Keurig Frother Not Working: [Problems And Solutions Explained]

keurig frother not working
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Besides a Keurig coffee maker, the milk frothers are no less a blessing for coffee lovers.

Making milk-based coffee at home using a Keurig milk frother saves you money and time while satisfying all your caffeine cravings.

However, what will you do if your Keurig milk frother stops working one fine day?

There are some common issues that Keurig users encounter with their frothers; that can be easily resolved without any technical assistance.

These issues can show in all Keurig frothers; built-in coffee machine frothers or a separate milk frother.

The frother might turn on and seem like it’s working alright, but it doesn’t froth the milk. It happens because the buildup causes the frother to malfunction. You can quickly fix this issue by cleaning the frother thoroughly.

Another common issue in a Keurig frother is that it doesn’t turn on. It can be due to not aligning the frother properly on its base or not connecting it properly to a power source.

For more in-depth details of what could go wrong with a Keurig milk frother, read this article till the end.

Key Takeaways!
  • Keurig milk frother makes cold milk froths and hot foam for delicious milk-based drinks.
  • Keurig milk frother can cause several problems in the frothing process, but they are easy to fix.
  • The right type of milk and the right amount is important to have good-quality foam.
  • If you have a Keurig machine with a built-in frother, don’t brew coffee and froth milk simultaneously.
  • Some tips and tricks can be useful to avoid any mishaps with your milk frother.

Keurig Frother Not Working: A Glance at The Reasons and Their Solutions

The following table highlights the most common reasons behind a Keurig milk frother not working properly and their quick fixes to save you from the trouble.

Keurig frother not working

The Problem

The Solution

Poor frothed milk quality

Use the right milk

The frother stops working after some time

Let the milk frother cool down.

All lights are flashing

  • Clean the frother properly.

  • Place the frother correctly on its

  • Pour milk till the full line.

The frother is beeping

Place the whisk correctly

K-Cafe milk frother is not working

Don't froth milk and brew coffee at the same time

The frother doesn't switch on

  • Add an adequate amount of milk.

  • Check if the frother is plugged in correctly.

  • The frother has a faulty counterpart.

1 . Not using the right milk results in poor froth quality.

Your frother is not producing good froth because you are using low-fat milk or you are not using fresh milk. Also, If you add warm milk to the frother, it will not hold the foam well.


Using good milk ensures good-quality foam. We recommend using milk with at least 2% fat instead of skim milk. Milk fats make the frothed milk more smooth and silky.

always use fresh milk

If you avoid dairy, you can use almond milk, soy, or oat milk to prepare frothed milk for your drinks. Use fresh dairy milk and chilled milk for the best results.

2. The Milk Frother stops the frothing midway because it is Overheated.

If you have been using your frother several times during short intervals, your frother can be overheated. When the jug is overheated, it will stop working.


Let it cool down if your frother stops midway through the frothing process. Take the jug off the frother base and rinse it with cold water. Let it sit for a few minutes before you use it to prepare frothed milk.

Cool down the keurig frother to prevent over heating

3. The frother needs more milk, it is not properly attached to the base or requires cleaning.

The lights on the base of the milk frothing device start flashing for three reasons; the frother doesn’t have enough milk, the jug is not properly attached to the frother base, or it is blocked with debris and buildup.


To turn off the flashing lights, identify the problem first. If the milk is insufficient, fill the jug to the minimum line.

If you fill an adequate amount of milk but still face an issue, check if the frother is correctly connected to its base.

An uncleaned frother can also hinder the frothing process. Milk residue and dirt can accumulate in the jug and the whisk if you don’t regularly clean it.

To clean your frother, follow these steps:

  1. Remove the lid from the jug.
  2. Remove the whisk present inside the jug.
  3. Use warm soapy water to wash the jug, whisk, and silicon lid.
  4. Use a microfiber cloth to dry all the parts.
  5. Reassemble the frother, and it’s ready for use.

4. If the whisk is not placed correctly, the frother will start beeping.

When the frother suddenly starts beeping, it can become frustrating. It happens when you need to attach the whisk properly to the jug.


If you have recently cleaned your frother, you need to attach the magnetic whisk back properly. Make sure it is placed in the center of the jug, and don’t leave any space under it.

5. The coffee machine can’t take the load of brewing coffee and frothing milk simultaneously.

Some Keurig frothers are integrated with coffee machines, like the Keurig K-cafe frother. In such milk frother, the chances of malfunction are higher.


K cafe frother works great for preparing cold froth for delicious lattes and cappuccinos, but it is better to let the machine complete one task before proceeding to the next one.

You can froth milk first in the Keurig cafe frother and then use the coffee maker; this way, the machine would be well-rested and work efficiently.

Watch this video for further assistance.

6. You have overfilled the frother, or it needs to be plugged in properly or requires technical repair.

If the frother doesn’t turn on, you might have overfilled it, or there is some underlying technical problem.


If you fill the frother above the top line, there is a chance that the frother will not turn on, so add an adequate amount of milk and leave room for froth.

If the frother still needs to be fixed, check if it is correctly connected to the power supply.

If all seems good, but the frother doesn’t switch on, you must contact Keurig customer care. The frother might have some technical fault you can not detect or repair.

Tips to Keep your Keurig Frother Well Maintained

If you want your Keurig frother to last you a long time and be in good condition, there are some mistakes to avoid and some tips to follow, which are as follows:

Milk in keurig milk frother
Milk in keurig milk frother
  • Keurig frother is not dishwasher safe so wash it by hand only.
  • Let all parts of the frother dry before you reassemble it and start using it.
  • Use a non-abrasive cloth to clean the frother to avoid damage.
  • Do not submerge your frother in water in any way.
  • Rinse the jug after every use, so there is no dried milk. 


The first step in troubleshooting a Keurig built-in frother is to avoid simultaneously brewing and frothing and checking whether the magnet whisk and frothing jug are seated properly. Progress to more task-related fixes gradually.

You can prevent your Keurig frother from causing trouble by thoroughly cleaning it and its components, especially the frothing whisk.

If these quick fixes don’t work, contact Keurig Customer Service. You can get your device repaired or replaced for free under their warranty.


Where is the reset button on my Keurig?

Keurig brewers don’t have a reset button. To reset your Keurig, unplug it for several minutes. If that doesn’t help your your Keurig working properly, refer to the user manual of your Keurig model because all models have different resetting techniques.

Where is the Keurig needle?

Keurig machines have exit and entrance needles for brewing k-cups. Lift the machine head; the entrance needles are present under that. The exit needles are present in the k-cup holder.

How do I clean my Keurig frother?  

You can clean your frother by removing all its detachable parts; the lid, the whisk, and the frother cup. Wash all parts with dish soap and water to remove milk residue buildup and let them dry completely. Next, reassemble the frother, and it’s ready for usage.

Why is my milk bubbling, not frothing?

If you are using a steam wand to froth milk, there is a chance that you are holding the wand too high from the surface of the milk. If it’s too high, it will add more air to the milk, creating bubbles rather than frothing it.

Does milk need to be warm to froth?

Cold milk is better for preparing milk froth. Warm milk will not create a steady foam and good texture. No matter what dairy you use, use it cold and fresh for the best milk froth.

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