How to Make Iced Coffee with Keurig

how to make iced coffee with keurig
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People purchase a Keurig coffee maker for its convenience and speed in coffee making.

It’s no surprise that Keurig makes delicious cups of coffee, but did you know you can make iced coffee with it?

All you need is your preferred K-cup, and you have your coffee of choice at the push of a button. Plus, you can make iced coffee with any K-Cup pod flavor you like, so you can customize your drink to suit your taste.

We consider iced coffee one of the must-have summer refreshments. You can make iced coffee in a snap at home. It won’t cost you a fortune, which adds up fast if you spend $3 to $4 on your go-to coffee.

Coffee lovers avoid preparing iced coffee with a Keurig because there is often a lack of flavor and strength, and it is usually watery or weak.

But we got your back! Just a few pitfalls to watch out for – we’ll cover them as we go.

This article aims to inform you all you need to know about iced coffee and Keurigs and to give you an in-depth guide on making iced coffee with one.

What is the Equipment you require for making Iced Coffee with Keurig?

The perfect iced coffee requires no long list of things. All you need is the following:

1. A Keurig Coffee Maker

No matter what Keurig model you have already, it will work fine for our recipe for iced coffee.

You don’t have to look for a specific Keurig model for making your favorite drinks. However, if you are planning on buying a Keurig, go with our recommendation, which works wonderfully for iced coffee lovers.

Our Recommendation

Keurig K-Elite

With the Keurig Elite, you can brew concentrated coffee over ice using the “iced” button. According to Keurig, this feature allows you to make beverages stronger than usual that will withstand iced beverages’ dilution.

It likely lowers the brewing temperature a bit to give you a cooler brew from the start. It probably also adjusts the volume of your brew to consider the space the ice occupies.

2. A Temperature-Resistant Cup

Making iced coffee involves adding hot coffee to ice. It means you’ll need a drinking vessel to handle extreme temperature fluctuations.

Under no circumstances should you use glass! The glass will probably shatter, resulting in cuts and burns.

Our Recommendation

Keurig Stainless Steel Mug

What better than a multi-purpose coffee mug? The Keurig travel mug is our favorite because you can use it for having iced coffee at home or hot coffee on the go; it works for everything.

Another advantage of this mug is it sits under all Keurig models. You don’t have to worry about removing the drip tray to fit this mug under the spout. It can store 12 ounces of drink, with additional milk or cream.

 Insulate Coffee Mug

Glass mugs are heat resistant and durable, posing no health hazards. It can be a kitchen staple for your iced coffee because it can withstand fluctuations in coffee temperatures well. Thus, there is no risk of the glass breaking or cracking.

A plastic mug might be a good alternative, but we are strictly against it due to its alarming health risks. Plastic’s tendency to leach chemicals increases when you pour hot coffee into it.

What are the Ingredients Required for Making Iced Coffee with Keurig?

You will need a list of minimal ingredients for the perfect iced brew. Here it is:

1. Your Favorite K-Cup

Some coffee experts say the Keurig brewing process works best with darker roasts. Adding ice to your drink over time will dilute the taste of the coffee, and so will adding milk.

However, if you’re happy with your regular K-cup, you should be bold and use it for iced coffee.

Our Recommendation

Nantucket Blend

Nantucket Blend by green mountain coffee is the perfect blend for those who are looking for plain and pure coffee. It has rich, berry-hued African beans woven with robust Indonesian beans and smoky French roast flavors.

In a full-bodied, hearty blend, caramel, chocolate, and dried fruit notes balance each other.

Expert Note:
If you are brewing directly over ice cubes, you should not use a glass cup (although you can transfer your brew into one once it cools down a bit). It may shatter and give you nasty pokes.

2. Ice

You will need ice for a cold brew and lots of it. Remember that the ice you will use for the brew will affect your coffee’s overall taste and texture.

We recommend using bottled or filtered water to make ice for your coffee. Using tap water will affect the brew’s taste, making it watery and bland.

3. Filtered Water

To avoid your coffee’s unpleasant taste, use bottled or filtered water for brewing. It is highly advisable for people who live in an area with hard water.

Hard water affects the taste and texture of the coffee and increases the chances of buildup and residue accumulating in the coffee maker.

4. Condiments (Optional)

You can enhance and adjust the flavor of your iced coffee by using the condiments of your choice. Use sugar, chocolate syrup, or sweetened condensed milk if you like your iced coffee more on the sweet side.

