Best Nespresso Pods For Cappuccino [Tried & Tested]

Best Nespresso Pods for Cappuccino
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Are you someone who loves making cappuccinos at home? I can’t blame you; Cappuccinos are truly an addiction. However, besides excellent skills, a Nespresso machine, and steamed milk, you also need the best cappuccino pods to nail the drink!

Some people need help finding the best Nespresso pods for cappuccino because of the countless options available. If you are also going through this ordeal, this post has got you covered!

We are sharing our top 5 picks for the best Nespresso capsules for making cappuccinos, along with some tips & tricks to make the drink even more delicious.

Now without making you wait any further, let’s dive right in!

Editor’s Choice:

Ispirazione Ristretto Italiano

An immensely dark roast coffee with an intensity level of 10. With strong and bold notes, these pods will make your cappuccinos taste like heaven!

2nd Best Choice:

Nespresso Barista Creations Variety Pack

An exciting variety pack containing the best Nespresso flavors like Hazelino Muffin, Caramel Cookie, and Vanilla Custard Pie. All the flavors have an intensity level of 6!

3rd Best Choice:

Nespresso Kazaar

A highly intense dark roast with an intensity of 12 and delightful flavor notes! This coffee is a dream come true for strong coffee lovers!

Detailed Reviews of best Nespresso Pods for Cappuccino

1. Ispirazione Ristretto Italiano – OriginalLine Compatible


  • Intensity: 5/5
  • Roast: 4.5/5
  • Flavor: 4.5/5
  • Price: 4/5

The Ispirazione Ristretto Italiano Nespresso pods are a blend of dark-roasted Arabica and Robusta coffee beans with an intensity level of 10. The strong coffee flavor is undoubtedly very intense with balanced acidity and fruity accents to satisfy the taste buds. Moreover, these capsules can brew both 0.85 oz ristretto and 1.35 oz espresso.

Honestly, these cappuccino pods were super delicious. Since cappuccino is a milky drink, these dark roast coffee capsules blend perfectly with the milk while maintaining the chocolaty and fruit flavor notes. Not to forget, these Nespresso pods filled my kitchen with a heavenly and pleasant aroma too. All in all, the Ispirazione Italiano definitely tops this list of best Nespresso capsules for cappuccinos!



👍 Brews strong coffee

👎 Not compatible with VertuoLine machines

👍 Super strong and intense

2. Nespresso Altissio – VertuoLine Compatible


  • Intensity: 4/5
  • Roast: 4/5
  • Flavor: 4.5/5
  • Price: 4/5

The Nespresso Altissio is another medium roast blend of South American and Costa Rica coffee beans. The pods have an intensity level of 9 and can brew 1.35 oz of espresso individually, perfect for cappuccinos! Moreover, it contains dark chocolate flavor notes that are super addicting!

Despite being high in intensity, these Nespresso pods have very low acidity. The first sip of the coffee was all chocolates and no bitterness at all! Also, these pods topped the delicious cappuccino with the perfect and velvety crema. Not to forget, the aroma of the coffee was to lust after!



👍 Long and smooth finish

👎 Only compatible with VeruoLine machines

👍 Less acidity

👎 Very strong for light coffee drinkers

👍 Strong flavor

3. Ispirazione Genova Livanto – OriginalLine Compatible


  • Intensity: 3.5/5
  • Roast: 4/5
  • Flavor: 4/5
  • Price: 4/5

The Ispirazione Genova Livanto capsules are a light roast blend of South and Central American Arabica beans with an intensity level of 6. One Livanto Nespresso pod can brew 1.35 oz of espresso, which is an ideal size for brewing cappuccinos. Moreover, the coffee is well-rounded with subtle notes of caramel, milk, and cereals.

Honestly, I was amazed by the tasting and aromatic notes of these capsules. There were subtle hints of citrus fruits too, that made the cappuccino more delightful. Despite having less intensity, the flavor of these Nespresso pods was still top-notch. Not to forget, the thick and foamy crema on top was delightful and satisfying.



