Can You Put Milk In A Keurig?(Get To Know With Us):

can you put milk in keurig
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No, Just Stop there! Getting straight to the fact that you really can make your Keurig position worse by adding milk into it.

Adding Milk into Keurig can really destroy the inner wall of the machine and it can get burnt or stuck with its wall, making it the nastiest coffee flavor you ever had.

I know how you badly need a hot chocolate or milky latte right now to start your day with a warmer feeling, but you can find other ways too!

Read along with us and get to know how you make yourself a dreamy hot chocolate or a classic in your Keurig.

Key Takeaways
  • Keurig water tank is not resistant to milk and if you did it can harm your machine badly.
  • You can make hot chocolate in Keurig simply with a pod and milk.
  • You can also make a latte in Keurig while using a dark roast pod, saucepan and milk.
  • To make a latte, you can also buy a k-cafe Keurig or a separate Keurig frother. 
  • Cleaning your machine after using milk follows a range of steps you should follow like a pro to get your Keurig back. 

Not A Great Hack To Use Milk In A Keurig Water Tank:

By the name Keurig Water Reservoir you might have gotten the idea that it’s only made for water to be added in the tank and hence is favorably used for making single-serve espressos.

Hence, as the build in the system is not resistant to any other liquid other than fresh water, the pipes get clogged and lead the machine to stop working.

Also, using milk really ends up with bad results as many face issues while cleaning the machine as an extra amount of hard work.

So, now you really get the idea not to mess with the Keurig system and go with the flow.

Possible Issues Occurred While Adding Milk In Keurig:

If you still think you can experiment with adding milk to your Keurig machine, you still have time to consider the below factors that can possibly occur.

1. Bacteria Formed in the Water Tank:

It is recommended by Keurig not to leave water in the water tank because it can lead to forming dangerous bacteria stacked up and hence hazardous for your health to drink such type of coffee.

Now with milk, you can realize how it can turn out because once you have made a latte in Keurig the milk will get stuck in the tank and can stack up to form bacteria.

keurig water tank

Plus, It’s difficult to clean the milk residues from your Keurig so be aware of the bad turn it can take.

2. Burning Coil In the Brewing system & Nasty Smell:

In less than a minute, the heating coil in a Keurig can swiftly raise the water’s temperature to the boiling point.

Your milk will be burned by the water’s quick boiling, giving your beverage a sour or bitter taste. If you notice a strong, harsh odor after heating the milk in a Keurig, that may also be a sign that it has burned.

Mind the fact that your entire kitchen, as well as other rooms in your house, may begin to smell strongly of this odor.

3. Milk Crust Leads Machine Not To Make Coffee:

The curd formed by the scorched milk will adhere to Keurig’s heating element. The metal may be scorched, and the accumulation would make it less effective.

Additionally, it may be challenging for you to access the machine’s internal components, making it incredibly challenging to remove this hard milk crust.

To remove the crust, you can use a spoon or a scraper, although it can be challenging and you risk scratching and destroying the parts.

Not only that, as you failed to remove the crust, it can clog the pipes with time and can drastically affect the functioning of the machine to not work efficiently or unable to make coffee anymore.

Making Milky Drinks In Keurig:

Until now, you don’t have to regret buying Keurig only considering the fact that you can’t add milk to it. Who said you can’t make a milk-based coffee in your Keurig? You surely can find quick ways to make it. Don’t worry.

1. Make Hot Chocolate In Keurig:

Before making hot chocolate you need to buy a Keurig Hot Chocolate Pod and fresh whole milk.

  1. Plug your Keurig.
  2. Fill the water tank.
  3. Insert the K-cup and then press the small brew cup option on the machine.
  4. If you want a big cup you can double-brew your coffee after the first brew cycle finishes.
  5. After you get the brewed hot chocolate in your cup add milk to fill the cup.
making hot chocolate in keurig

And you are ready to go. Enjoy your hot chocolate and kill this winter season.

2. Making Milk Drinks Using Keurig Pods:

There are Keurig pods that consist of a dry milk flavor like hot chocolates to brew the perfect rich flavor you need in your latte.

While using these pods, you just have to use the smallest cup setting and fill the cup with full milk. The drink will be ideal because this will give creaminess to your delicious cup of coffee.

Expert Note
Don’t forget to run one brew cycle without inserting the pod after using hot chocolate or cappuccino pods to remove any milk residues left.

3. Make Latte In Simple Keurig (Without Milk Frother):

You can easily make a latte in Keurig by having a dark roasted pod, 4 oz of whole milk and a saucepan to heat the milk. If you want any other additional thing you can have sugar or your favorite flavored syrup by your side.

  1. Plug the machine.
  2. Insert the pod and select a 4oz or 6oz brew option.
  3. Press the button and place a cup under the brew head.
  4. Meanwhile, heat the saucepan and add 4 oz of whole milk to it.
  5. Use a handy froth or whisk to froth the milk and make your coffee more creamy.
  6. After heating that up, you can add the hot milk to the brewed coffee.
  7. The last step is to add sugar or any flavored syrup on top of your coffee.

