Dunkin’s Sunrise Batch Coffee: The Story You Need To Know!

milk mixing in coffee
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Coffee is like that buddy that we all leaned to when we need a boost-me-up vibe. But have you ever branched out something unexplored?

And that’s where Sunrise Batch Coffee pops in (the hip new kid on the coffee block with flavors that will blow your mind!)

It’s like a perfect balance of flavor without being too saccharine. But, hold up, what’s the scoop on this Sunrise Batch? Why is it buzzworthy?

Let me spill the beans.

This special blend is made from selected South and Central American beans that are roasted for a little longer than your average coffee cup. And, the name pays homage to those breathtaking New England sunrises.

The Birth of a Blend: The Origins of Sunrise Batch Coffee

Listen up, coffee enthusiasts!

Let’s take a trip down memory lane to the early ’90s when a group of coffee-loving pals decided to create their own unique blend of beans. They wanted a coffee that packed a flavorful punch and didn’t settle for anything less.

The result? 

The Sunrise Batch – a coffee that quickly became a household name for its smooth texture and rich taste. This magical brew hails from the Central & Latin American, Kenya, and Brazilian regions, where the beans are carefully selected and roasted to bring out their natural sweetness.

Since 1985, Sunrise Coffee, located in Port Townsend, WA, has been roasting fresh green coffee beans. Under the ownership of Sue Ohlson since 1997, the business continues to use the same equipment to roast its signature blends.

Fast forward to today, and this blend is still going strong and loved by coffee aficionados around the globe. Trust us, folks, you don’t want to miss out on a cup of this deliciousness!

a glass of Dunkin's sunrise coffee

What Makes Sunrise Batch Coffee Different?

Sunrise Batch Coffee is a standout among other roasts for several reasons. For starters, it’s roasted in small batches, guaranteeing a consistent and delicious flavor profile. Unlike other roasts, it doesn’t overdo it with bitterness or acidity, allowing its natural sweetness to shine through.

Plus, its higher caffeine content makes it a go-to for those needing an extra jolt. But what really sets Sunrise Batch apart is its aroma and smooth, rich taste, creating a unique coffee experience that’s hard to beat. 

So, if you’re looking for a bold yet balanced coffee experience, Sunrise Batch is the perfect brew for you!

The Art of Roasting: How Sunrise Batch Coffee is Made

Sunrise Batch Coffee is the most simple yet unique way to put a pep in your step. With its rich flavor and aroma, this brew is sure to become your buddy.

For this you just require:

  • 1 cup of Coffee beans (must have of high-quality and coarsely grounded)
  • 1-2 spoonful Sugar_ as per taste
  • 1 cup of boiling Water
  • -1/4 teaspoon of ground cinnamon
  • -1/4 teaspoon of ground nutmeg
  • -1/4 teaspoon of baking soda
  • 2-4 drops of vanilla extract 
  • A pot 

After assembling the above things follow up:

  • Add coffee beans, sugar, all the spices (cinnamon, baking soda, nutmeg, vanilla extract), and water to the pot
  • Stir the mixture until everything becomes one
  • Place the pot in the sunshine for 3-4 hours, allowing the coffee to brew slowly.
  • Remove the pot from the sun and allow it to cool for a few minutes.
  • Pour your freshly-brewed Sunrise Batch coffee into your mug and relish!

Fun tidbit: Did you know that the secret to Sunrise Batch coffee’s smooth and delicious taste is its unique brewing process? It’s like a magic spell that brings out the natural sweetness of the coffee beans!

Beyond Your Cup: Sunrise Batch Coffee Recipes

If you’re seeking a distinctive approach to begin your day, consider indulging in a batch of coffee. These delightful creations not only provide a burst of flavor but also present an excellent chance to explore various blends and brewing techniques.

Here, I present a collection of recipes for delightful sunrise batch coffees:

Maple Sunrise Batch

Indulge in a lavish and indulgent experience with this recipe that infuses your coffee grounds with the sweetness of maple syrup and the richness of whipped cream. 

Irish Cream Sunrise Batch

Elevate your coffee experience with a touch of extravagance using this indulgent recipe that infuses Irish cream into your coffee grounds. The outcome is a scrumptious and silky cup of coffee, perfectly suited for those crisp and chilly mornings.

Blue Dream Sunrise Batch 

Awaken your senses with the delightful Blue Dream Sunrise Coffee. This blend combines the smooth and gentle flavors of Colombian and Guatemalan beans, complemented by delightful toppings of strawberries, blueberries, and crushed coconut. It’s an ideal choice to kickstart your day, whether you’re enjoying a refreshing morning shower or embarking on an invigorating early morning hike.