👍 Perfect milk pods

👎 Only compatible with OriginalLine pods

👍 Brews well-rounded Nespresso coffee

👍 Light and smooth

4. Nespresso Barista Creations Variety Pack – VertuoLine Compatible


  • Intensity: 3.5/5
  • Roast: 3.5/5
  • Flavor: 4.5/5
  • Price: 4/5

This Barista Creations variety pack contains the three most famous and best-selling Nespresso pods for cappuccinos; Caramel Cookie, Vanilla Custard Pie, and Hazelino Muffin. All these Nespresso capsules are mild roasts with intensity levels of 6, and work exclusively with VertuoLine machines.

These Barista Creations pods are perfect for cappuccinos because of their sweet, nutty, chocolaty, and caramel notes. Moreover, this pack allows you to experiment with three different flavors until you find your groove. If you ask me, all the flavors brewed delightful cappuccinos with perfect crema and aroma!



👍 Variety of flavors

👎 Not suitable for high-intensity lovers

👍 Incredible taste and aroma

👍 No bitterness and acidity

5. Nespresso Kazaar – OriginalLine Compatible


  • Intensity: 5/5
  • Roast: 4.5/5
  • Flavor: 4/5
  • Price: 4/5

Nespresso Kazaar is a dark roast blend of Brazilian Robustas and South American Arabica beans with an intensity level of 12. I need to give you a disclaimer that these Nespresso capsules are super strong and intense. Moreover, one Kazaar Nespresso pod can brew 1.35 oz of espresso for your lattes and cappuccinos.

Nespresso Kazaar compatible machines

This coffee has bitter notes and a syrupy texture that works perfectly after blending with milk for cappuccinos. In addition, despite the highly intense flavor, there was very less acidity. However, remember that Nespresso Kazaar does not have any fruity or nutty notes. All you will get is the heavenly dark chocolate flavor. And yes, the aroma was super pleasant too!



👍 Affordable as compared to other options

👎 The bitterness can be a bit overpowering

👍 Perfect for cappuccinos

👍 Less Acidity

Things to Consider Before Buying Nespresso Pods for Cappuccino

Now that you have gone through the top 5 picks for the Best Nespresso Pods for Cappuccino, it’s time to dive deep into some more details. Finding cappuccino pods is not a piece of cake; you have to consider many factors and features before finally making the purchase.

Moreover, you need to consider your taste and personal preferences too to enjoy your cappuccinos to the fullest.

So, are you wondering about those essential considerations now? No worries, read on to know!

1. Machine Compatibility

There are two signature lines of Nespresso machines; OriginalLine and VertuoLine. Both machines have different mechanisms and use different types of pods too. So, first, you need to figure out if you have a Vertuo machine or an Original one and then purchase the pods accordingly.

Nespresso pods compatibility with Nespresso machine

Because you can not use a Vertuo pod in a Nespresso Original machine, and vice versa. We mentioned options for both types of machines in the above list, so you won’t have to go through the hassle.

2. Roast

Roast levels mean the roasting process of the Nespresso capsules. For example, you get three types of roast levels in Nespresso pods; light, medium, and dark roasts. Dark roast coffee will be bitter, medium roasted will be less acidic, and light roasts will have none of these.

roast levels of coffee

Now, what roast level to opt for totally depends on how much acidity and bitterness you can tolerate in your coffee drinks. We will always recommend choosing dark roasts for making cappuccinos.

The bitterness and acidity of dark roasts blend perfectly with the sweet notes of milk in cappuccinos to give a well-balanced and perfect taste. The cappuccino won’t be too bitter but not too sweet either.

However, you can still opt for medium and light roasts if you are alright with your cappuccinos being very sweet.

3. Intensity

Intensity levels of Nespresso capsules start from 4 and end the 13. The higher the intensity level, the stronger your coffee will be. However, we would always recommend opting for Nespresso pods with high-intensity levels if you want to make lattes and cappuccinos.