You can top it off with some whipped cram for the extra oomph.

How to Make Iced Coffee with Keurig: A Step by step Process

Finally, let’s learn the easiest way of making an iced coffee using the Equipment and ingredients mentioned above. Following is the step-by-step process:

1. Set up your Keurig

The first step is to set up your coffee machine. Fill the water reservoir with adequate water for the brew. Plug the coffee machine a pop in your favorite dark roast K-cup.

2. Preparing the Recipe Glass

Fill your recipe glass or mug with lots of ice cubes. Make sure you are using heat-proof glass. You can remove the drip tray of your coffee machine if it fits outside the spout.

3. Brew a K-Cup

Brew directly over ice. Choose either the 4-ounce or 6-ounce cup size when brewing the K-cup. If your coffee maker has the option of “strong” coffee, press that for a stronger brew.

4. Add Condiments

Take a sip and adjust the flavor of your iced coffee by adding condiments. Try it with caramel syrup, almond milk, or cream. If you like milk in your coffee, add cold milk to slow the ice from melting.

You may or may not want to add condiments, so it is optional.

5. Your Iced Coffee is Ready!

Your cold brew is ready so enjoy it without any delay. Do not let it sit, or the ice will completely melt, leaving the coffee watery and tasteless.

Tips and Tricks for Keurig Iced Coffee:

We got you some expert tips and tricks to improve your Keurig iced coffee experience.

1. Use Coffee Ice Cubes

Making iced coffee means combining hot and cold ingredients, which may lead to a weak-tasting drink. When you brew hot coffee over ice, it instantly starts melting and dilutes the coffee. The diluted coffee lacks strength and flavor.

For stronger iced coffee, use coffee cubes. This process may take several hours to prepare, but the results are worth it. Brew a batch of coffee using your Keurig machine.

Let the coffee cool down to room temperature. Take an ice cube tray and pour the coffee into it. Pop it in the freezer and wait till it turns into solid cubes. When coffee cubes are ready, you can pour some into a glass and brew directly onto them.

When using coffee ice cubes, the coffee will have double the strength compared to the coffee with regular ice because it will not water down.

2. Refrigerate your Coffee

If you have the patience and time for a strong and delicious iced coffee, try this trick, all you have to do is brew a K-Cup like you usually do. Then put it in the refrigerator and wait till it cools down.

Once it has cooled, pour some ice into a glass and add the cooled coffee. This way, the ice cubes will take longer to melt because you have to substitute a hot brew with a cold one. As a result, you can enjoy a strong iced coffee.

3. Brew in Portions

To increase the strength of your brew, brew two 4-ounce or 6-ounce batches back-to-back over ice rather than one 8-ounce batch.

If you use this trick, do not directly pour ice into the cup. It will melt the ice, and there will be no advantage to using this trick. Brew the coffee in a separate cup, then pour it over your iced cup once it has cooled.

The Bottom Line

If you own a Keurig, you can try different iced coffee recipes, regardless of the model. You will find the process surprisingly easy and quick, resulting in delicious iced coffee. Our recipe will satisfy you, but try following our expert tips to level the taste.

So, the next time you crave a refreshing summer drink, let your Keurig be your savior instead of splurging on expensive coffee from a coffee shop. It is up to you to experiment with your favorite blends and flavors.

I hope you enjoyed this article on preparing iced coffee with a Keurig and learned something from it. Have fun brewing!


Can I use a regular Keurig for iced coffee?

Keurig has a range of coffee machines that work equally great. As the name implies, Iced coffee is coffee with ice, for which any Keurig machine model will work fine. All it has to do is brew a K-Cup for your iced coffee. So, you can make iced coffee with any model available.

Do you need special pods for Keurig iced coffee?

Making delicious Iced coffee drinks in a Keurig doesn’t require special pods. You can choose your favorite K-Cup according to your taste. However, we recommend dark roast pods because the coffee dries when you add ice.

What does the iced button on Keurig do?

The Iced coffee option on the Keurig machine simplifies coffee-making by pre-selecting ideal settings for full-flavored, delicious beverages when brewed over ice.

Is there a difference between k-cups and pods?

While it may seem confusing, K-cups and pods are different. K-cups have a filter containing coffee grounds and are used for Keurig coffee machines. On the other hand, coffee pods are not for Keurig machines. Coffee pods also contain coffee grounds but differ in size and shape.

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