Pumpkin Spice Sunrise Batch Coffee

Crafted with a harmonious combination of Indian and Colombian beans, it tantalizes your taste buds with the warm and inviting flavors of pumpkin, star anise, and nutmeg. Savor the aromatic spices as they infuse into every sip, making this coffee an ideal companion for cozy autumn moments

Caramel Sunrise Batch Coffee

Indulge in this luxurious and indulgent recipe that incorporates caramel into your coffee grounds. The outcome is a delectable cup of coffee that is both sweet and creamy, making it an ideal choice for those chilly mornings.

caramel craze coffee by dunkin

Hazelnut Sunrise Batch Coffee

You have the flexibility to create this adaptable recipe using either hazelnut extract or hazelnut coffee. The outcome is a luscious and nutty cup of coffee that can be enjoyed at any time of the day.

Butter Pecan Iced Sunrise Batch Coffee

To bring out the flavors of this recipe, it relies on the usage of LorAnn Butter Pecan Flavor Fountain syrup. When preparing the coffee, you can brew it extra strong by increasing the amount of coffee used by half, taking into account the dilution that occurs when pouring it over ice. For an added touch of richness, condensed milk can be incorporated. 

For the whole recipe click here

Ginger Sunrise Batch Coffee

The Ginger Sunrise Coffee presents a delightful fusion of Kenyan and Indonesian coffee beans, resulting in a truly invigorating blend. With its refreshing qualities, it becomes the ideal choice for a warm summer morning. Additionally, this coffee carries a subtle hint of ginger, adding a touch of aromatic spice to enhance the overall flavor experience.

hot ginger coffee

Espresso Sunrise Batch Coffee

The Espresso Sunrise Batch is a meticulously crafted medium roast that strikes a perfect balance. It combines carefully selected beans from Kenya and various regions in Latin America, resulting in a smooth and full-bodied flavor profile. With delightful notes of cocoa and toasted nuts, each sip is a harmonious blend of flavors that will please your palate.

Cake Batter Swirl:

Prepare yourself for a luxurious and indulgent taste experience as you savor the delicate fusion of cake batter and Arabica bean-infused coffee.

Mocha Swirl:

Indulge your cravings for something sweet with this divine fusion of rich chocolatey mocha flavors and the boldness of Arabica coffee, all combined into a single extraordinary beverage.

mocha iced by Dunkin

From Bean to Brew: The Journey of Sunrise Batch Coffee

Whether you savor the pure essence of black coffee or delight in the symphony of flavors with milk and sugar, unlocking the true potential of your Sunrise Batch coffee is an art worth mastering.

Sunrise Batch Coffee Recipe for Drip Coffee Makers

Get your coffee game on for drip brewing by determining the perfect coffee-to-water ratio usually 1:16. Math can be your secret ingredient!

Remember, weigh your coffee beans and embrace the precision of a coffee bean scale.

Keep the grind size medium (like the beat of your favorite song), pre-ground coffee works, but grinding your beans fresh is the ultimate taste adventure. Add those beans to the filter basket (like a barista) to hold any oils or bitterness. Don’t forget to check if the water reservoir is fully loaded for the coffee marathon ahead.

Select your desired cup count, brew strength, and temperature, and maybe even go wild with a little pre-infusion action.

Your coffee, your rules!

Press that magical start button and let the machine work its drip-drip-drip magic. Relish your sunrise batch coffee via the one and only drip coffee maker.

P.S. Don’t confuse drip coffee with the cool Kyoto-style slow-drip coffee. Cold brew lovers, this one’s not for you. Kyoto style takes its own sweet time, up to 24 hours of slow extraction.

Sunrise Batch Coffee Recipe for French Press

Grind ⅓ cup of coffee beans coarsely to ensure a smooth and flavorful brew in your French press. Then Mix the coffee and water and combine the freshly ground coffee with 1 ½ cups of water in the French press, and stir gently to make sure everything is well-blended.

Don’t forget the lid! Cover the French press with its lid and make sure the plunger is in the up position. Give coffee some time to steep overnight in the fridge, allowing the grounds to infuse the water with their deliciousness.

Time to plunge. In the morning, push down the plunger to separate the coffee from the grounds and enjoy your perfectly brewed and intensely flavored sunrise batch coffee.

sunrise espresso making with french press

The Health Benefits of Sunrise Batch Coffee: What Science Says

Start your day with a cup of Sunrise Batch coffee and unlock a world of benefits that’ll make your mornings shine brighter than the sun. Experience the magic of improved mental clarity, skyrocketing energy levels, and a performance boost that’ll have you conquering the day like a true champion.

But that’s not all! This remarkable brew also comes armed with the power to shield you against unwanted guests like diabetes, cancer, and even the notorious Alzheimer’s disease.

A Gentler Choice for Your Stomach

With its low acidity, Sunrise Batch Coffee is a milder option compared to other types of coffee, providing a more stomach-friendly drinking experience.

A Health-Boosting Antioxidant Oasis

Packed with potent antioxidants, Sunrise Batch Coffee emerges as an excellent option for enhancing health, shielding cells from harm, and potentially warding off various diseases.

Defend Against Alzheimer’s

Sunrise Batch Coffee’s potential in mitigating Alzheimer’s disease lies in its ability to combat brain inflammation, safeguarding against the cognitive impairments, memory loss, and behavioral challenges associated with this serious condition.

