods to make lattes, cappuccinos, or Americanos. Due to too much water in the drinks, and much-diluted espresso, the coffee beverages will taste bitter.

Gran Lungo vs. Coffee Vertuo Pods

One of the most incredible things about Nespresso machines is that you can enjoy a barista-style delicious cup of coffee at home with excellent flavor, consistency, and a thick crema layer.

Both Nespresso’s Original Line and Vertuoline use different types of coffee pods, producing a much larger drink size than a single or double espresso capsule.

To make what Americans typically think of as coffee, Vertuo pods contain just the right amount of grind size and amount of beans. But, compared to the regular coffee pod, gran lungo Vertuo pods will be more like a coffee drink with more water and a bitter flavor due to the prolonged extraction time of the coffee grounds.

lungo in making

How Do You Use Lungo or Gran Lungo Pods?

A variety of coffee pods are available from Nespresso, including lungo and gran lungo. Although both coffees are espresso-based, lungo has a more pungent, more intense taste, whereas gran lungo has a milder flavor.

Using the Nespresso Original machine, you can prepare a lungo drink by inserting a capsule and pressing “Large”.

Whereas a Vertuoline coffee maker can automatically detect gran lungo pods and brew them according to the specifications when you insert the capsule

A lungo coffee can be made either black without milk or with milk and creamer. Hot or iced, they can be enjoyed either way.

The Takeaway:

So, the bottom line is if you like both coffee and espresso, the gran lungo is a perfect drink for you.

The gran lungo’s size perfectly balances the small espresso drink and the larger coffee cup. You will absolutely love gran lungo if you enjoy drinking americanos or other black coffee-based drinks.


Is lungo stronger than coffee?

As more water is used to pull an espresso lungo than a regular espresso, it is more toned down in flavor. Though it is not as strong as an espresso, the lungo tastes more bitter than the latter.

Is lungo two shots of espresso?

In Italian, lungo means “long.” It consists of one shot of espresso (a “short black”) with twice the amount of hot water forced through the coffee grounds. Consequently, the serving is slightly larger-about, two ounces, about the same size as an espresso doppio-and it is also more caffeinated.

Do you add milk to lungo?

Though a lungo coffee is mainly enjoyed as a long black, you can also add milk or creamer to the coffee, per your taste preferences. You can either enjoy it as an iced sweet gran or a hot brew.

Can you make a latte with Gran Lungo?

Making lattes or cappuccinos with gran lungo is generally not recommended because of its high water content. The result will be a watery drink with a much-diluted espresso flavor.

Is a lungo shot the same as a ristretto?

Though both ristretto and lungo are espresso-based drinks that can be made in espresso machines, they are much different in taste. Due to the longer extraction time and more water content, a lungo tastes less intense and more bitter than a ristretto.

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