Why is My Nespresso Blinking Orange Light?

Nespresso Blinking Orange
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A Nespresso machine  is wonderful for making a quick cup of steaming coffee. The brewing process is easy and simple, and coffee lovers can’t seem to get enough of it.

But if your Nespresso suddenly starts flashing orange light and doesn’t make coffee like it usually does?

There is a light-based alert system built into Nespresso machines. A blinking or flashing orange light is a warning sign that your coffee machine is facing some underlying issues that need immediate attention.

The blinking orange light follows a pattern to highlight an issue with the machine. It blinks differently according to the problem it needs to communicate to you.

The quickest solution to fix Nespresso blinking orange light is to descale your machine. There is a high chance that your brewer is dirty and requires proper cleaning.

Also, ensure that the water reservoir has adequate water for brewing. Or a factory reset of the Nespresso machine can fix the blinking orange light.

This guide will help you help decipher the blinking orange light and troubleshoot your Nespresso coffee machine.

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What are the Reasons Behind Nespresso Blinking Orange Light?

There can be various reasons behind a Nespresso blinking orange light, and once you figure it out, fixing it won’t take long. You can easily detect the specific issue by the pattern of the blinking orange light.

The following can be the reasons for Nespresso blinking orange light:

1. Nespresso is clogged with debris and limescale

When the coffee machine has not been descaled in a long time, the gunk and dirt accumulating inside will cause blockage, so the error lights turn on.

2. The Nespresso machine is overheating

If you are brewing cup after cup within a short time frame, the blinking light suggests that the coffee maker is overheating.

3. The water reservoir needs more water

If the coffee machine doesn’t have adequate water for brewing coffee, it will let you know through a blinking light.

Nespresso Water Reservoir
Nespresso Water Reservoir

4. Empty the Capsule Container

When there is no more capacity for the capsule container to store a used capsule, you will see Nespresso blinking orange light. You will have to empty it.

Blinking Orange Light in Nespresso Vertuo, Vertuo Next, Vertuo Pop, and Evoluo: What does it Mean?

Now that you know that, you can easily detect the problem with your Nespresso by analyzing the pattern of the blinking orange light. We will discuss the error codes for some Nespresso models to make it even easier.

Nespresso machine blinking

Let’s look at what it indicates in different Nespresso models: Vertuo, Vertuo Next, Vertuo Pop, and Nespresso Evoluo.

Orange Light Blinking Pattern

What does it mean?

What to do?

The light flashes twice within a second, then pauses for a long time

It can mean either of three things:

  • Before declaring, you didn't eject the coffee pod.

  • The coffee pod needs to be placed correctly in the holder.

  • The pod you inserted is leaked or damaged.

Take action according to the issue:

  • Remove the pod before descaling.

  • Replace the damaged pod with a new one.

  • Eject the coffee pod and put it back correctly.

It blinks thrice per second

Something is blocking and slowing down the water flow.

Your Nespresso machine requires descaling.

Within ten seconds, the light blinks five times

Your coffee machine requires a factory reset.

Reset your coffee maker to factory settings.

The Orange light blinks and turns white after three seconds

Something is causing the water flow within the machine to block completely.

Your Nespresso is in dire need of descaling.

The light blinks twice per second

The coffee machine is clogged with debris and buildup.

Run cleaning cycles and repeat the process a few times.

The error light constantly turns on and off

The machine is overheating because it has been brewing coffee without breaks.

To cool down the machine, switch it off and let it sit for at least 30 minutes.

The orange light blinks for 1.5 seconds, then turns off for 0.5 seconds

The water reservoir needs more water to brew coffee.

Refill the water reservoir with enough water, then press the brew button.

How to resolve the orange light blinking thrice?

When the orange light blinks thrice, it signals you to descale your machine. The descaling process removes the buildup and calcium deposits from the machine’s internal parts, making the water flow smoothly.

To descale your Nespresso, follow these steps:

  1. Remove the detachable parts, the water reservoir, and the drip tray. Clean them separately.
  2. Eject any used capsules, also empty the capsule container.
  3. Put the removable parts back.
  4. Add water and a descaling solution to the water tank. (follow the instructions given on the descaling agents bottle)
  5. Close the coffee machine, lock it, and wait till it heats up. Once the lights stop flashing, the machine heats up.
  6. Shift the lever of the machine head in the unlocked position and press and hold the button for up to 7 seconds. It will start blinking once the descaling mode is activated.
  7. To lock, turn the lever left. Next, turn it to the right to unlock it. Press and hold the button for 7 seconds while the lever is unlocked.
  8. Put a large container under the spout to collect water.
  9. Lock the machine by turning the lever to the left and pressing the button, and the descaling process will start.
  10. The machine will automatically stop when the descaling is done.
  11. Discard the content of the cup.
  12. Fill the water tank with fresh water and press the brew button to run a cleaning cycle.
  13. Once the cleansing cycle is complete, the light will stop flashing.
  14. Let the machine sit for 10 minutes then it’s ready to use.