Intensity of Nespresso capsules

Because, again, the intensity of the coffee will decrease after blending with milk. Ideally, Nespresso capsules with intensity levels of 8 or higher are perfect for cappuccinos.

However, if you are a mild coffee lover, you can opt for 5 or 6 – just stay within that!

4. Boldness

Next, opt for a Nespresso pod with bold and strong flavor notes. We are mentioning this again and again, but you are going to make cappuccinos with milk. So, you will need Nespresso capsules that won’t lose their taste and intensity after mixing with milk.

All the products mentioned in the above list have bold tasting notes, so you can rest assured that they will brew the most delicious cappuccinos!

5. Flavor & Taste

Nespresso pods for cappuccinos come in a variety of flavors. Now, it’s up to you to pick a flavor that suits your taste preferences. For example, some people like fruit flavours, some like chocolaty and nutty ones, while some prefer sweet and caramel ones. Just figure out what flavors you want and then purchase accordingly.

Moreover, always strive for the taste of your Cappuccino pods. Do your research and opt for capsules that will taste best with milk, just like the ones we mentioned in this list!

6. Serving Size

Again, Nespresso pods come in a variety of serving sizes; ristretto, espresso, lungo, coffee, and a few more. However, keep in mind that you will only need ESPRESSO to make lattes and cappuccinos. Lungos, americanos, or any other serving size won’t work.

cup sizes of Nespresso Capsules

So, be mindful while purchasing cappuccino pods and only opt for options that mention they are capable of making espressos.

7. Price

Let’s state a fact; Nespresso pods are expensive as compared to third-party compatible ones. However, their taste and quality are unmatchable. To make the Nespresso pods affordable, you can use the trick of purchasing them in bulk quality. For example, purchasing 10 pods at once would be more affordable than purchasing one only.

How to Make Cappuccino With A Nespresso Machine

To make a cappuccino using a Nespresso machine, you will need; 1 Nespresso capsule and 1/3 cup of milk.

Firstly, you need to froth your milk. Most Nespresso machines don’t come with milk accessories; only high-end ones like the Lattissima series and Creatista have integrated milk frothers.

So, you will need to purchase a separate Aeroccino milk frother to make cappuccinos. You may also froth your milk by hand from a whisk. However, make sure the temperature is accurate. After that, follow these few easy steps:

  1. Turn on your Nespresso machine and wait for it to heat up.
  2. Put a coffee capsule into the machine and place a cup of coffee on the removable drip tray.
  3. Then, brew your espresso with the help of your Nespresso machine.
  4. Afterwards, slowly pour your frothed milk over the brewed coffee, and stir it carefully.
  5. If you’re feeling extra fancy, top up your espresso with aesthetic espresso art! You can also sprinkle some chocolate powder to make your cappuccino look more aesthetic.

By following these few simple steps, your perfect and delicious cup of cappuccino will be ready!

Final Words

We hope that this post guided you to the best cappuccino pods. Also, we are recommending all the products after days and nights of testing to do all the hard work for you. If you ask us, our top recommendation will be the Ispirazione Ristretto Italiano capsules. They are intense, strong, and perfect for making cappuccinos.


Can you use a Nespresso capsule twice for the same cup of coffee?

No, Nespresso does not recommend using the same capsule twice. However, you can still use it if you want to. But keep in mind that your coffee would be watery, less intense, and not good in taste.

Do you need to clean the Nespresso machine after every use?

No, you don’t need to clean the whole Nespresso machine after every use. Only a few parts, like the capsule container and removable drip tray, require frequent cleaning. Moreover, you should clean the water reservoir and descale the machine after every two months.

What is the difference between Nespresso OriginalLine and VertuoLine?

The only difference between Nespresso OriginalLine and VertuoLine machines is their brewing mechanisms. Original machines use the standard pump and pressure mechanism to extract coffee from capsules. While on the other hand, Vertuo machines use centrifusion technology and rapidly spin the capsules to extract coffee.

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