A Shield Against Cancer and Beyond

Sunrise Batch Coffee offers a promising defense against cancer by combating inflammation and aiding in DNA repair. Moreover, its protective qualities extend beyond cancer, as this coffee variety may also provide benefits in preventing other diseases like diabetes and heart disease.

Achieve Weight Loss Goals 

If you’re aiming to shed some pounds, consider incorporating Sunrise Batch Coffee into your routine. This low-calorie beverage not only provides a sense of fullness and satisfaction but also serves as a valuable source of fiber. By incorporating Sunrise Batch Coffee into your diet, you may reduce the risk of obesity while working towards your weight loss goals.

Natural Boost for Improved Physical Performance

 If you’re seeking to elevate your physical performance, look no further than Sunrise Batch Coffee. Packed with caffeine, this invigorating beverage has been recognized for its ability to enhance physical capabilities. Moreover, the antioxidants present in Sunrise Batch Coffee contribute to reduced inflammation and faster recovery time, allowing you to maximize your potential during workouts or physical activities.

A Brew for Brain Health and Cognitive Enhancement

Discover the remarkable brain-boosting properties of Sunrise Batch Coffee. The caffeine content in this coffee variety can enhance mental clarity and heighten alertness, offering a natural boost to your cognitive capabilities. Furthermore, the antioxidants present in Sunrise Batch Coffee play a vital role in safeguarding your brain from potential damage while promoting improved cognitive function.

Quality Control: How Dunkin’ Donuts Ensures Consistent Taste and Flavor? 

Dunkin’ Donuts’ coffee is crafted using 100 percent Arabica coffee beans which are widely regarded as a superior grade within the industry. When you’re thinking of Dunkin’s consistent taste it is because of their coffee’s standards and how it’s meticulously milled and processed.

Throughout the year, they carefully select coffee from various regions including Brazil, Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, and Peru to ensure exceptional quality and flavor.

After a careful selection of coffee beans, Dunkin’ leaves nothing to chance when it comes to the brewing coffee. They meticulously orchestrated every aspect of their coffee, from the precise temperature and water quantity employed to the consistent and timely grinding of the beans, as well as the duration of the brewing process.

Dunkin’s Sunrise Batch Cold Brew offers a distinctive and unparalleled cold brew experience that sets it apart from the regular cold brew offerings at the chain. Diverging from the typical brewing process that takes only a few hours, the Sunrise Batch Cold Brew undergoes an overnight steeping of 12 hours. This extended duration enables the coffee to fully unveil its intricate flavor profile and aromatic qualities, resulting in a remarkably enhanced richness and unparalleled smoothness compared to the original blend.

dunkin's coffee

What does it taste like?

The Dunkin’ Donuts Sunrise Batch coffee, with its medium roast, offers a delightful hint of cocoa, accompanied by a smooth and bright taste. It presents subtle undertones of tangy sweetness and a delicate touch of toasted nuts. Complementing this delectable cup of coffee, be sure to indulge in either a serving of Avocado Toast or a batch of Stuffed Bagel Minis.

Final Thought

Did you know before reading out this piece what is Sunrise Batch Coffee? Have you ever tried Dunkin’s Sunrise Batch coffee? If not, you’re missing out on a perfectly balanced blend of flavors, whether you prefer it hot or cold.

The best part is that it’s not too acidic, making it an ideal option for those who are sensitive to acidic brews. However, it’s only available during the summer months, and once autumn arrives, the Sunrise Batch season comes to an end. In conclusion, Sunrise Batch coffee is a delicious and well-rounded blend that Dunkin offers seasonally.


What is the price of a cup of Dunkin’ Donuts Sunrise Batch Coffee?

Sunrise Batch coffee, a limited-edition summer blend, is sold worldwide for approximately $2 per cup, with prices varying by location. Don’t miss out on trying it before the arrival of fall so you can enjoy it throughout the summer season. Look for Sunrise Batch coffee, both in hot and cold brew options, on Dunkin’s special summer menu alongside other seasonal items.

What is the calorie count for Dunkin’ Donuts Sunrise Batch Coffee?

Dunkin’s Sunrise Batch coffee ranges from 150 calories in a small cup to 210 calories in a large cup. They also offer customizable Nitro Cold Brew beverages in various flavors, which have less caffeine than the regular cold brew. A small nitro cold brew is approximately 50 calories, while the large size is around 150 calories.

What is the recommended daily intake of Dunkin’ Donuts Sunrise Batch Coffee?

The National Coffee Association advises limiting coffee consumption to a maximum of two cups per day. Excessive coffee intake can have negative health effects, as caffeine is a stimulant that may raise the risk of heart disease, stroke, insomnia, and anxiety. It’s important to monitor your coffee intake and not exceed two cups daily if you’re a coffee lover.

At what time is it ideal to enjoy Sunrise Batch Coffee?

Feel free to enjoy Sunrise Batch Coffee at any time that suits you. However, it is recommended to have it in the morning or prior to engaging in physical activity. This is because caffeine can enhance both physical performance and mental alertness.

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