How to fix orange light that blinks twice?

Nespresso Vertuo blinking the orange light twice indicates that cleaning is required immediately. So, to clean your Nespresso follow these steps:

  1. Open the machine head to eject the used coffee capsule.
  2. After removing the pod, gently clean the pod holder with a non-abrasive damp cloth.
  3. Detach the water reservoir. Rinse it under running water and refill it.
  4. Empty the capsule container and rinse it with water. Next, put it back.
  5. Remove the drip tray and clean it properly.
  6. Put a large container, almost with a capacity of 14 ounces, under the spout.
  7. Close the machine head and turn it to the left in the locked position.
  8. The cleaning cycle will initiate after two minutes of pushing the 3 buttons within 2 seconds. It will take around 5 minutes to complete the cleaning cycle.
  9. Discard the water pumped out during the cleaning process.
  10. Your machine is now clean!

What to do when the Orange Lights Blinks 5 Times within 10 Seconds?

When you notice the orange light blinking 5 times in 10 seconds, it means the brewer needs a reset.

A reset revives the coffee machine back to factory settings. A reset activates the machine’s default setting, which fixes the extraction errors or the underlying issue you fail to detect.

To reset your Nespresso:

  1. Open the machine head and eject the used coffee pod.
  2. Close the head of the machine, leaving it in an unlocked position.
  3. Within 3 seconds, press the button 5 times.
  4. When it slowly blinks 5 times, it’s confirming the rest is performed.

How to fix a Blinking Orange light that keeps on turning off and on continuously?

When the orange light turns on and off continuously, it means the coffee maker is overheated and needs to cool down.

The pulsing light shows that you have used your brewer excessively by probably brewing several cups of coffee in short intervals.

To cool down your Nespresso:

  1. To turn off the machine, press the button for 3 seconds.
  2. Unplug your Nespresso.
  3. Let the machine sit idle for at least 30 minutes to an hour.
  4. Once it cools down, brew a pood to check if the light is fixed.
  5. If the problem persists, press and hold the button for 7 seconds.

How to resolve the blinking error light that alternates between orange and white?

When your Nespresso displays a blinking light that turns orange and white back and forth, it means the machine is not descaled.

To fix this error, describe your machine properly before using it. The step to step guide to descaling is mentioned in this article above, or you can watch this video demonstration on how to descale a Nespresso.

Once descaled, the coffee machine will stop showing blinking lights. To avoid this error in the future, descale your machine once every 3 to 6 six months. If you use it frequently, descale it more often.

How to fix the orange light when it blinks twice, then pauses for a long time?

When the orange light blinks twice, then takes a long pause, it could happen during either of these three scenarios: brewing coffee, selecting the cup size, or performing the descaling process.

So, how to fix it? Take action according to the individual situation:

Brewing Coffee

  • If error lights start blinking while brewing a cup of coffee, ensure that the coffee pod you are using is inserted properly and has no leaks.
  • Ensure that the machine is properly locked.
  • If the error persists, change the coffee od with a new one, and brew again.

Programming Cup Size

When you select the cup size of your coffee, and the orange light starts blinking, it might happen because the pod needs to be placed correctly.

Place the pod correctly into the holder to avoid this error.

Descaling Process

If the orange lights blink twice and then pause during the descaling process, perform these steps:

  • Turn off the machine by pressing and holding the button for 3 seconds.
  • Turn the machine on.
  • If the issue still needs to be fixed, unplug the brewer and let it sit for at least 10 to 15 seconds before turning it on again.

How to resolve the orange light that pauses for 0.5 seconds after blinking for 1.5 seconds?

If you notice a pattern of orange light blinking for 1.5 seconds and then pausing for 0.5 seconds, it means either the water tank is empty, or there isn’t enough water to brew coffee.

You can easily fix this error just by refilling the water tank.

Vertuo Next and Vertuo Pop: How to get Maintenance Alerts on Nespresso App?

If you own a Vertuo Next or a Vertuo Pop, you can get alerts from the Nespresso App to be aware of the underlying issue. These two Nespresso models have the option of Bluetooth connectivity.

Nespresso app and bluetooth connectivity

Once you connect the machine with the Nespresso app, you will be notified about the error causing the flashing lights.