Now sit down, Relax and Enjoy your creamy latte!

4. Make Latte In Keurig Using Milk Frother:

If you think K-cafe is getting out of budget and you have already bought Keurig, you can choose a smarter option which is to buy a separate Keurig Milk Frother.

The 200-milliliter capacity Keurig milk frother accommodates up to 200 milliliters of your preferred milk or non-dairy replacement and is simple to grip.

making hot latte in keurig

Make sure it is set to hot if you want your milk to froth up hot. Simply select the chilly setting to get your milk frothed cold! Really, it’s that simple.

  1. Open the lid of the milk frother and add milk to it.
  2. Plug the frother and press the hot button to make a latte.
  3. The frother will start blinking indicating that it’s frothing the milk.
  4. Meanwhile, Plug your machine and insert the K-pod.
  5. Select the small-size brew option and place the cup underneath.
  6. After the frother stops blinking you can unplug it and pour the frothed milk into your cup.
  7. Lastly, add any additional syrup and sugar you want to enhance the taste.

And you are good to go.

5. Make Latte In Keurig Using K-Cafe:

To Make a latte with less hustle and easy steps you need to buy a Keurig K-Cafe single-serve coffee, latte & Cappuccino maker for your table.

This Keurig comes with expanded features including multiple coffee options from a simple espresso to a cappuccino, cup sizes and most importantly a Dishwasher safe Milk Frother that froths not only fresh or whole milk but also soy, almond and skims too.

Before Starting the process you need a latte cup, milk and a dark roasted k-pod. The best dark-roasted K-pod you can use is Tim Hortons Dark Roast to earn the smooth dark taste in your coffee.

  1. Add milk till the latte bar into the frother.
  2. Place it back properly and plug the machine.
  3. Fill the water tank.
  4. Press the latte option on your K-cafe and let the frother froth the milk.
  5. Then Open the brew head and insert the K-pod.
  6. Brew a coffee shot by selecting a Latte and Capp option.
  7. Place your cup under the brew head and let the coffee come out.
  8. Place the brew cup on the table and remove the frother.
  9. Swirl the frother for an easy pour and add it to the cup.

And that’s how you do it.

Get Rid of Milk Residues In Your Keurig:

Before getting into the process, you need to get these things in your hand. It includes a Keurig descaling solution, an all-purpose cleaner, dish soap, a toothbrush and a roll of paper towels.

Now be prepared and follow the steps:

  1. Start by removing the reservoir lid, the dirty drip tray and its cover.
  2. If your Keurig has a filter built-in, set it aside.
  3. Now, carefully work to remove the K-Cup holder and funnel.
  4. Soak these in hot, soapy water or you can do it dishwasher as the Keurig components are dishwasher safe.
  5. And for models with additional features, wash any components like carafes or milk frothers accordingly.
  6. While those are drying, open up your Keurig and use a cleaning toothbrush to scrape out any leftover coffee grounds.
  7. Now, take a microfiber cloth or some paper towels and wipe down the outside of the machine with some all-purpose cleaner to make it shine like new.
  8. If you see any hard-water buildup in your Keurig, wet a towel with some white descaling solution and let it sit until the buildup starts to break down.
  9. Now it’s time to descale and sanitize the inside of your Keurig.
  10. Reassemble your machine and fill the reservoir about halfway with the descaling solution.
  11. Set a mug on the drip tray and run the machine.
  12. Once complete, discard the hot descaling liquid and run another cycle until you run out of liquid in the reservoir.
  13. Fill the reservoir with water and run a few cycles to remove any residual descaling agent from your Keurig.

Now you’re ready for your next cup of coffee.

Always be careful not to clean parts too hard. Work carefully to avoid damaging any components. With most K-Cups compatible coffee makers, this cleaning procedure might be effective, but you should first check the instruction manual.


If you utilize your Keurig machine properly, it can produce drinks that rival those you would find in a restaurant. Avoid the temptation to add milk to your Keurig despite the desire to test it out when you try something novel.

A milk-filled Keurig water reservoir opens the door to a wide range of potential issues. Use simply water to avoid needing to perform extensive cleaning or even replace your beloved gadget.


Which K cup is best for a latte?

First of all, it really depends on your taste buds. The best overall K cup is the Mocha Caffe Latte having an outstanding taste, affordable price, and enduring appeal of its rich, chocolaty flavor. You won’t have to break the bank to keep a good supply on hand because 10 pods cost only $15.

Why is my milk not frothing in my Keurig?

If your Keurig frother isn’t working, examine the simple, straightforward issues first. It’s possible that you failed to add the milk, the lid is off, or the whisk is not positioned properly. It is not advisable to brew and foam at the same time.

How do you froth milk without a frother?

You can easily froth milk by heating milk in the saucepan and using a whisk or a handy forth to thicken the milk texture. 

Is Nespresso or Keurig better?

Cost and flavor are the key distinctions between Keurig and Nespresso capsules. Although more expensive, Nespresso produces coffee or espresso with greater flavor. Keurig pods have a lower price tag, less flavor, and no espresso brew option.

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