The process of connecting Vertuo Next or Vertuo Pop to Bluetooth

Follow these steps to connect your Nespresso to Bluetooth:

  1. Download the Nespresso app on your device.
  2. Make sure your device is connected to wifi.
  3. Put the phone on top of your brewer.
  4. Open the Nespresso App.
  5. You will see a machine icon in the top right corner; press it.
  6. The app will ask you to connect to wifi and enter a password to connect it.
  7. Once you press confirm, your machine will be connected to your phone.

You can get the following maintenance alerts via Nespresso App:

  • The water reservoir is empty
  • The coffee pod needs to be placed correctly
  • There is a power supply issue
  • Your Nespresso needs descaling
  • The machine is unlocked
  • You didn’t remove the used capsule
  • The brewing unit is clogged

Blinking Red Light in Nespresso Vertuo Plus and Vertuo Plus Deluxe; How to Resolve it?

The red blinking lights in a Nespresso Vertuo Plus or Vertuo Plus Deluxe can indicate several problems. By analyzing the pattern of the blinking lights, we will figure out the issue and give a possible solution to resolve it.

Blinking Red Light in Nespresso Vertuo Plus

The following table demonstrates the common error codes of the red blinking light in Nespresso Vertuo Plus and Vertuo Plus Deluxe machines.

Red Light Blinking Pattern

What does it Mean?

What to do?

The light blinks once per second

The machine is facing an error

Check if the capsule container needs to be emptied

The red light blinks twice, then turns to steady orange

Special function menu is activated with three options:

  • Factory reset

  • Descaling

  • Empty the system

With the help of the lever, choose the required action:

  • Press once to descale

  • Twice to empty the system

  • Thrice to reset the machine to factory settings

Steady Red light

There is an error in the coffee machine

Turn off the machine and let it cool down

The light blinks red twice, then turns to a steady green

Refill the water tank, or you forgot to pop in a coffee pod

Fill with water reservoir with enough water and insert a pod

The red light becomes steady while blinking every 2 minutes thrice

The machine head needs to be in the correct position

Remove if there is an obstacle not letting the head close properly. It can be due to the full pod container, so empty it and then close the head

The blinking red lights turn on and off continuously

The Nespresso machine is excessively used, so it is overheated

Turn the machine off and let it sit for at least 30 minutes to cool it down

The right light is steady green, and the left light is steady red

The coffee machine needs descaling

Run a descaling cycle on your coffee machine

The red light blinks twice and then turns orange

It shows an error while the machine is performing a special function

Open the machine head to remove the coffee pod. Restart the function by pressing the button. If the brewer was in between the emptying process, remove the water tank

How to fix an error light that blinks red twice and then turns to steady green?

The red light that blinks twice and then turns to steady green indicates that the water reservoir of the coffee machine needs more water, or you probably need to remember to insert a coffee pod before starting the brewing process.

Refill the water tank and insert the pod correctly; if it doesn’t fix the error, there might be an airlock.

An airlock in a Nespresso machine blocks the water flow, causing trouble in brewing and turning the error lights on. To clear an airlock, follow these steps:

  1. Remove the water tank of the machine.
  2. Clean the water reservoir thoroughly and fill it with water.
  3. Press the bottom valve while holding it over a sink. If water flows smoothly out of it, the tank is fine. Otherwise, some debris or gunk has blocked the valve.
  4. Put some water at the point connecting the tank to the base.
  5. Start the pump without attaching the water tank to see if the machine sucks the water in.
  6. You can attach the water tank back to the machine and start brewing if it does.
  7. The airlock is hopefully clear now.

How to resolve the red light repeatedly flashing?

If the Nespresso machine is showing a recurring red light, it means the machine head is not in the correct position, and something might prevent it from closing properly.

It is necessary to remove any obstructions, empty the coffee pod container if it is full, and then open and close the head. Hopefully, it will fix the error lights.

How to fix a light that blinks red twice and then turns to steady orange?

The machine is in special functions mode when your Nespresso shows a light blinking red twice, turning to steady orange.

To choose the action, you need to perform, press the lever accordingly.

For descaling: Push down the lever once.

To empty the system: Push the lever twice.

To reset the brewer: Push the lever down thrice.

To exit the function menu: Press the lever and the button simultaneously for three seconds.

How to resolve a light that blinks red twice and then turns to blink orange?

If your Nespresso shows an error light blinking red twice and later turning to blink orange, it indicates that the machine wasn’t successfully performing a special function.

When an error occurs during a special function, eject the capsule and press the button to restart the function again.

If you are emptying the system, remove the water tank, and the light will stop blinking.

How to fix error lights red, green, or yellow?

A Red, Green, or Yellow light flashing on your Nespresso machine means it needs descaling urgently.

It indicates that you have not descaled your coffee machine, so it is now clogged with build-up and gunk. Descaling it will clean it thoroughly and turn off the blinking lights.

How to resolve the right light turning on and off continuously?

Nespresso shows a pulsing red light when it has been used excessively. It means the brewer is overheated, and you must let it cool down before brewing another cup.

To cool it down:

  • Unplug the brewer.
  • Let it sit for 30 minutes to an hour.
  • The machine has cooled down.

How to fix a red light that blinks and then becomes steady?

If the machine head is not positioned properly, the machine will show red blinking light, which later becomes steady.

Ensure that nothing is blocking the head of the machine so you can close it properly. Lift the lever until the head stops moving, and then close it.

Also, check if the capsule container has reached its full capacity; if yes, empty it.

How to resolve a steady red light?

A steady red light indicates that your coffee machine needs to cool down. When you brew coffee back-to-back at small intervals, the machine is overheated and shows an error.

Unplug the machine and let it sit until it cools down. After about 30 minutes, turn it on; if the light turns green, it has cooled down.

Nespresso Original Line and Nespresso Vertuo Line: How do they Differ?

Nespresso has two product lines; the original line and the Vertuo line.

Nespresso OriginalLine vs Vertuo Line

The original line machines come in different sizes and have various coffee pod flavors. The machines use 19 bar pressure to extract coffee from the pods. The water flows through the pod with pressure, extracting all its flavors into the cup.

The Vertuo machines are expensive compared to the original machines and comprise the latest technology. These machines use barcode scanning to detect a coffee pod, adjust their settings according to the pod’s requirement, and brew a delicious cup of coffee.

What is the process of Descaling Nespresso Machines?

Descaling a Nespresso machine is crucial for its longevity and proper functioning.

Descaling Nespresso machine
Descaling Nespresso machine

According to Nespresso, you must descale your coffee machine within 3 to 6 months to keep the machine running smoothly.

The following table shows a step-by-step guide to descaling a Nespresso.

What you will need

  • Nespresso descaling kit
  • Water
  • A large cup
Step.1Prepare a descaling solution by following the instruction given on the bottle. If you use the Nespresso descaling agent, add 0.5 liters of water to one sachet. 
Step.2Attach the water tank to the machine and put a larger cup under the spout to collect the gunk.
Step:3Open the machine head and discard any used capsules. Then close the head. 
Step.4Refer to the manual of your Nespresso machine to activate the descaling.Some models have a power button that you can press to activate the descaling function, while on some machines, you have to press and hold the lungo button or both espresso and lungo buttons. 
Step.5The machine will automatically stop after it completes the descaling cycle. 
Step.6Add fresh water into the water reservoir and run a complete rinsing cycle. Repeat the process twice to ensure your machine has no lingering residue or descaling solution.
Step.7Deactivate the descaling mode by pressing the buttons you used to activate it.

How to Operate a Single-serve Nespresso Machine?

Using a Nespresso coffee maker is convenient, easy, and simple. You can brew a great quality espresso within a few steps and with minimal effort.

Follow the steps mentioned in this table to use a Nespresso machine.

What you will need

  • A Nespresso machine
  • A Nespresso coffee Pod
  • Water
  • A cup
Step.1Fill the water tank of the machine with enough water for brewing coffee.
Step.2Turn on the machine and press with an espresso or lungo button to heat the machine.
Step.3Once the machine heats up, the lights on the machine will stop blinking. 
Step.4Open the lever of the machine and insert a coffee pod of your choice.
Step.5Close the lever properly.
Place a cup under the coffee spout.
Step.7Choose the cup size and press the brew button to start brewing. 
Step.8 The machine will automatically stop once it brews the required volume of coffee. Eject the used pod and enjoy your coffee. 


How do I get my Nespresso out of descaling mode?

To exit the descaling mode, you must press the same buttons you used to activate it. It varies from one Nespresso model to another.

My machine is overheating; what do I do?

When the machine is overheating, remove the pod and unplug it. Let it sit for at least 30 minutes till it cools down.

Why won’t the descaling light go off?

The descaling light might turn on if you have not rinsed the machine with enough water and it still contains residue. Add fresh water and repeat the cleaning cycles to turn the descaling light off.

How do I turn on the Nespresso machine?

Before turning the machine on, fill it with enough water. Plug it in and press the power button. The light will start flashing to indicate that it is heating up.

How to claim Nespresso warranty?

Nespresso offers a 2-year warranty for their products; within this time, you can get your Nespresso repaired or replaced for free.

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